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I've seen the consultant

Well, Ive seen my consultant. Not sure why I bother going now as you can only be told that there's nothing more we can do for you so many times. But she says it so nicely that I don't mind.

Madam had a chat and came out looking okay so that was good. They discussed what happens at the end and if I'd accept palliative care, which I will as it would make her life a lot easier.

My next aim is my nieces wedding in June. We've booked the hotel and made the necessary arrangements for oxygen fingers crossed.

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I don't really know what to say but "it ain't over, 'till it's over!"

Enjoy the wedding and hope it's a nice hotel!

Best wishes



Good choice Baldie now see if you can get a referral to a community nurse.

Mine comes round to see me every week, takes care of everything - liaising with GP, chemist, district nurse, hospital and anyone else she thinks I need.

On this weeks visit, yesterday, she said if I can't make it down stairs even after my course of exercises, ( not since before Xmas ), she will try and arrange for me to be carried down once a week so I can use my buggy to get round the neighbourhood, and back up on my return.

I think of her as a personal friend as well as my matron.

All the best Baldie



Hi Homebreeze

Your community nurse sounds wonderful but could she get you a stairlift put in? We decided to have one put in for me when I came out of hospital at the end of January( had been unwell and confined to bed for a couple of weeks with pneumonia before I went in). It was the start of March befopre it was actually fitted - getting three quotes - choosing which one but well worth it. We could have done it quicker. Once we had decided on the company, it was in within about three days. Sometimes I can make it down stairs on my own and on good days up the stairs once or twice as well during the day, but going up last thing at night it feels like climbing Everest. It means I have access to the whole house and saves my husband coming up and down stairs all the time. Before, I had to do everything I needed to do upstairs before venturing down. I wouldn't be withoput it now.



Unfortunately my wife and I live in retirement housing where health and safety regulations dictate that is not permitted. Although the brochure for the block featured a floor to floor lift none has ever existed. Living on the ground floor would be claustrophobic, no view to speak of. So here we are. There are many people worse off.

I'm well supported medically cus I want to stay at home and although this site is a little inhibited at present it doesn't need to be and will soon return to its old self. Here you will find no end of medical and technical support but also insights into living with a lung disease with good humour and practical tips and observations on life and living even a little poetry. We are a well rounded lot for the most part.

Some of us talk too much late at night when we can't sleep.



Yay Homebreeze, I hope that idea comes to fruition. It'd be brilliant if you can get out for a spin, perhaps sit at a caf for a coffee (if you can find a smoke free one that is) in the sunshine. What a wonderful community nurse you have. P


She sure is, her names Clare and I must post a photo some time



You enjoy the planning for that Wedding what about staying for a few days and having a bit of a holiday too I am sure your wife would appreciate it

Keep smiling




Yes, have a great time at the wedding,your wife must be so looking forward to it.Keep your pecker up and enoy what you can,its never over till the fat lady sings!! xxx


One day at a time eh Baldie ? I think I'm going to develop selective hearing so that when the fat lady eventually sings, I'll not be able to hear her !! :)

A weddingb though ........what a lovely occasion to look forward to ....... hope you'll be wearing your best bib & tucker !! ;)


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