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cpap and wind

I have severe emphysema and sleep apnea,I've recently had trouble with wind when i wake up in the mornings sometimes my stomach is rock hard & i find it difficult to breathe, also I could pass wind for England, with practice I could probably play tunes and audition for Britain's got talent, la petomaine reborn! lol doctor thinks I may be swallowing air with my cpap machine, does anybody have similar issues and is there any thing that can help?

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Dear Gaffers,

Just a thought, are you using a nasal mask or nasal pillows for your CPAP? If so you might find changing to a full face mask a better alternative. When you say your doctor thinks you are swallowing air do you mean your GP? or have you spoken to your NIV (non invasive ventilator) specialist to offer you help with this as it does happen but the specialist involved in your care should be made aware and be finding a solution, maybe tweaking your pressures etc, this is not something a regular doctor would get involved with.

Good luck.



Using a Nippy 3+ with an oxygen generator adding 0.5ltr/p/m for sleep (and day-time naps) with a full face mask. Occasionally get a swollen gut early on in the sleep period which wakes me up and I then 'burp' for England until the pressure goes down. Wind can be a problem in the morning. It is better than before following tweaking at the hospital I go to for regular overnight checkups. I know they always say to me to tell them about anything like this - they mentioned air retention specifically when I first went - and so that's what I'd recommend and I'd agree it's a hospital / specialist question and not a GP question.

Hope this helps


I have this problem too, gaffers, though mine is a BiPAP machine. I also believe it's caused by swallowing too much air overnight. I use a nasal mask as I find the full face mask very uncomfortable indeed.

If you manage to find a solution to the problem please let me know :)

In the meantime.....

keep on keeping on :)


I have a CPAP, could be either the wrong mask ( if you have a nasal mask but are a mouth breather and vice versa) or the pressure is too high for you. I'd ring and speak to your CPAP nurse, mine have been fantastic........ Still got wind though, but I blame the mountain of Meds for that x


Apart from what has already been said, it can help to raise your pillow height. There's an excellent video here about wind/gas which may be of help to you (it was to me)


I must admit i do seem to have a lot of wind in the mornings but also get during the day as well i use a nose mask as well.

Apart from having COPD and OSA i all suffer with IBS and i been putting the windm down to my IBS, i will have to look into that.


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