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please help or advice

was being listened too properly by doctors and almost felt ridiculed cause they couldnt help so i stopped seeking advice,but now ive to admit defeat cause i chi, im hoping you can give me some advice please,ive had a lump on my collar bone now for over a yr it started of like a pea size but it has grown quiet large now and over the months it has become extremly painful to the point it brings me to tears,its like a non stop constant ache and the bone hurts pretty bad, i have had several tests done but that was over a yr ago and they couldnt find anything but could feel the lump,it got to the stage were i gave up trying to find out as i felt like i an no longer stand the pain it is causing me,im constantly tired and find myself short of breath quite a lot just lately,but it seems to get worse when i lie down on a night to go to sleep,im at my wits end and fed up of feeling so low and not well all the time i feel its taking over my life please can you give me some kind of advice ,oh no here i was trying to get some advice and only just realised its a service to pay for i feel like throwing the towel in

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Hi, Im so sorry that you feeling that you are not being listened to. Please dont give up there is help out there . You don t say how long it is .since you last saw your Gp. I strongly advise you to make another appointmen tand, if possible book a double one. Is their a different Gp at you surgery who you could speak to. Do you have anyone to go with you for support ,they may even be able to help you explain how you are feeling. You say that you have had tests, but not what they were for. You are obviously very worried about this growing lump and I suspect you fear it may be cancer. Im not medically trained but I having lived through an 'agressive cancer 'diagnosis for which I had 18mths of treatments and radical surgery . Not all lumps are serious but you do need to have your mind put at rest. Make that GP appointment , takewith you a list of all your symptons, how long you have had them and how they affect you.You do seem very low and I think you need some support in this area.. I pray that you have the strength and courage to go forward and get the support you need. Please let me know if this has been of any help to you.

Kind Regards



Thank you you sue for your reply I really appreciated it ,it's been a yr since I last saw doctor about it I just tend to stick with the tramadol I take for the pain,that in itself is getting worse n its unbearable I'm now struggling with lifting my arm at times ,the lump has enlarged rapidly and its spread all along my collar bone right under my armpit so some times I feel like I've a carpet under my arm as only know how to explain it.I've finally plucked the courage to go have appointment thur morning as I've to have a full medical done so will chat to the nurse ,but you can see it and I've had friends saying it's not right,but I will let you know what happens after seeing her,so once again thank you for your reply,and I hope your ok love xx


So pleased you have been braveand taken a positive step and made that appt. Follow your gut feeling everytime. Its advisable not to read up on or google your condition. I know friends will advise you ,but however well meaning they maybe, they are not experts . Hopefully you will be listened to at your appt and finally get the correct advice and be reffered to the appropriate service.

Sending you a massive hug.

Take care

Sue X