The answers you have been waiting for...........KOTC

How did you do?

Riddle answers.

1 Pencil lead

2 The sun

3 Your word

4 A nail in a horse shoe

5 A towel

6 The letter M

7 A sieve

8 Body in coffin and bairers

9 Footsteps

10 Counterfeit money

11 My son

12 A fly

13 A sandal

14 The bark of a tree

15 A watch

I hope by giving you some extra time to answer ,you were able to complete the riddle.You did ,didn't you?

Richard KOTC


Don't be a nail in a horse shoe,gallop off to your local Breathe Easy group now

Join up for free.details from BLF on 03000 030 555 Mon-Fri 10am-6pm

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Hi Richard

The answers are absolutely fabulous - I'm trying to think when I last saw a better set of answsers. Unfortunately I must have missed the questions (my excuse is that I have been away from my lapto for a few days). lol.

You really cheer me up sometimes.

Best wishes



Look on y blogs for the questions,no excuses.

Are you a teacher, Richard?



That depends on what you want to be taught!

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