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Leaking after prostate removal


I'm almost in diapers. .I have to stop drinking by 4 ..or im up all night..I'm taking lyrica an that makes it worse..it's the bathroom all night or restless legs..a cycle driving me crazy I'm unsure if me saying the leak goes other places..here is the correct place..I'm ashamed..?

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Hi lock your post also! have they given you any time scale for improvements?

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I am female but was also suffering terrible "leaks" .Since reducing my Pregabalin dose this is not nearly so bad. Agree the losing of the pre. effect is a downer but I think I can accept that better than bladder leaks. I'm working on keeping reducing dose till I'm off it. I know this is not much help ...if you cant reduce dose you're between the devil and the deep sea .. Good luck to you anyway, I sympathise.

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