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My first attempt at writing a blog!! scarey stuff haha

I first joined the site about 6wks ago, looking for advice regarding black mould and emphysema....I got some great replies to my questions and was able to educate my social housing landlord!

Anyway, long story short... dreaded mould is in bedroom, so I am permanantly in living room, sleeping on sofa! not ideal, but better than a flare up!

I spoke to a lovely lady from BLF who sent me lots of information, and today, that information came into its own!

I had one of the "big guns" from landlord visit today, and he has said it is not condensation, although that doesnt help, but that he thinks it could be because of rising damp!!

I had to spend some more time than normal in the bedroom today, and boy am I paying for it now! feeling pretty lousy with some sob, and tired now!

had 3 or 4 coughing fits this afternoon, and ended up screaming at other half because as soon as I stopped coughing, he offered me a cig!!!! he just doesnt "get it"!

Oh well, thank goodness I have my ecig now!

I would like to also say thank you to you all for the laughs you have given me these past weeks, and while I may not always post anything on here, I am a regular visitor...especially in the middle of the night!

god bless you all

Lyn xx

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Brilliant blog Lyn :) are you sure it,s your first? hope you get the bedroom sorted soon & go me I bought an E cig today, beware sweary words heading this way if I,m struggling & get no sympathy at home :D xxx

Welcome to the mad house that is this brilliant site :D

Karen xxx


Hi Karen, thank you hun, and yes, its definietly my first lol

I dont use the ecig all the time I must admit, but today its been a godsend!

Ive got the Alan Carr books about giving up in the cupboard, but just cant seem to concentrate much lately...another symptom I know!

hey ho, onwards and upwards lol



I read Alan Carr 8yrs ago I was smoking 60 a day, gave up ready rolled & started smoking rollys DAFT BAT or what :D I should buy the book again it did help!



I read How to Give up Smoking the Easy Way, 15 years ago. My doc had recommended it to me at a time when I wasn't actually smoking. I went out and bought it, read it, and lit a ciggie.... Had I been smoking, then it may well have helped, but it did the reverse for me :(


Great Post ... I Would Of Took Cig Myself WHAT Can A Say Probably Be My Down Fall :O

Great Post All The Best :)


Good post Lyn.

I hope the landlord and/or his minions realise whatever the cause, THEY'VE GO TO FIX

IT ! Surely they must have some legal obligations.

Good luck chris


hi lynn i got e cig last july stuck with it i smoke for 49 yr 20/60 a day it was hard but i persevered not had a cig now since before christmas not to say i still dont get the urge but i just do something else when i feel like that so you keep your e cig even though your still having a real one now and again youll get there we are here to support each other xx


Happy first blog and good luck with the ecigs.

Lynne xx


Thank you all for the encouragement.....as the saying goes...if at first you dont succeed...!

Im hoping that now Ive overcome my initial shyness(!) I will participate a bit more in the posts

Lyn x


Don't forget to take your mind off things with a daily dose of humour.Trad my blogs fot your daily tonic.




well done.Have just joined - so just not very confident yet.


Great blog Lyn, it is difficult for me to imagine having to live with damp and mould with our condition ( I have emphesyma too ) I really hope you get it sorted out. Like your sense of humour too! Best wishes. Adrian


Hi Lyn, good luck on getting your damp problem resolved, and with your eciggie. x x


Hi Lynn, good to hear from you.The best of luck with the damp problem,that realy needs to be fixed.

Good luck with the eciggie, maybe your husband needs to join you??

Will look forward to future blogs,

love Wendells xx


HI lynn I had the same problem as u. but luckily I have a fantastic landlord , I got mould removing spray from Tesco, 2 bottles, landlord got man to wash my walls, put on the spray, wash off mould, respray, let dry and repainted whole room in less than a day and its a big room, touch wood no probs since, oh and it was professional man who did the job and cost £40 so plus spray about £5 for the 2 bottles, so good luck and hope it gets sorted soon, Janie xxx


Good blog, mould is a real problem here too, it's in every room. Council wont do anything.


Phone BLF today after 10 I am sure they will be able to help. You should not have to live with mould.

polly xx


well the "nice" man from the housing has rang me...they are not prepared to give me compensation for my clothing that has been ruined!! Thats the other half in a right mood for the rest of the day now!!

My window will be replaced in next few weeks, its currently being handmade as the building is listed so has to be like for like! He also said that before the end of the year, we are getting secondary glazing, and he is still trying to figure out some sort of ventilation for the room!

hey ho, these things sent to try us!

Lyn x


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