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Question 3, What would stop you from engaging with this type of support network (tick all that apply)

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I like the fact that it is anonymous

Also deaf.

It depends on how it’s based if it’s like a face kind of group then the best thing for it would be to show techniques and things to help people but on this question the third question it doesn’t bother me so none of that I will tick because I’m interested in any information that can help any whether it comes via a group or via an individual any is good news As long as it helps and doesn’t end so hope everybody is well stay safe Stephen 🤓

Don't know that it would help unless you have a specific diagnosis.

I may as it is online.

With every thing going over to these type of virtual platforms I would be concerned about the amount of data that I was using up to engage and so the cost.

Do it on your WiFi so you're not using mobile data

I'm not to good at using the internet .

Can’t vote as I would t have any problem with anything IT based

Nothing would stop me engaging with a health support network, as I am alone therefore look forward to any chance to engage in conversation with people with similar health conditions who can understand and sympathise and / or offer help 😊

COPD patient has no computer skills. COPD patient's wife trying to get her head around his recent diagnosis of dementia. Bummer!

Caspiana in reply to Pippers

I'm so sorry Pippers . 😞

Pippers in reply to Caspiana

Thank you Caspiana...

shonka in reply to Pippers

Hi Pippers, I have faced similar situations. The solution is never sympathy.

Don't forget you have the opportunity to be grateful for so many things. If these are hard to recall, they will come to mind when you find yourself smiling.

Depends on the format

No worries

I would be interested

Not relevant. We already work this way.

Nothing except short term internet problems. We already have group exercise on Zoom and Facebook each week and a BE meeting tomorrow on Zoom. We also meet as a committee on Zoom every 2 or 3 weeks.


after being taken to Broomfield hospital and told the doctor that I would NOT ressatate me then taking the air from me drugging me up and sending me home the next day I waited after being told I did not have covid and sending a letter to my doctor to that result. I was ill for 4 weeks with no medication other than my usual medication I went for a CT scan and was told that I DID have covid ( ground glass effect ) I feel that people like that who put my wife and son in danger not to mention myself should be given a talk to so that it doesn't happen to others. I just can't bring myself to do it

Caspiana in reply to tomhatha

Hi Tom, 👋😊

What an awful experience for you. I'm sorry it happened. But I fail to see what it has to do with a virtual support group for people with lung disease. I would however you put in a complaint with the hospital concerned. Best wishes to you.

same again


Did not give "other" I am happy with some of the tech, but dislike it when I have to show my face on the Zoom or other meeting screen, would be OK talking with my Avatar on the screen, not me. I am just odd that way.

Time differences from Australia

I live in Melbourne, Australia. Timing for me is everything.

I wouldn't have any problems with it at all

Nothing to stop me except having the time, so can't vote

No problems with any.

I do internet research.

Might not have right technology

am really quite happy with this site as it is a no bells and whistles site . Simple and easy and I can visit when I like xxxx

Having voted about what would stop me I have to say I would be devastated if I could not log into this support network. I love reading about other people's problems because I realise I am not alone.

SORRELHIPPO in reply to agammyt

I agree would have to be "as well as" not "instead of"

Bit thick with tec

Sumtimes I can not access the hotspot I use n it cuzes me delays

None of the above.

It took me 6 months to take the plunge and join. My biggest hurdle was and still is, being socially crippled with Asperger's.