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I like to join in but often I don’t comment on blogs on here. Lots of people suffer far worse lung problems than I do and many of the blogs are so sad and heartbreaking that I just don’t know what to say. I feel that whatever I write will appear glib or insincere, so I put nothing. Do others have the same problem? Is it better to put nothing at all or write what would probably be a weak reply?

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  • phillips1 -- do feel free to join us whenever you feel like it. have a look around. You will find people very friendly. Toss a comment in or if you have any thoughts or worries, air them. There will be answers. You will find some laughter - look out for King of the Cocktails. Go into directory and find his name in the search box. Have fun - love Annie80x

  • No problem any old thing goes not a competition for whats put in keep on keeping on :-)

  • Come on jump in both feet first, you'll survive. in anything goes and you will find it friendly ;)

  • A lot of people are glad of the many varied replies they get to their blogs and questions, and some quite good information is gained.

    Put another way, there are over 3,000 members of this area, how many say anything ? If you've something to contribute then fire away.

  • Just speak how you would if you'd met that person "in" person. I have a habit of inserting my foot in my mouth in real life, so I imaging I'll do that on here too. So, come on, join in.

  • Please think about joining in. Just a kind word to someone who us sad, or an appreciation of something funny. Don't feel left out. You are very welcome.

    Lynne xx

  • Hi phillips1

    Welcome to the forum - don't worry about not feeling you have anything to say.

    Just saying hello can start off a really interesting chat - regardless of whether your condition is serious or not, your views and opinions are welcomed.



  • Hi Jo, is Helen off work? I've sent her a message but had no reply.

    Karen xx

  • Yes. She isn't well.


  • Thanks Mark, hope she gets well soon, xxx Karen

  • Hi Bob, I often feel like that, but you get to recognise names & joining in on the lighter blogs you bump into the same "faces", we all have bad days & sometimes just an I,m here is all that,s needed, I don't comment if it,s a question/blog on something I don't have or have yet to experience, so like every one says jump in & welcome,

    Karen xxx

  • Been good so far looking back on the posts you have keep up the same standard :-)

  • I second that mooseloose !

  • well I write a load of rubbish so you will be quite at home with me. Don't worry about what you write besides writing a load of rubbish I don't mind reading it either :D

  • I joined this site about a month ago I`ve asked a couple of questions but never joined in. To be honest, sometimes I do type a reply but then at the expense of appearing `silly` or don`t feel I have the experience of knowledge to answer correctly, I have deleted my message and not sent it. I must give myself a kick up the bum and get off the side-lines!

  • Welcome suzieQs, jump in we don't bite :D xxx Karen

  • Thank you sillywitch. I need to be thrown in the deep end sometimes!

  • Just like me. I do post some but I am sure I delete more than I post. Tell you what, let's pack it in and go out for a drink, you can buy lol Bob

  • Sounds like a good plan Bob, but what would your wife say??? lol x

  • SusieQS

    Ah! Whoops! lol xx

  • I don't comment much either but I do enjoy the posts. Some days I want to read about Amber and King of the cocktail's jokes, other days I'm interested in the medical posts, and i do occasionaly post (like now). I don't suffer as much as a lot of people but I do feel I can share my burden when I need to, and won't be judged. I know everyone on this site understands that and that's why it's a brilliant community.

  • Hi phillips1. I see you say you have moderate/severe emphysema. Just remember anything you post about it will help others who are newly diagnosed so post away to your heart's content ! :)

  • Puff

    Trouble is Puff I'm a bit thick. I can't pronounce half the things let alone understand them Bob

  • Give it a go. Most of us can get the gist of what people are trying to say. I still have to Google search stuff. :)

  • Hi Phillips1 ,well you have made the first jump,so keep on going! Its not so hard,people will relate to you, having same problems etc,& its good to get to know people on the site,always good to get some new input xx.

  • I know exactly how you feel Phillips1. I often feel helpless in the face of such illness and pain. If I can't help I just say I am sorry for the problems and wish them all the best. I always feel thats a weak reply but I will carry on saying it anyway.

    Bev x

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