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I’ve had a reminder about my Covid Booster but I’m concerned that since I was double jabbed my RHR has been erratic sometimes well into the 100s bpm. The highest measurement I took last week was 118 bpm when I had just got up in the morning. I’m waiting for my Cardiologist to give advice but I haven’t had his reply yet. Has anyone else experienced the same symptoms. I have Mitral regurgitation and have been on watch and wait for several years.

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Hello jadensgrandma My experience on here is that any intelligent discussion about vaccination and boosters is targeted as being “anti vax”. Even if you’ve been vaccinated. Good look in finding the answers you are looking for.

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Trying to wind people up isn't helpful!! If you don't like, or wish to abide by the forum rules as set out by the BHF admin maybe this group isn't for you

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This was the reply from BHF admin to you regarding your previous post being blocked.

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Milkfairy. Many thanks for that. I also found the vaccination staff are very helpful.

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The more people like you come on here and peddle their nonsense about various problems being attributed to the vaccine and more lately the booster, the greater the chance of it being falsely linked to every aspect of heart disease going. As other members have suggested the OP's problems very likely are nothing whatever to do with the vaccine, it is just an easy target for those who seem hell bent on dissuading people from taking it up. Why don't you just give it a rest, or move on elsewhere eh?

I putthiz to you Lateguitarist, how can you say its nonsense, that is only your opinion!!! I'm sorry to be controversial on this, but I must say that heart problems, as in NEW problems, after the vaccine have been well documented, and there are definite correlations for SOME, not ALL. There has been no secret about the vaccine causing various symptoms, it's all on GOV.UK, Yellow Card. It is not for anyone on here to categorically confirm that someone else's new symptoms may be related to the Covid jab ( it's called the jab, as its not actually a vaccine, as it doesn't stop anyone from catching it) BUT, likewise someone shouldn't be silenced and labelled as antivaxx for a post or a reply that doesn't necessarily commend the vaccine.

We have been over this time and time again, particularly regarding the yellow card scheme, just look back at the other posts. I put this to you - where do you think we would be now, as a nation (which is what it is all about), if we did not have the vaccine??? I presume from your comments that you have not had and do not advocate people having the vaccine, I am glad I am not living in your world! And it is not my opinion, it is documented fact.

It's far more likely to be a development of the very similar issue you posted about last year where it had started going from "60 to 120-115" rather than anything to do with the vaccine.

Correlation does not equal causation, especially when one of the factors is already known to exist!

If your current care is to "watch and wait" then I'd suggest that this is exactly the sort of thing you've been watching for and should make a GP appointment so they can refer again if needed.

Looking at your previous post you had an erratically high heart rate a year ago. Did you ever find out what caused it then as it could be a reoccurrence of that?

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MilkfairyHeart Star

I suggest you give the BHF helpline a call and speak to one of the Cardiac nurses.

No one cares more about your own health than you. Trust your instincts.

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Absolutely correct.😇

In a word: Yes. RHR continually up to 150+ for several weeks following first & second shots. I too have been invited for the booster.

Hi I have severe heart failure but also congenital myasthenia - both phizer vaccines made me very very weak so I decided against the booster till I feel bit better . My myasthenia consultant advised me to get a different brand abs that should make a difference

Sounds like you’ll be one of the people who’ll get very ill if you catch covid. Exactly the kind of person the booster is there to protect. A no brainier for me. Had mine a couple of weeks ago.

No, I didn't experience these symptoms.

This is the first time I have ever posted in any blog. I am 67 and not very teckie. I am now because I think that it is wrong to dismiss possible vaccine side effects. I discovered this blog after experiencing heart problems following the vaccine, never having had them before. I am totally pro vaccine, obviously it has saved countless lives, but perhaps some particularly genetically constructed people are more vulnerable. I realise that this post will probably be deleted and I understand why. I do not wish to deter anyone from having jabs. Perhaps someone could please let me know if they know of a blog that does examine this issue. I realise it is not appropriate here but would like to here of the experience others have had. I am not on facebook. Thank you.

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MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to Mascot

Hello Mascot

Welcome to the forum,

Did you report your possible reaction to your Covid vaccination to the yellow card system?

Is your GP aware?

If you wish to find a trusted source of information, I suggest you contact the BHF helpline and speak to one of the Cardiac nurses.

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What exactly are these "heart problems" you have? As usual with new members posting this kind of reply there is absolutely no information in your profile, you say you are not trying to discourage people from taking up the vaccine, but it rather sounds as if you are blaming it for your ill health. With no further information to go on it is a bit difficult not to form the obvious impression? If you know it is not appropriate here why did you do it anyway?

I have heart failure with low EF I’ve had all 3 injections and In my opinion I would not listen to scare mongers/anti vaccine only you can decide if want to get it or not personally I do not believe any conditions can be caused by the injections. If you have a pre existing condition and waiting to hear from consultant, I would say it is better safe than sorry as covid would do more harm than the injections.

Just have it, the effectiveness of your original vaccine will have now diminished, you need the booster.That is unless you've got a death wish.

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RaraAvis in reply to JohnH100

Why "death wish"? Up to now, 19 months, 0,21% of the UK population has died within 28 days of a positive Covid test. So the chance is pretty low. BTW: Roughly the same numbers in other European countries. Let us be realistic because unnecessary fear undermines our natural immunity.

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JohnH100 in reply to RaraAvis

Ive never heard of fear undermining immunity!!If I was 18 and fit as a fiddle Covid wouldn't necessarily worry me, but at 69 with a heart condition and with a partner who has a very weak immune system it's coming up pretty big on my "take actions to stay safe and alive" radar.

I didn't use the words "death wish" lightly, your view obviously differs.

That is a pretty bold statement coming from a 77 year old. If I were you I would look up the ONS figures, they might make you have a rethink!

Hi I'm in no position to 'advise' I can only tell you about me :)

I had Mitral regurgitation and that was fixed last year, but during that time and even afterwards, never have I paid so much attention to my RHR or even my HR.

Anyhoo... I had my booster and flu vaccine a few days back and my RHR did go up slightly as did my HR as my immune system was working harder than normal. Within 4 days it all settled back down.

Contact the BHF helpline and speak to one of the cardiac nurses - from my experience, they are wonderful people and no question is silly. x

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