Will my home-remedy help?

Working my way from head to toe, my ailments are as follows today:

1 I have a headache

2 My chest feels tight - as though I have a band around it

3 The top lobe of my right lung is missing (to be fair it was removed in 2009)

4 My ribs are sore and I'm a bit breathless (not too bad though)

5 A vein in my right arm has lumps in it (thrombophlebitis) and is sore

6 I have had so many antibiotics lately that I now have thrush (sorry gentlemen)

7 My left leg is still a bit swollen from my last DVT and it doesn't match my right leg

8 My left foot is red and swollen (soft tissue damage?) and doesn't match the other one

9 Non-medical! My omelette stuck to the pan and came out in lumps.

10 I'm heart-sore (if there is such a thing) because my boy is not well.

My home-remedy:

I've sprayed a bit of my Chanel No 5 on my wrists and am, at the time of writing, drinking an Irish Coffee. Do you think this will work?

I suppose I'm making a joke about feeling a bit 'iffy' but if I didn't I think I would cry!

Breathe easy lovely people.



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  • Fav perfume good, alcohol good, nice warm bath followed by gentle massage with lavender oil perfect (even if I have to do it to myself). The only problem is the bath bit, I have to make do with a shower! Oh well something is better than nothing. What's wrong with your son? Anything I can do to help? Stay strong Annec, love Tinax

  • Hi Tina

    My son was diagnosed with bowel cancer in September and had an operation in the same month. He had to have another operation a few days after the original op because part of a drain had been left in him (the medics were thinking he was 'putting it on' until they gave in and gave him a scan!). The hospital did apologise and he's fine with that.

    He is due to have his last chemo session in two weeks and then, hopefully, he will be well enough for the Doctors to join up his bowel. Fingers crossed.

    I had problems cleaning my bath but I found Cillit Bang which is great. Just spray it on, wait about ten minutes, and then spray off with the shower.

    Thank you for your lovely message.

    Kind regards



  • Your home remedy could work Annec, if you up the dose of the Irish in the coffee. Am so sorry your son is so unwell and hope it all comes good for him - I wish I was better with words in this kind of circumstance - best wishes to you all. Libby

  • Hello Libby

    Your words are great (you couldn't have said anything better).

    I will up the dose of the Irish this evening although I think it had better be a lot later this evening or I'll end up on the floor!

    Thank you lovely lady.



  • Pepsicoley

    What you need is a huge, big ((( cuddle))). There, that's better isn't it? Love from Bobby xxx

  • Hi Phillips 1

    I like cuddles but at this moment I think a big cuddle would hurt. I'll stick to virtual cuddles.



  • Hi annec I want to thank you for taking the time to answer my question when you have so many other things on your mind, hope your son feels better soon take care Jane xx :-)

  • Hi Annec :) I think your remedy sounds perfect. I would add a radox aromatherapy bath for good measure lol. I have a list just as long as yours so you're not alone...sometimes i think my list of ailments makes me sound like a hypochondriac....quicker to say what isn't wrong with me lol. I've been reading a few questions and answers today and it has occurred to me that we could do with having a 'like' button on here :) You really can feel cheered up by other people's humour and friendliness :)

    P.s. i cremated my tea tonight....forgot i was cooking! lol

    Take care xx

  • Hi Kaz51

    I will get Azaard to pop round, he's a dab hand in the kitchen. lol Bob

  • Hi Bob and Kazz

    My cooking disaster wasn't my fault - it was the omelette pan's fault. I need a new one.

    Wouldn't it be lovely to have a live in cook!



  • Annec My wife has one....Me! xx

  • I wish I were that lucky. My husband reckons he can't cook but he seems to manage when I'm away. I think he's been telling me fairy stories.



  • Hi Annec

    I blame facebook for mine lol and i used to have a live in cook but i divorced him 5yrs ago lol

    Kaz x

  • I don't really know what to say to that Kaz other than I'm sorry your marriage came to grief. I hope that you are happy now.

    Love and hugs



  • Thanks Annec....unfortunately he was a 'jeckyl and hyde' so getting divorced after 20yrs was the best thing i did. I wouldn't say i'm happy but i defo have a more peaceful life and have seen an improvement in some of my health problems which were obviously being made worse by the stress of living with him.

    Kaz xx

  • Thanks Bob that would be very much appreciated lol. I frequently forget to turn the cooker off after cooking but this is second time this year that i've forgotten i was cooking!! lol

  • Hi Annec I should wait til your nearly horizontal before getting seriously remedied !

    Little words of support can mean so much, those I have received on here have to me, so just best wishes for both you and your son, stay strong and we'll all meet up here next time.

    Good luck Chris

  • Hello Chris

    I shouldn't really be having Irish coffee at all. I'm on antibiotics.

    All the nice replies to my question do help though.



  • Annec my understanding is that there are only certain antibiotics that you can't mix with alcohol, i don't know which they are but if it doesn't say avoid alcohol on the label then they should be safe to mix :) x

  • Hello again Kaz

    I'm sure that I read somewhere that having a drink when you are on antibiotics doesn't do much damage. I could be wrong - I quite often am wrong.



  • I agree - there are some that categorically state in the instructions not to drink while taking. Life is for living. Enjoy your drink and pamper yourself!


  • If you insist Sir James.



  • I was told by my Doctor that you can drink on most antibiotics. If the instructions say specifically not to drink then don't but if it doesn't then you can. My doctor said they advise not drinking on all antibiotics because you tend to go to the toilet more and flush the pills out quicker. So drink but don't go to the toilet!


    Bev x

  • Thanks for that Bev. lol xxxxxx

  • Your welcome Lol

    Bev x

  • I'm a great believer is good smells! I am sure it will work - remember to spray every few hours! Take good care TAD xx ps if you find some body lotion too that works a treat!

  • I too love good smells. I have tried lots and lots of scents but I always seem to come back to my No 5 (or Miss Dior) because they don't assault your sense of smell the way some of the modern scents do. Some of the modern 'celebrity' scents can knock you back ten paces - nothing subtle about them.

    I tried Cocoa Butter body lotion once and I smelled like a bar of chocolate.

    Nice smells bring nice memories sometimes.



  • Sorry your son is unwell we worry about them no matter what age they are. I do hope he will get better very soon. The other thing I want to say is an Irish coffee always taste better after a bole of muscles in garlic butter a thick slice of brown bred smothered in butter and a glass of Guinness's. As for the omelette cook one side on top of the cooker then put it under the grill to finish the top. No 5 is my favourite I got a small bottle every Christmas from my brother until he died 6 years ago.

  • I love brown bread with lots of butter but you can keep the muscles - I hate them and most other seafood. Guinness - I like that too.

    Thanks for the tip about the omelette. My husband gave me a 'present' yesterday - a new omelette pan. How romantic (not!).

    I'm sorry to hear about your brother's death. I suppose every time you smell No 5 it reminds you of him.



  • It does Annec, but the memories now are all good I can laugh again at things he used to do and say. Enjoy the new pan and for hubbys birthday you can always make him an omelette and put a candle in it. :)

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