If your Motability vehicle takes diesel, were you given the choice of having petrol or electric instead?

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  • for the vehicle I chose there were no petrol vehicles to be had as it was i waited 6months for my car to come from Valencia

  • In the light of proposed punitive charges to be levied against diesel drivers I have been wondering what will be the case regarding disabled drivers and those with motability cars

  • So have we littlepom. This is why we're asking about people's motability vehicles, so we can get an idea of the scale of the problem.

  • Hi littlepom,

    NOT heard about the diesel proposed punitive charges, could you please explain them to me?

    I am just about to take delivery, after a very bad car accident that resulted in my mobility car being classed as a 'Total Loss', the accident wasn't my fault either, out of 3 vehicles/car drivers, I was the only one driving sensibly and keeping an eye on other traffic. There were both young male drivers of the other two cars, one tailgating me, pushing to make me go faster than the actual speed limit, then suddenly on a blind corner going uphill he decided to overtake, whilst I was slowing down and moving as far to my left kerb as I could I saw a vehicle coming down the hill in the middle of the road, I thought those two vehicles were going to crash, BUT, suddenly, BANG and a huge WHITE FLASH, next thing I am trying to get out of my car, unfastening my seat belt and truing to get my door open as all I could see was what I thought was smoke filling the car, PANICKED thinking my car was on fire, tried to scramble over to the passenger door to get OUT!

    The white flash was the airbags going off, knocked me out for a few seconds and split my lip open - WARNING TO EVERYONE AIRBAGS ARE EXTREMELY POWERFUL AND HURT WHEN GOING OFF!!!!

    My car had carried on across the road hitting a wall driver side on. The Black car with 2 males in it that had been tailgating me just drove off, it was the car coming downhill that had caused the crash. I was the only one seriously injured too, ended up on a back board with a neck brace and blue lights to hospital, got 3 fractures in my right foot, and muscle & ligament injuries to neck and upper & lumbar back and usual bruising, plus my bust up bottom inner lip.

    Soooooooooooooo scary, I was the sensible driver and I ended up hurt the worst, no justice, except, I was told the young lad who was driving the car that caused the crash had phoned for his father and this was his second accident in the last month, his father was giving him a real ticking off.

    It's so difficult though, when you are disabled to start with then end up in this position.

    The reason I chose almost the same car as the crash car was because that car saved my life, it was a Renault Captur SUV type, had I been in an ordinary car it would have wiped me out too, so, even though it's diesel the thought of that car saving me encouraged me to go for a very similar Renault Captur model bit different.

    The mobilite salesman, NEVER mentioned anything about these diesel punitive charges, NEVER suggested a petrol or even electric model. Perhaps the advance payment I had to make for the diesel engine was some kind of incentive for him with bonuses etc???

    Will be very interested to hear from you about these diesel charges, THANKS in advance.

  • How awful for you. I am about to get cameras fitted in case, heaven forbid, I have something like that happen to me. As you know, there are a bewildering array of cars available on motability. It seems to me that the salesman just wants you to have the most expensive that your circumstances allow. When I had mine last June there was no discussion about the fuel.

    During the last couple of weeks there have been several news bulletins talking about certain towns and cities bringing in a £20 a day charge for people driving diesel cars. Another balmy 'green ' initiative! Nobody knows if this will apply to those with Blue Badges and if so, would Motability be liable as owner of the vehicles or the drivers. There are a lot of questions and I guess that this survey is a first step towards getting some clarification.

  • I certainly hope that doesn't happen.

    We wouldn't be able to afford to run our cars if theu brought that into power.

    Like you say, would Motability be responsible for anything like that.

    I would also think that if something along those lines were brought in then Motability would just stop offering diesel cars on the scheme.

    Thanks for that information, fingers crossed it gets forgotten about. Take care.

  • I had a choice between diesel and petrol only. I chose diesel because it had better mpg

  • Ray47,

    That was another reason why I chose the diesel engine too, approximately 74.30mpg, my previous vehicle, Renault Captur, Automatic, was achieving very close to this mpg too.

    Hoping these diesel charges aren't going to make my choice a mistake???

    But, considering my previous vehicle saved my life, it couldn't turn out to be a mistake whatever these charges turn out to be.

  • We have a petrol Nissan pixo

  • At the time of choosing diesel was cheaper than petrol.

  • seeing as we all hire our vehicles motorbility has the problem in my eyes

  • You can chose from a vast amount of vehicles and vehicles can be adapted for your needs. You do need to do your homework to find what you want and the cost is also a factor.

    I have to travel to three different hospitals for my treatment so economy and space is a defining factor for me.

  • I need a car but frightened if I get my payment stoped by dwp for having a car

  • Electric cars was not offered but if am honest to consider electric would need to see charging points.

    And if the anything like disabled bays i would not bother trying to hold my breath for them.

    I think councils have lot more to consider with charging points like homeless setting up home round them GUESS thats why this not many in iner cites.

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