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Flying after a replacement valve by Tavi

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we are due to go on a cruise 4 weeks after my husbands Tavi, which I think you be Ok , but we need to fly to departure port , uk to Spain .

is there any booklet on after care after a Tavi .

My dear husband has looked after me with heart failure for 15 yrs and he has to have a relacement valve

3 Replies
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I very much doubt if flying is advisable only four weeks after procedure. Check with cardio and definitely check your insurance if you will be covered

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Breesha in reply to gilreid1

thank you , I think I just need a shoulder to lean on , I have had heart failure myself years and now my lovely hubby is smitten down, , but good job it was caught. In t ime

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I have reached that conclusion, but the forum is so good as a sounding block, thank you for replying. breesha

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