Worth checking out: COPD News of the Day lists possible triggers of lung problems


This list includes everyday items such as byproducts from gas stoves, heaters etc, flour, candles (those made from petroleum).

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  • This is an interesting article, and I'm so glad I did my research before I bought my wee dog, a chinese crested powder puff, and delighted to see that breed on the list. They are low on dander and hair loss. They are also low energy dogs, but high demand on the cuddles :)

    As someone who bakes frequently, I already knew about the airborne particle matter, but hadn't realised candles were harmful to the lungs.

    Thanks for this information, 02Trees

  • Oooooh, a Powder Puff, how lovely :) . Put a pic up (jumps up and down) or have your dog's pic as your avatar like I have. If I had a second dog (and no, I wont be having one :( ) it would be one of those, I think they're lovely.

    I haven't read the article yet as I'm just about to nip out and take my Bichon for a haircut, but I reckon they are probably on the list too. Thanks for posting 02Trees, and Nowheeze - I am just a tiny bit jealous (but I wouldn't swap my Poppy).

  • Thanks for the suggestion. The avatar is now of my wee darling. But you'd not recognise her now, she looks more like a miniature Old English Sheepdog! Well, it was cold this winter :)

    One thing I really talked over with the breeder was the amount of exercise they needed - a total of 30 minutes in total for the entire day!! After having Labs all my life, and enduring 5 mile walkies at least 3 times a day, I knew even I could cope with this. Oh, and they don't call them velcro dogs for nothing. It doesn't matter where I go or what I do, she's there beside me. Oh, and another thing - she doesn't bark! Well, that's not true, she did once when she was around 8 or 9 weeks old, and gave herself such a fright, she's not bothered to do it since! Do you get the impression I'm besotted with her?

  • Awww, she's lovely Nowheeze. My first dog was a lab (over 40 years ago now) and I still remember the amount of vacuuming I had to do. Decided I couldn't do it again so my second dog was a standard poodle! Dog free for many years until Poppy came along. She wasn't much of a barker but now she's almost three she's decided her duties are to let me know if anyone comes up to the garden gate and that the seagulls are tap dancing on the sun room roof (where she sleeps) at 7 o'clock in the morning LOL!!! She loves her runs on the beach so as long as weather permits she has two good outings a day and she's perfected the sad face if she has to have short walks instead. Not a velcro dog now although she was as a puppy, but good company and gets me out. Don't know what I would have done without her after hubby passed away.

    Laughed at the fact that yours scared herself when she barked!

  • Hi nowheeze - I didnt see the bit about dogs. My friend has a cockerpoo (!), and another a labradoodle, breeds i know are better dander-wise. Our lovely mutt died about 5 years ago and within two weeks my breathing had improved. Apparently according to the Asthma Research Council (think thats the name) male, short haired dogs are worst for breathing problems. Who knew?! And he was a short haired male

    I had no idea about chinese crested powder puffs - do you have a pic?

    Though i wouldn't be able to see it til sunday as I'll be away and offline.

    Thanks for your response.

  • I can't say I noticed any improvement on my breathing when my old Labs passed away, although my hoover did give a sigh of relief ;)

    I'll try and find a nice pic of her, or better still take a photo and post it up. The avatar pic was taken after her very first hair cut. When I first saw her at the grooming parlour, I thought she looked a bit like a poodle.

    I had certain criteria before I went out and bought her - the amount of exercise she would need, known breed defects, hair moult, energy levels. All in all I think I've found my perfect companion. She is so low in energy, people forget she exists. The only drawback is she's quite reserved, not shy, just reserved.

  • Is it a sales pitch for the magazine?

  • Do you mean COPDNewsoftheDay KOTC? I didnt understand about the sales pitch you mention here.

    (Been offline for couple of days)

  • A sales pitch for Health Magazine.That is what is advertised as I see it.

  • CopdNewsOfTheDay is run as a non-profit by a woman called Karen (surname?) in the U.S. who herself has copd. She finds a range of useful medical reports, usually evidence based - often from hospitals specialising in copd such as the National Jewish and the Mayo Clinic - and is committed to sharing it with others who live with lung conditions.

    On her site, and on ones she lists, in this case "Health" there are the usual annoying ads that Google puts on. But the information re lung problem triggers is good, ive seen most of it before and know its kosher. The info is useful in its own right, and you can ignore any advertising around it.

  • 2days copd news of the day,virul infections are also a cs of copd,not all cigs as I never smoked that much in my life from 20yrs of age,shows its not all smoking other things ad on,

  • Hi again carol, funny you should post this - I read it through this morning too. found some of it bit hard to understand but agree - it certainly showed how much our constitution plays a part, not just ciggies. I didnt smoke much either, though a lot more than you - 10 a day between 20 and 40. Still too much especially as i had asthma at the same time. You take care to dodge those viruses! jean

  • no I smoked like 10 a week o2 trees ,think the mills got me an illnesses menijitus whoopin cough measles jaundice an the parents smoking round us as kids,now my sis got it shes 56,plus pollution fog weather all ads up,incense stiks I burned them regular ugh

  • Wow, you had a lot of bad luck with health caroll.

    yeah, incense sticks are rubbish. And for me, joints especially resin, bad too, all that breathing deep and holding it down in the lungs longer than cigs (not of course assuming you smoked that!) So many things we didnt know about. I did lots of building work without a mask, plus paint stripping, again no mask. Working with darkroom photo chemicals with bad ventilation etc etc. But for me much more than you, cigs would have done the damage. jean

  • no never done drugs is that the resin u mean and never drank,10 cigs a week that was it ,some get copd others puff away get nothing,woman I no 79 smokes 60 70 daily nothing rong another woman 91 smokes and as bisinusis no copd but her girl at 60 bad with copd makes me think now wen we was younger bein exposed to cigs hence we payin now for others ,the pits

  • 2 woman I no,never ever smoked 1 died last yr aged 52 copd another 58 never smoked bad now copd her partener smoked an still does cigars nothing rong with him id choke him,my ex smoked drank whatever nothing rong with him just mental id gladly choke him now

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