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Hi everyone I’m 45 year old and I had diagnosed with arrhythmia in January after being very ill. My private doctor prescribed me Bisoprolol 2.5 mg and after a month that I was feeling good it started again with more symptoms. I have chest pain which I didn’t have it before. My consultant put me now in Bisoprolol 3.75mg and I’m scared to take it because my heart rate goes 40 . I don’t know what to do. Help please

13 Replies
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it would be best to contact your doctor. If that isn't possible, try the BHF nurses. We on this forum are not qualified to advise you, but I realise how worrying this must be for you.I hope you get some help soon.

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Suzi-45 in reply to RufusScamp

Thank you RufusScamp

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Hi Suzi I think you need to talk to a doctor about that ASAP. Can get hold of the consultant soon? If not, your GP? Either way you need medical help.

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Suzi-45 in reply to AchyCorazon

Hi Achycorazon , I spoke with my consultant yesterday and he put the dose up to 5mg but I told him for my heart rate and than we agreed for 3.75 mg . Is me that I’m scared because I think that chest and back pain is not from ectopic beats and I’m waiting for angiogram scan but I know is gone take long .Thanks

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AchyCorazon in reply to Suzi-45

How are you now Suzi?

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Suzi-45 in reply to AchyCorazon

Hi AchyCorazon , Im feeling still same my consultant told me need a bit of time to adapt the new dose . Thank you for asking x

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AchyCorazon in reply to Suzi-45

Ok, glad to hear it. Stay safe, and if you have pain you are not sure about call 999-best to be sure.

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Dear Suzi-45

Contact your Dr as soon as possible, for all the money you have paid to get this treatment to have such poor interactions with them is really bad.

I am not medically trained but the way you have been treated is wrong and you can not just change the amount of Bisoprolol you are taking from just a phone call, it needs proper tests and bloods to find out what is going on.

Its quite a large dose to start with that they have put you on and with your heart rate being at 40 ( is this taken over the day as an average?) something is not, like you already know, right.

Take care

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Hi - I had a similar experience 2.5mg and heart rate low 40’s. Initially I felt the difference and no irregular heart events for over a month but it came back. I noticed the low heart rate after a couple of months and felt absolutely awful - literally tired all the time. Contacted GP and he reduced it to 1.25 but never followed up after and heart rate didn’t really go up. Months later I had a HA and the hospital asked me about the bisoporol and said I shouldn’t be on it and took me off it immediately. My advise is to get a 2nd opinion - I would suggest that a heart rate of 40 is NOT how you should be but get proper medical advise as we are all different - best of luck!!

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Suzi-45 in reply to MWIC

Thank you MWIC

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Hi Susie, My response to this medication was similar to that of MWIC in that my heart rate dropped to around 50, but with worsening ectopic beats, would often be less than that. I also felt terrible- extreme fatigue and a very sore back, both unusual symptoms for me.

There are other drugs available. I’ve been off bisoprolol for 8 weeks now and am continuing on a higher dose of a previously prescribed antihypertensive medication.

The fatigue is gone, as is the back pain.

Amazing the side effects of these drugs- yet everyone is different and some feel no ill effects at all.

Good luck sorting this out with your doctor’s help!

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Beater in reply to dicynth

Hi, I was just wondering if you had any withdrawal symptoms from the bisoprolol and how long before the back pain subsides.

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dicynth in reply to Beater

Hi Beater,The back pain subsided gradually in about two weeks.

I felt my old energy level come back almost immediately and could exercise again.

The steep increase in PVCs subsided gradually. I still have them, but at a greatly reduced level. I have added magnesium taurate to my supplements.

It has been 4&1/2 months since I stopped this medication. Very strong side effects for me.

I have had no problems with tachycardia etc.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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