helpful book - The Fabulous Woman's Guide Through Cancer

Hello all,

I had cancer when I was 31, I was a wife, mother to a two-year-old and three-month-old, a writer, I had friends, family, liked to travel... so much more than just a cancer patient.

It was actually this fact exactly that inspired me to write 'The Fabulous Woman’s Guide Through Cancer' because I found all books to be either very medical or memoirs but that wasn't what I wanted (or needed). I wanted to know about the lifestyle effects of having cancer. To know how to explain cancer to a toddler, what to pack for hospital, how to stay social when they don’t feel well enough to go out, how to survive a social event, how to tell your boss and what to do when depression takes hold.

As a result, 'The Fabulous Woman's Guide Through Cancer' gives real advice from real women who have really had cancer. It includes tips, examples, stories, information and ideas to keep women sane and on-track during this awful time and includes plenty of kind words and inspirational stories from fabulous women who have had cancer. I also made sure that it is written with compassion and humour.

I am now trying to really get the book 'out there' so that it can hopefully help as many women as possible which is why I thought it may be something that you may be interested in.

Just search The Fabulous Woman's Guide Through Cancer on Amazon, Book Depository, etc...

Love NB

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  • That's looks very interesting I will take look on Amazon

  • Thank you. If you would like a copy for your group, please let me know and I will get one over to you.

    Many thanks