This one is for KOTC

This one is for KOTC

When I read your blog about living in Devon I thought about this picture of a 'Welcome to Devon' sign.

Because the picture is quite small and I haven't a clue if you can 'zoom in' it says the following:

'Welcome to Devon

You are not driving a tank! The hedges won't bite! Learn to reverse! The beach isn't on fire, it will still be there when you arrive! Enjoy your stay!'

Wonderful stuff.

Love from


NB Cornish hedges do bite! They may look green but underneath is rock! I know about this from personal experience.

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  • What a wonderful sign!!thanks for

  • Looks like a sign from the Outback

  • Not like Salisbury Plains then the sign there's got a tank on it say watch out There's. A TANK about and they ain't kidding,

  • Hi Azaard

    I know but they have to practice somewhere.

    Kind regards



  • Yeh i know but its a bit scary when you look in the rear view mirror a and you a thumping great chieftan with it gun barrel almost stuck up yet rear end. No waring didn't hear it coming suddenly it war just there. Needles to say the tranny i was driving suddenly found an extra gear :O

  • Not over the bonnet of my car,they don't!

  • My army son has a sign in his car's back window that says, "My other car is a 72 ton Chieftan tank" Talk about one-upmanship. lol Bob

  • Hello Bob

    How is this for one-upmanship!!!!!! In 1968 (maybe 1969) on Boxing Day, I was going round Mevagissey, Cornwall, with Chris and Colin Clark (trying to dodge policemen for some reason!!!). Colin was definitely into tanks - this is part of his Obituary in the Telegraph newspaper:

    '12:00AM GMT 13 Nov 2001

    COLIN CLARK, who has died aged 52, was Chief Executive of Vickers Defence Systems and the engineer responsible for development of the British Army's highly regarded Challenger II battle tank.

    The design brief which Clark took on for Challenger II in the late 1980s was extremely demanding. It was to be based on its predecessor Challenger I, which had been in service since 1983, with the fullest possible compatibility of spare parts and ammunition, and the budget was modest.'

    He was such a clever man but died so very young from cancer - he was a lovely person. I'm still in touch with his brother Chris who was in the Navy with my true love (aka my husband).

    Some things are really sad.

    Good luck and long life to your very brave son.



  • Pepsicoley

    Thanks, that is much apreciated Bob ***

  • Scarper double quick azaard

  • I am an ex soldier and was stationed on Salisbury Plain. The reason for the Tank signs are that the crossing points for tanks on the road is made of concrete and gets very muddy from the mud on the tanks tracks. I know this because I was complacent and ignored the sign and ended up spinning a Morris 1100 and ended up upside down on the side of the road. Lesson for today take notice of the signs or else!!!


  • Took notice of signs but the last thing you expect is one up yer a**e :)

  • Warm folk with a funny side I like that very much.

  • Hello Farmhouse

    I think that is a lovely thing to say. You must be one of the 'warm folk'.



  • That's a good sign, good old Devon.

    Lib x

  • LOL. A council with a sense of humour! How refreshing.

  • My true love was a Solicitor in the local council before going into private practice but I don't remember that the local council had a sense of humour. Quite the contrary!!!!!



  • No humour.They be serious.edicating the 'GROCKELS' 'ow to drive proper be a big thing in Debn.They get yer at 70 miles an hour an'spect' 'to git 'round our roads doin' ,same ,just aint on

  • When did ee see that un maid.It be beautiful sign.My Dad used to be a bit of a joker.We lived on a not very busy long road and when the 'GROCKLES' stopped and asked him for directions he would say something like''Git down yonder rid an'when ee gits to 'nd,go to 'ill top(min' farmer Mays cows on way 'cause the'll be crossin' now for milkin'},at ill top go down t'other sid.Miss three on leftsid,turn rit at cross roads an' that's were ee be gwain..He said the same to everyone!

  • Don't see no Grockles down 'ere my 'ansum! We get Emmets!

    Your Dad's instructions seem perfectly straightforward to me but I expect with the 'Debn' accent added, the instructions would be difficult to comprehend.

    Come to think of it, I may have asked your Dad for directions (in the 1980s). My friend and I were totally lost - we were supposed to be on an 'A' road but were on a track beside a field. A lovely farmer gave us 'directions'. After listening to the instructions my friend, Kate, and I just looked at each other and had hysterics!!! We did, eventually find our way to the road we were supposed to be on.

    Happy days - I don't think I have the puff for hysterical laughter nowadays.



  • Hi pepsicoley what part of Devon are you from? I live in Torquay. Lots of 'outsiders' here including me.

    bev x

  • Hi Bev

    I don't live in Devon, I live in Cornwall (came here from North Queensferry which is just north of Edinburgh (across the River Forth) in 1966.

    I love it here - still miss 'home' though after all these years but I do go back up now and again.



  • Hi Bev. I left Torquay four years ago due to my health.Worked at The Grand Hotel for over thirty years altogether,That's where I became known as King Of The Cocktails.

    Have a look at Growing up inTorbay and I used to work at the Grand Hotel Torquay but now I don't on Face Book

  • Wow I know the Grand Hotel. I have been here for 17 years now. Maybe we have met before?

    Bev xx

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