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Booster pfizer or moderna???

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Ive been sent a letter for a covid jab. I had my 2nd dose in May and had the Astrazeneca jabs. Obviously we're all looking at having different jabs now than our original doses.

So has anyone had the pfizer or moderna after Astrazeneca?

I believe there is more data on the pfizer and should I be concerned about mixing doses?

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Hi, I've had Pfizer all the way without any problems. I may be wrong, but, I don't think you have a choice, it's a case of you get what they have available at the site you attend.

As already said, you almost certainly won't get a choice.

As for mixing, it seems there is evidence that this can potentially increase the efficacy to >90%

Listening to the scientists they say if you had 2 x Pfizer then a Pfizer booster you will have 94% immunity but it 2 x AZ followed by Pfizer booster you will be 93% sounds good to me. immune

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MilkfairyHeart Star

I have had 2 AZ covid vaccines followed by a Pfizer booster

I am reassured to know I now have even greater immunity to Covid.

As others have already said the evidence suggests that mixing the vaccines increases immunity.

Perhaps give the BHF helpline a call and speak to one of the Cardiac nurses if you have any concerns about the Covid booster vaccine.

Here in Wales the vaccine centre on the letter ive been sent gives moderna but you can request pfizer but at a different centre. Ive read that with both vaccines there are risks but that was the same when I had the Astrazeneca jab.What I am reading is that more people seem to be taking up the pfizer rather than the moderna and I wonder why that is? Perhaps based on availability or other reasons.

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MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to DanniC88

All medications have risks.Life is not risk free.

The overwhelming evidence is that being vaccinated against Covid far out weighs the very, very small risks of the vaccination whatever type.

I suggest you speak to a registered healthcare professional about your concerns. They are professionally accountable for their practice and the advice they give.

Unlike a journalist or social media group member. Who can write anything without impunity.

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Gaz_chops in reply to DanniC88

Generally there is no choice, so it is down to availability, Pfizer tends to be far more readily available in the area where I am (and I believe Nationally), so that tends to be what is offered. Moderna is available to those that can't have Pfizer for a specific reason.

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MelB51 in reply to DanniC88

I was a Clinical Scientist (many moons ago) and reading everything about all the different vaccines led me to actively want the Pfizer one, which I had for all 3 jabs. However, I would have had any at the time, just to get some protection. I think that Pfizer are so well known in the drug/diagnostic world that people, including me, feel that they are a trusted company who know what they are about. That’s just a feeling though with no scientific backup! I am sure that all vaccines do the job as people here have said and you get your immunity boosted regardless of the name of the product. Just one thing, my sister had Pfizer after her first two being Astra Zeneca and she reckons she was affected by this combination as she was fine after the first two. Personally, I think what people expect affects their reactions sometimes!!

Hi ,I had 2 Pfizer,flu jab, floored after all 3 but happy to receive them,had moderna booster last Friday and no side effects whatsoever,the changes I made was total rest ,drink plenty of water,and felt fine !!!

I had the Astra-Zeneca earlier, and have just had the Pfizer booster today. Feeling OK so far...It sounds as if mixing the doses is more beneficial than having the same one. I did not have a choice, but I think any jab is better than none.

Pfizer booster after AZ - sore arm and felt rough for a couple of days but better than getting COVID. Wife had AZ followed by Moderna booster and no problems. She was concerned not to get Pfizer until I explained that they are both based on the same mRNA technology platform and that trial data show they are similarly effective. Really doesn’t matter which you get as a booster as the effect on your immune system is seen in as little as a week.

I had the Pfizer after 2 Oxford Astrazeneca, the only side effect after the Pfizer jab was an achy arm for a couple of days. I had shivers, nausea and high temperature after the Astrazeneca jab. Feeling fine and protected from covid

No don’t worry. It’s safe to mix doses and Pfizer/ moderna have a higher safety record than Astra Zeneca. Also remember a booster is not a full dose like we got in jabs 1&2.

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Gaz_chops in reply to DazzyB

Not strictly true:

"The Pfizer vaccine is given as a full dose - the same as for the first and second doses."

"Alternatively, a half dose of the Moderna vaccine may be given as this is regarded as sufficient."

I had Pfizer. My opinion. Just get it done as soon as possible whatever they offer. To me one of the few advantages of being in the clinically vulnerable group is getting vaccinated earlier.In my lifetime I’ve been vaccinated against loads of things and I think vaccination is one the greatest things about modern medicine.

I had AZ twice and was told it would be Pfizer for my booster. I did not even have a sore arm after the first two vaccinations and, for various reasons, do not want Pzifer or Moderna so asked for AZ instead. I was told not possible without a medical reason etc. I said in that case I wouldn't bother with a booster whereupon I was told they couldn't let me go without my booster so I could have AZ.The moral of this is: if you really want AZ ring them up before your appt. and stand your ground. If you really want AZ you will get it. I believe the choice should be offered anyway, the NHS belongs to us, after all.

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Londoner48 in reply to Mountwood

Do you have any expertise in this area? If not, that was very foolish of you. As members of the public we have no special expertise and can only rely on the experts. The evidence, according to them, is that Pfizer as the booster after AZ for the first two is better than AZ for the booster.

There are far too many people who are behaving irrationally and irresponsibly in relation to these vaccines.

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Mountwood in reply to Londoner48

The only expert I would listen to is the one who created the AZ vaccine, and she doesn't even believe boosters are necessary. There is nothing foolish about wondering why the government is pushing the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna and excluding AZ altogether. I wonder how many of the "experts" and the elite have shares in Big Pharma.

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Londoner48 in reply to Mountwood

Incorrect, Sarah Gilbert does believe that the booster should be given to older people and those with compromised immune systems, vulnerable, which would include many of the members of this website. She is also influenced by her view that available vaccines should go to poorer countries not be used here for boosters.

In any event, she is a vaccine developer, not a person responsible for public health. The fact is that we now know that immunity falls off significantly for all the vaccines, and that is why the booster is important. We also know that having a different vaccine from the first two significantly improves protection. This is not just the UK experts, in many other advanced countries the same advice is being given.

Relying on your gut instinct, as you say you do, is unscientific and ignorant when an enormous amount of scientific evidence is available. Supporting this approach by smearing the experts who are trying to save us is very poor.

Even more poor is spreading misinformation about on a website most of whose users are vulnerable to covid.

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RaraAvis in reply to Mountwood

Wonder why they insisted on Pfizer or Moderna? Did they explain? What would have happened if they had no AZ? Anyway, I have yet to see evidence that one combination of vaccines is better than others. For example, In some countries (Belgium,...) you can get only Pfizer and in some (Serbia,...) anything you want including Russian and Chinese.

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Mountwood in reply to RaraAvis

I, too, would like to know why we are only offered Pfizer or Moderna, and we can't even choose which of those we prefer. I suspect someone, somewhere is making a lot of money out of it. It won't be Astra Zeneca since their vaccine is only sold at cost, so no profit there.

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Gaz_chops in reply to Mountwood

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Londoner48 in reply to Mountwood

"I was told they couldn't let me go without my booster " This is very strange. Having the booster is not mandatory. Did they handcuff you to your chair, or was there a large man with a baseball bat guarding the exit? If you were brave enough to refuse the recommended vaccine, why were you not brave enough to walk out?

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Mountwood in reply to Londoner48

No, nobody handcuffed me to a chair, the meaning of what the nurse said was that they didn't want me to miss out on having a booster so were prepared to give me the AZ I wanted. Anyway, my appointment isn't till Monday. I was just enquiring last week and a nurse rang me back half an hour later to discuss my lack of enthusiasm for Pfizer. She promised I could have AZ since the alternative for me was no booster. She did say I might be "challenged" about this when I get there, so if there is no AZ then, yes, I will be brave enough to just walk out. I am not a sheep and I refuse to be treated as one. As for relying on the experts, I prefer to rely on my own experience as a nurse, midwife,and health visitor and my own gut instinct.

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PhilGM in reply to Mountwood

Thank you Mountwood, I share your doubts and will follow your lead in having AZ as a booster. Showing any dissent from the official line seems to be a source of annoyance!

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Mountwood in reply to PhilGM

Thanks for your support PhilGM. I was beginning to think it unwise to disagree with the obvious majority. I am not an anti vaxxer nor do I wish to smear anyone or dish out false information about anything. I can only state my own feelings and opinions and if others don't agree with them then fair enough, they are entitled to say so, but I don't expect to be lectured like a difficult child. My point was that anyone who, like me, has doubts about the mRNA vaccines, has the right to request a different one. It should not take being prepared to forgo the booster to get what you want.

I had the Pfizer for my booster, as did my dad (97), having had AZ before. We were told of the risks but had no side effects at all. My flu jab arm was a bit sore!

Wife and I both had AZ then last Saturday had the Pfizer booster, the Monday flu jab. Absolutely no reactions at all. I did have to yellow card after the first AZ as resting pulse rate fell from 60bpm to 39-40 within thirty mins of the first jab. Stabilised back to normal in about 4hrs.

I was thinking of asking for pfizer. Only because in 33 and I dont know of many in my age group who have had moderna. Pfizer however is vaccinated into children do a broader age range of data.

Hi DanniC88...Following my 2 Astrazeneca jabs ...I was given the Moderna booster 2 days ago....the only difference so far is a very painful lump on the injection site and feeling a little under the weather.

I had AZ for my first two vaccinations and was given Pfizer as the booster. Had no side effects to Pfizer and very little with AZ.

Hi my first two jabs were AZ, I got a third vacine instead of a booster and it was phizer.I had no adverse affects at all. I was quite glad to get it char

Hi DanniC88,As a matter of course, your 2nd vaccination will be the same as your first, so AZ if you had no serious side affects. The boosters going forward are Moderna, as per latest protocol! The mix is proving to give a slightly better efficacy. All our 3 vaccines are safe and affective. I vaccinate day in and day out 👍👍

My first and second vaccines were Pfizer but I was given a Moderna booster last Tuesday (no alternative offered). My husband’s first two vaccines were AstraZenica and his booster was also Moderna. Neither of us have had any problems so far.

Hi- I had AZ for the first two and was given Pfizer as the booster - I didn't have a choice as I'd had AZ before. Everyone is different so I'd just go with what they give you, 93 or 94% immunity, I'd take that any day :)

Had all 3 Pfizer. First two no effects at all; booster knocked me out like having flu for a few days. I guess that shows it worked. I had no choice as to which I had.

I had two dozes of Astra and had Pfiser for booster .Been lucky I havent had any side effects from any of the vaccines

Hello. Yes I had both Astra Zenica vaccines. And had the Pfizer booster last Wednesday and no problems at all. Keep well Brian

Allergies being a reason not to have Pfizer makes me wonder about it. What is there about that vaccine which makes it unsuitable for use in people with allergies? After the scandal of a company they employed to conduct trials in America falsifying data and the whistleblower being sacked I don't trust Pfizer.

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DanniC88 in reply to Mountwood

Hmm that sounds intriguing. Tell more

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Mountwood in reply to DanniC88

I think it was a link in comments on one of Dr. John Campbell's videos on YouTube. An American firm employed by Pfizer to conduct tests on their behalf was not conducting them properly, falsifying data, poor laboratory control etc. One of their researchers with 20 years experience in the field reported this through the proper channels but nothing was done, and she was sacked the day she reported it to the FDA. Apparently, Pfizer have employed the same firm again for further trials. Sorry I can't give you more accurate directions on how to find the article.

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Mountwood in reply to Mountwood

P.S. If you haven't watched John Campbell's videos he is well worth it. Not a medical Dr. but a highly qualified, and more importantly, experienced nurse, and he talks common sense.

Since I can have a massive reaction just by eating and apple my nerves would be in tatters if I listened to all the negativity. I’m very happy that they discussed it with me and were so professional.

Even with my allergies I’d still go for vaccines. I’ve also had the flu one and the pneumonia! 🙌

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Warm-heart in reply to Mountwood

The reason is PEG, which is present in the Pfizer but not in the AZ. Possible allergy to PEG can cause anaphylaxis in some individuals.

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Mountwood in reply to Warm-heart

Thank you for that information, Warm-heart.

First 2 were AZ, then Pfizer booster, no problems, just a slightly sore arm for a couple of days, just the same as my wife.

Hi DanniC88. We had a Pfizer booster this morning after having 2 AZ ones in February and May. We didn't really have a choice of boosters but having said that, a different booster has been proven to be more effective.So far, no ill effects but I'd rather the booster side effects than Covid!!

Best wishes. Jan xx

Oh yes i agree no body wants covid i dont think. Here you can opt for pfizer but you have to rearrange your appointment at a different centre that does pfizer. Currently the letter ive been sent is to go to a booster centre that serves moderna. I will opt for the pfizer i think. Only because i cant really find enough info and data on moderna whereas alot of people my age group have had the pfizer.

My husband and I both had Astra for the first two vaccines and Moderna for the booster.I have never had any problems up until now, and my husband had no reaction to the booster. I had very heavy, painful arm for the first few hours, and then a really sharp pain in my right temple every three minutes. This has lasted, in varying degrees, for over three days, and shows no sign of abating.

Interestingly, I had never accompanied my husband to any event which involved needles, so only discovered, through a thin partition, that he is terrified of injections, which makes his fifty blood donations even more admirable!

I hope you feel better soon. And well done to your husband the difference he's made to lives even though he probably didn't feel comfortable with the needles.

Aw thanks. I’m glad it was the booster as I don’t think I would have had another if it had been earlier in the process!

Funny really because I had AZ for both my doses and when i had my first dose i had these weird on and off headaches. I can only describe it as jolts like lightning, not that I've ever been struck by lightning mind. My mum had the same thing. Thought she was having a stroke bless her. I was fine with the 2nd. I did panic alot though mind because the whole blood clot thing came out in the news in the under 40's. No wonder i was the only 30 something queuing for the AZ when everyone else was queuing for pfizer 😆

Funny really because I had AZ for both my doses and when i had my first dose i had these weird on and off headaches. I can only describe it as jolts like lightning, not that I've ever been struck by lightning mind. My mum had the same thing. Thought she was having a stroke bless her. I was fine with the 2nd. I did panic alot though mind because the whole blood clot thing came out in the news in the under 40's. No wonder i was the only 30 something queuing for the AZ when everyone else was queuing for pfizer 😆

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