Now to finish, grab a pot of apricot jam and spread it all over, roll out t'marzipan big enough to cover completely, smooth out carefully with your beautifully soft hands and trim, leave to dry for couple of hours,

thickly cover with icing and smooth with a palette knife, spike up the top with a fork decorate before icing sets and there you have it, post yersell on the back have dram and a cig you've earned it. MERRY X-MASS. :D

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  • erm.... did you really intent to put that on a blog? Or is this just another facet of your quirky character ???

    LOL :)

  • Lmao of course though I'd have a bit of light relief ;)

  • phew!!! I was getting worried there - but only for a minute :d

  • You've nowt t worry about, just me buggering about, ;)

  • Its bin that long since I've had to wrangle me brains like that i feel wacked lol.

  • Look on the bright side, at least you've had some exercise.... :) x x x

  • Only a short time from Easter and now id2409 also has left us with Christmas preparations.

  • hey, some peeps like to be prepared, and for some it just takes that much longer to get things done LOL ;)

  • Ohoo! I'm staying outa this one

  • Oh no you don't. You started this. You stay right where you are! .... ;)

  • Did i mention Christmass ere i take the fifth on this ;)

  • And if you were American, you'd even get away with that! x x x

  • Ok sorry you honour but No Comment hows that ;)

  • That'll do, I suppose, for the time being anyway. Just don't let it happen again. x x x ;)

  • Awww! Party pooper :P ;-)

  • I've been called worse. A lot worse! But that still didn't bother me when I told my next door neighbours to turn their music down ~ well, it was at 5am, and I'd put up with that racket from 8pm the previous evening!

    I'm a fairly tolerant sort of person, but enough was enough.

  • Don't blame you had the same problem down stairs until i pulled him in public, he's german/ Austrian and a fifth columnist to boot. He got told in no uncertain terms, what would happen to him and his music if he didn't pack it in. He reported me to places for people ( my landlord ) they in turn threatens to throw me out, it ended up in court, i won got compo and he got a noise abatement order £330 fine plus costs and his hifi confiscated.

    i can be aright b#%*-@,d when i need to be

  • Good for you, azaard. I'm pretty tolerant. I remember what it was like to be young (my neighbours are only 20-21), but even I have my limits.

  • Yet peace love flower power and shrooms, ha ha! Genesis, mott the hoople , jagger bowie, three dig night, Uriah heep, nazareth, white snake, i could go on all night.

  • Plus the bikes :D

  • Now I told you I was tolerant. I have a very eclectic taste in music. Everything from Tony Bennett, through to Black Sabbath, and everything in between. But I draw the line with punk.

  • Not totally against rap, in fact I quite like black eyed peas. That's the group, not the ingredient... :)

  • Aaaargh! No likey electricery bites :D and on to a more serious note i love opera, especially when it makes me cry, some country and western, and deffo blues and blue grass. Used to play sax, clarinet guitar banjo and ukulele, but lost me likkle pinky, still manage trumpet i think but it's bin a long time.

  • And now you can cite tugging on my heart strings. x x x

  • I can't say I've ever been keen on opera, but blues, yeah. As for musical instruments, when I was a child, my parents forced me to learn to play the piano. They soon realised their attempts were futile.

    I have however, began to learn to play the guitar. Well, that's perhaps a shade too optimistic. I have a guitar and a book on how to play it. Me and the Mull of Kintyre aren't really getting on too well. But at least I'm trying.

  • Try a bit of bob Dylan. As fir tuggin at my heart strings it's storm zone but i,d have Ti look up the lyrics xcc

  • Blowin in the wind is in that book, but it's several chapters forward. I'm still on the first one which is Mull of Kintyre. x x x

  • I've found a bit of Dylan and blowing in the wind will e mail it tomorrow can you manage an A minor and an A7th ?

  • wtf? I'm on the first page of the first chapter. And I'm pretty proud I can do the a, d and e cords. I'll have to look up those chords on the chart when I get home. With application and practice, I'm sure I'll get there, eventually. Just don't time me... LOL

  • Close your eyes and picture the chords

  • Dylans are easy mostly major chords e g f d a hang on amin i may just have one in me bogey ole

  • Mull of Kintyre is a, d and e, but not necessarily in that order LOL x x

  • I'm not saying it's difficult to play, just awkward. I'm naturally left handed, but all the diagrams are for playing right handed. The guy at the music store offered to change the strings over - but I'm not going to let this defeat me. I'll keep strumming away. :)

  • Swop them pls

  • Oh, that would be too easy. I taught myself to write with my right hand, so I'll keep plugging away doing it as shown in the book.

    Trust me, if I go the left handed way, it'll turn out like my one and only attempt at knitting - a disastrous mess.

  • More holy than godley xxx

  • No, just stubborn... like a hinny :)

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