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Photos from the London Marathon - they'll make you smile!

Hi all,

We had 144 people run for the British Lung Foundation in Sunday's London Marathon - everyone had a fantastic day and lots of money was raised to help the fight against lung disease.

If you fancy taking a look at the picture you can see them on Facebook: facebook.com/britishlungfou... or Flickr: flickr.com/photos/britishlu...

Did anyone watch it on Sunday on TV or at the race?

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Congratulations & thanks to all who took up the gauntlet for the cause.Well done to each & every one of them x :)

Interesting photos. Was there anyone from BLF that we know. I was looking for Mark if he took part.

Sadly for Mark and other potential BLF runners, the Liverpool Marathon has been cancelled this year -


Lots of staff were on hand to cheer and support the runners after the race. Jeremy, our Support and Development Manager from the Midlands, was the only staff to actually run the race for the BLF but I think we can forgive the others - after all it is a huge commitment!

I sometimes find myself having to run for the train - that's more than enough!

A fantastic effort from all the people who ran for the BLF. They have my total admiration.


Well done you lot !

Wonderful,caring, people, I admire so much! All those running for charity should be very proud of themselves, well done!!!!!!! x

Great photos, well done and thank you to all who took part. xx

Enjoyed the photos congratulations everyone, especially Jeremy.

polly xx

Congratulations, well done and thank you to all who took part.


Well done the BLF team and all the volunteers who took part.Wonderful stuff. Bob

Well done to everyone who entered the marathon,I admire you all for your willingness and help mto raise funds for the cause.

Great pics,congrats to everyone involved,good effort!! xxx

well done to all the runners :) and big thanks.

Great pics,congratulations to everyone!!

Well done congratulations to all the runners thankyou x

Bless each & every one of the runners & the support team, without you our lives would be so much harder xxx you are amazing :)

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