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How can I see locked answers?

Hi I am new to this site having just found out I have Bronchiectasis and COPD.

I tagged Bronchiectasis and I see questions and more importantly answers that are locked how can I see them?

How long before the treatment works? I am on Symbicort 200/62 and Nasonex (for sinus problems. It seems this is common with Bronchie)Started last Friday .

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Welcome -- I cant really help you although I am a bronch. but I am sure someone will be around to help. There is a good BLF helpline, too. All the best love Annie80

Locked answers? There should not be any. The site operates on two levels, visitors can see a lot of the messages, but not all as members can choose to display things to the community only. Once someone like yourself signs up and becomes a member, they become visible. The only other times where comments will not be visible is if they have been deleted.

As Annie suggests, have a chat with the BLF Helpline on 03000 030 555. They are open 10-6 Mon-Fri and calls cost the same as 01/02 numbers. They have nurses on hand who can go over the medication with you. Much easier than trying to explain it all here.

I should know that number off by heart. It should be displayed on this page. I cant find it - I have now put it into my phone nos. book.

It will probably be displayed somewhere when the site changes come in - I'm told there will be more room for the charity to display information like that ;(

I found it, Gordon, and this time have put it down correctly. Last time, I put one "0" too many which wasn't helpful. Really looking forward to the new site. WHEN?

When? When they activate the new features. The site team have been working on these for some time, but I've no idea when they are due to be given to us. I seem to recall being told 2-3 months about 5-6 months ago ;)

It's not a new site, just changes to what we have by giving better editing features for writing a blog/question, allowing edit of a message other than the original - the only way to correct a reply has been to delete it and post again. I've no idea what else will actually appear when we get it, so I'd better not be saying what was mentioned - in case it's not there in the eventual release :)

Hi ptliverpool

Sorry to hear you have bronchiectasis and copd, but glad you have found this site.

I have bronchiectasis from babyhood and more recently asthma and inflammatory arthritis. However I do not have copd. I really can't comment on the Symicort or the Nasonex as they are not in my repertoire.

I assume you have had a ct scan and so I am hoping you also have a good respiratory consultant. Do you produce very much mucus? If so then you might want to ask your consultant to refer you to a respiratory physiotherapist who will teach you mucus clearance techniques and show you gadgets which will help with this, and hopefully you will find a method you prefer.

As your new friends above have said BLF will be able to help you in general and with any specific questions you have, but please know you are most welcome to ask anything on the open forum - no question is too small - if it's worrying you that's enough reason to ask. Someone will pop along in support.

Love cx

Thanks for the reply. It really is good to know that there are other people out there who understand. Only problem is when someone is kind I just start to cry, this is new too as normally I never cry.


Awe PT we really didn't mean to make you cry. It is understandable you are trying to get your head around this new diagnosis. Although it is probably overwhelming at present, the more you learn and given time you will become more in control of your conditions.

Find out all you can and if you have any questions for your consultant jot them down as bullet points to jog your memory. You will probably find your consultant will answer some of your questions before you ask them. It's also a good idea to keep a diary of any infections (try take a sample down to GPs so they get an idea of what you grow) and antibiotics and if they worked or if you had side effects. Again use bullet points to make it easy for you to find during consultation.

I'm waffling again. Sorry.

Love cx

Hi, I have just joined and know what you mean about the 'locked answers'. They say that the answers 'can only be seen by this group'. Don't understand this. I am sure one of the nice people on the site will explain .

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