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Hypertensive Crisis

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Within 48 hours of having my Covid Pfizer booster my blood pressure has elevated to readings in the range of 203/100 - 196/115 for 2 days. My GP has prescribed me Amlodipine 5mg to take alongside Bisoprolol 2.5 which I have been taking for 5 years post heart attack. I started taking the Amlodipine immediately to lower my BP levels. My BP is very erratic but did lower to 153/93 today. There is no proof that it is in any way connected to the booster, but with no other explanation available, is worth bearing in mind.

It might be a good idea to have a prompt to monitor blood pressure post jabs, especially if like me you are not doing so on a regular basis. I have no other symptoms at the moment so this could easily have been missed and I am aware of the seriousness of the situation.

Probably a complete coincidence but a post regarding having a heart attack post booster ( the post was removed) stated the batch number as FH4751. Scarily this is the same batch number as mine.

I must add that I am glad that I have been triple jabbed because Covid is rife. Just good to be aware of any unexpected effects.

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Thanks for making us aware. Just had mine this afternoon.

Fair comment, and absolutely sound advice about monitoring your BP.

As you say, it could be (in fact, probably is) coincidence. But without monitoring you wouldn't have known it was happening.

Always a good idea to monitor BP. But if you wasn't monitoring your BP on a regular basis how do you know you wasn't having elevated blood pressure before the jab?

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Trecam in reply to Lezzers

Good point, it could have been elevating before the jab. Funnily I was requested to submit a blood pressure reading by text to the GP surgery 3 days before the booster. This was because of lack of annual hypertension reviews since Covid. That reading was high at 160/85. But the only time I have been up in the 200 + was when I had a heart attack, so has shaken me up.

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Lezzers in reply to Trecam

I can understand you being shaken especially at the thought it could have been happening for some time now. Good to know the meds are kicking in & helping you.

After reading all these reports of potentially serious problems post vac I'm now very reluctant to have my booster 🙁

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meadfoot in reply to bantam12

So was I but all has been well for me post booster on Monday evening.

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bantam12 in reply to meadfoot

That's good but I'm not convinced the risk is worth it ! Hope you stay well.

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meadfoot in reply to bantam12

Thank you. Do what feels right to you, you know your body and it is your free choice. Best wishes,

Bantam, it absolutely is your choice but PLEASE keep in mind that there's a virtual industry out there online going out of their way to blame the vaccines for everything from death to broken toenails to growing a 3rd eye on your forehead!

WHY there's such an effort being made is a bit of a mystery, but someone somewhere will be profiting from it. Probably through quack "cures" which are far more dangerous than any vaccine ever!

The flip side is that countless millions of people, in the UK and worldwide, have had the vaccines and boosters with no problems but NOT felt the need to shout about it online.

That inevitably makes the risks seem a LOT greater than they are, which is exactly what the "anti industry* is hoping for.

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Lucymoo in reply to bantam12

COVID is a far worse situation and some of these problems may be due to coincidence. I had all 3 vaccinations without even a sore arm so think about what’s best for you

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Reuben52 in reply to Lucymoo

Same here.

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MikeBB in reply to Lucymoo

Likewise. Well, actually I was delighted to find my flu and Covid jabs working as I get very bleh for a few days.

My music teacher has just recently had - and recovered from - a bout of Covid. He’s double jabbed btw. He notes a non vaccinated neighbour has just had Covid. And died.

In all honesty, I can’t support the ‘anti-vac - my body, my decision’ crowd. Like it or not, we’re more vulnerable and I want as much protection as possible. The sooner it is mandatory the better.

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Nannysue1 in reply to bantam12

Personally I think I would be much more afraid with the outcome of catching covid but of course that's your decision.

Had my booster last Saturday...Pfizer and all OK here. Bearing in mind that my bp was 244/133 when first diagnosed and now averages 105/70 which it did on Sunday when checked. It sounds like Trecam has somewhat volatile readings and anxiety about the jab in a bp sufferer can really make readings climb.We are such sensitive souls so we need to keep as calm as possible and do what we can to protect ourselves from Covid.

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Cruise1 in reply to bantam12

It’s only happening to a minority.

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Notdead in reply to bantam12

I’m not taking mine either , did you see the cardiologist on gmb yesterday? That’s an eye opening story

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bantam12 in reply to Notdead

I unfortunately didn't see it, was it for or against ?

I definitely want to have the booster and blood pressure is not my concern but increased arrythmias is, the first AZ caused me problems!

I've had flu and pneumonia vacs recently and both ok but for those of us with multiple health problems it's worrying to read about all these issues although I also don't believe they are all caused by the vac.

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Notdead in reply to bantam12


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fairgo45 in reply to Notdead

Oh dear I'm worried now

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Notdead in reply to bantam12

There was also a pathologists on this morning, talking about it as well very much asking the questions on how are so many people dying of heart issues after the vaccine

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bantam12 in reply to Notdead

Hmm worrying isn't it !

Thank for your post, i had my pfizer booster Monday evening. So far so good and no adverse effects. Just did my BP given your post and its fine. Its good to hear others experience though as this is still a relatively new virus which scientists are trying to get to grips with so it is important we report symptoms post vaccines so the scientists can take all things into consideration.

If we dont report things they cant get a full picture. They can then weed out symptoms unconnected but information is power for them. Hope your BP improves very soon. Best wishes.

Hello :-)

I have to say I suffer with dreadful anxiety and these posts about the Booster jab are really starting to frighten me into thinking I am to afraid to have it

I had the Oxford the first 2 jabs I had and was fine but have been told I will be having the one you have just had as my Booster one

I am nearly 4 months post triple Bypass surgery

I asked my Consultant about everything I have been hearing and she said to me that with anything even a tooth been pulled there is a small risk but to get covid especially with a heart condition would be a bigger one , my Surgeon just told me to get it done

But I am so very worried now :-(

Sorry for going on but I am ready to burst with fear about this Booster jab

I hope your blood pressure settles down soon :-) x

Please try not to worry. And, yes, I do understand how impossible that is!

But that's exactly what the fear mongers want - for whatever reason they hope to scare people into doing the wrong thing. Wrong for yourself and wrong for everyone else.

As your consultant says, everything has a risk. Even getting out of bed might see you slip and break something. But staying permanently in bed will cause all sorts of problems as well!

In this case, the risk from Covid is so much bigger than the tiny risk of the vaccine that we all need to put our worry to one side and just get it done.

Keep in mind that deaths from Covid are quite low at the moment but infections are very high and any one of those 40 thousand infections each day might be the one that creates a new, more contagious and / or more deadly, variant.

If (or, more likely, when) that happens then you really will need the maximum protection possible.

Hello :-)

I know you are right and I did not worry at all when I had the first two jabs it is only seeing so many posts that has started to frighten me but personally I know it is safer to have it I will just be now so anxious unlike the first times because of the posts I have read :-(

It is such a shame as this Community has helped me so much and the members :-)

Thank you for your encouraging wise words :-) x

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MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to BeKind28

Perhaps give the BHF helpline a call and speak to one of the Cardiac nurses?

You have a choice, trust your Cardiologist and other registered healthcare professionals or relay on the hearsay of people on the forum.

It could be possible that some people are making mischief by scaremongering.

Thatwasunexpected has wise words.

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BeKind28 in reply to Milkfairy

Yes you are right :-)

I am just finding it so upsetting as I need this Community so much yet at the same time I am not strong enough mentally to keep reading the negatives and debates on here over the vaccines

I know I can bypass them but sometimes it is to late you have read it before you know it

I will keep talking with my Doctors etc

Thank You :-) x

Pfizer booster on 26.10.2021 and apart from a bit of a sore arm everything was fine. I have been triple jabbed with this vaccine and have had no negative effects. Anyone who is worried can talk it through with GP or Cardiac Rehab for a more in depth discussion to support an informed choice. We know ourselves better than anyone else and our tolerances to things.Whatever people choose is their right and as long as we have freedom of choice that is a good thing. We have all gotten this far by being careful so people who choose not to be vaccinated have had good practice so far at doing just that.

Keep on keeping safe to all


My fiancé had his booster today (Phizer) after 2 AZ previously. He was 100% fine with first two and fine so far.

He did have some heart arrhythmia after his flu jab (and for 48 hours after) but who knows if this was caused by the flu jab as he’s never had an issue with flu jabs in the past.

Myself on the other hand (fit, healthy and young-ish ) manage to have reactions to everything - even as a baby to my inoculations! I cant even have my flu jabs due to previous reactions.

But I was fine after all 3 of my Covid jabs apart from a sore arm and very mild flu symptoms for a day or two.

I am a bit bewildered as to why, when we’ve had several posts shut down for discussing vaccines, along with a message from BHF Admin saying this is not the forum to discuss it, we are again discussing vaccines!?!?!

I think the subtle difference is that the OP this time was quite clear from the start that it may be coincidence. They haven't come on declaring "FACT" or presenting irrelevant studies as "proof".

It's also given at least a couple of genuine posters a chance to talk about (and, hopefully, relieve a little) the fears all the negative posts have been causing them. Which has to be a good thing :)

But it is a really fine line!

I can see the 'subtle' difference, but we all know it won't take long once the Blue Touch paper has been lit 🧨

Agreed, but those with the matches use every closed thread as "proof" of their conspiracy theories so closing them before necessary may be counter-productive.

Gosh that’s really scary but good to have in mind. Are they recommending boosters for heart patients who are in active disease? I’m recovering from myocarditis and periocarditis and my cardiologist has said NO booster for me. So hard to get a clear view on things …..

The basic recommendation is "it's safe unless you're told not by your medical team" .

Clearly, in your case they've judged that your current situation tips the balance towards "not now" but that'll be based on their clinical judgement of you, given your full history, and may not apply to others with apparently similar conditions.

Do you think stress and worry of having the vaccine may also play a part? Due to some difficulties with my nhs consultant cardiology around communication I paid to see a private cardiologist…….my BP was high 170/100 (he took my BP 3 times during the consultation) but monitoring afterwards it was back to usual 120/80 and second time I saw him again recorded a high BP. Monitoring again afterwards it was back to normal. I hadn’t thought about how being stressed (I myself didn’t feel stressed on the day) impacted on my BP

Just to provide some balance.. I had my booster a week ago and aside from a slightly sore arm had NO side effects (blood pressure was exactly the same as usual).

I had mine on Wednesday, same batch number too. So far I am ok apart from a very painful arm. I think like you say just being aware for a week or so after

I had myocarditis 1 year 10 months ago and then diagnosed with af. Fortunately not had an af episode for 16 months that I'm aware of. Had all 3 covid jabs without an issue. Christmas is coming and I guess my only issue is finding a good non alcoholic drink to celebrate with as not touched a drop of alcohol since myocarditis and then af. But I'm happy and healthy!

This scaremongering is getting out of hand

I haven't taken my blood pressure since my booster, I think I would rather have high blood pressure than Covid19, my daughter has just had Covid and fortunately the two vaccine she had earlier, caused her to compare it with a really bad cold. It's 10 days I was in contact with her, so now I am out jail. Test and Trace have been very efficient.

Hi there hope your feeling ok. Just out of curiosity did you have BP issues before you had the jab? Im asking because i originally had AZ for both jabs and was fine. I have a pfizer booster tomorrow im only 33 but its because im a carer for my 2 children with learning difficulties. I have anxiety and im reading alot about heart attcks, bp issues and the rest after the booster jab. Its not doung me any good if im honest and i myself am doubting the booster tomorrow.

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Lezzers in reply to DanniC88

Hi, if you look at the OP's reply to me at the beginning of this thread he has said that he took his blood pressure 3 days before having the jab and it was high then. There's a lot on unnecessary scaremongering going on at the moment, why not have a word with the BHF nurses or your GP so that you can talk your concerns through with them.My husband has heart failure & cancer, he had his first 2 jabs whilst undergoing cancer treatment & he had his booster about a month ago, he's had no side effects or issues with any of the jabs.

Thank you for posting. I've had thd same experience. My BP shot up not as high but on the same batch number too. 153/105 but coincided with alot of stress and sinusitis which they put it down too. I had a tight chest but that is not unusual for me as muscles are often tight around my ribs and back and I suffer from anxiety.


Im reading alot about the booster vaccines causing problems for some people.

I had some peculiar size effects after my booster, I played them down because I believe in it so much. The side effects have gone. I would say rest after your booster and drink plenty of water

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Hi Trecam

If you have any concerns about the vaccine, we have lots of information from our experts here: bhf.org.uk/informationsuppo...

You can also speak with our heart helpline team if you have any questions: bhf.org.uk/informationsuppo...

Our medical team are currently working on updating our website to address these concerns, which will be shared with the community as soon as possible. Until then, we'll turn comments off on this post to stop any further escalation.

Really hope this helps.


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