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Chronic back pain and pain relief?

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Hi all

Looking for some advice re pain killers for awful lower backache. I had a stent fitted in my LAD a year ago and on the usual meds ie Ticagrelor, Atorvastatin, Aspirin. Everything I read it seems I shouldn’t take ibuprofen only paracetamol which doesn’t touch the pain. Been seeing an osteopath recently but so far hasnt helped much. Hot water bottle and deep heat is what Im on constantly. Is this all i can have? I had the back pain before the heart procedure but its got worse since. Maybe the Statin? Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice x

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You need to contact your GP or local pharmacist. We on this forum are not qualified to help you with matters of medication.

I too have lower back pain & back spasms ,having had 2 stents fitted in January ,,I take Cocodamol ,,on prescription and don’t have any problem ,,,I’ve git asthma too so not allowed ibuprofen ,,,,

Thanks Truckerclark I will ask about cocodomol

I have suffered with back pain for many years.Because I train so hard when I relax my muscles go into spasms two or three times a year.My Dr sent me to physio who recommended Pilates.I done a 6 week course with the physio.Now I do it once a week in the house.I still get the spasms but not as bad and I'm only doubled up once a year.My Dr once gave me diazepam but I was spaced out for days.If I feel one coming on I go for a walk.Good luck x

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Lizbeth61 in reply to Ravaging

Hi Ravaging. I dont train as such but i do run twice a week and walk every day. I have done Pilates in the past and funnily enough was seriously thinking about booking some classes again. Thanks for the advice x

I suffer from osteoarthritis of the spine and constantly get back pain I also take ticagrelor and aspirin so cannot take ibuprofen only paracetamol as I also suffer from IBS so cannot take any other pain meds. I use a tens machine which is safe as I only have a stent fitted. I find walking eases the pain even when I am literally doubled up my dog pulls me along after a couple of miles walk it eases I am still in pain but not as severe movement also helps so stretching as much as possible . Hope this helps but also talk to your doctor to rule out anything serious.

Hi Annemarie. Thanks for your reply. I will look into a tens machine. Like you I find too that walking the dog helps. I have a desk based job which unfortunately doesnt help but i do try and stretch it out as much as possible. How did they find out you has osteoarthritis of the spine? It’s something that i did think about. Ive a docs appointment today so will ask her advice x

I had an MRI many years ago because of neck pain obviously they are saying the pain is also caused by osteoarthritis as it is travelling down my spine. The hysterectomy I had when I was 27 has made things worse as I couldn’t tolerate HRT

My osteopath visits seemed to make my lower back pain worse. While on her bench, she was having me pulling my knees to my chest. Literally couldn’t stand up straight afterwards.My physio had me doing lower back rolls. I lie down, with knees in the air, feet flat on the floor. While keeping my shoulders flat, roll the knees to the left then the right. If my back is tight, they’ll only go 45degrees, but after a few rolls, the back stretches and the knees get to the ground. Physio reckoned I couldn’t do too many of those.

Not sure if the link below will work, but search YouTube for Onda Physio Yoga Knee Lower Back Rolls. My physio had me rolling the knees in a gentle motion, while the video shows it more as a static stretch. Might be worth a try, just start gently and don’t force it.

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Lizbeth61 in reply to Albeee

Thanks Albeee ive been doing those rolls but maybe not often enough. Thanks for the video too very helpful. Like you i think its been worse since the visits to the osteopath!

I am the same, severe lower back pain. I find cocodamol 30/500 help make it almost bearable. Yes i sneak the odd ibuprofen a couple of times a day as they work great but we are dared to take them!! I have tried osteopath, probably made it worse, cbd products dont touch it, and Im at a complete loss how to getvridvofvpain. (Morphine makes me projectile vomit) Surely there must be something which works?? I too am in tears every day. Help.

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Lizbeth61 in reply to Tricia7048

Sorry to hear Tricia i feel your pain. Just makes you miserable doesnt it :-(. Maybe try Pilates like was suggested above. I think I will

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Notdead in reply to Tricia7048

Awww Trisha, I feel you , I’m in the same boat , I used to take solfadol but it was useless after taking it five years solid , they changed me to tramadol and paracetamol. Although it’s working sometimes it’s not all the time , in the morning I simply cannot get out of bed , it’s takes forver , and forget bending down to something it’s not happening.

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MilkfairyHeart Star

Perhaps ask your GP, to refer you to a Pain Management Specialist.

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Lizbeth61 in reply to Milkfairy

Thanks Milkfairy i will certainly suggest it. JustSo frustrating

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Tricia7048 in reply to Milkfairy

I hope you are joking?! Ive been. Nasty little man.

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MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to Tricia7048

I am sorry your experience was not a positive one. However it's not everyone's experience.

I live with chronic and acute pain. I spend at least a week in hospital from time to time to have IV GTN and morphine to manage my unstable vasospasms.

I was fortunate to attend a Pain management Programme which helped me learn various strategies to manage my emotional response to my difficult to treat angina.

It was run by clinical psychologists, physiotherapist and Clinical nurse Specialist.

Pain is complex.

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Tricia7048 in reply to Milkfairy

Aww what a shame. Pain is awful to live with. Sorry you are going thru it too. Wish there was an answer!!!

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MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to Tricia7048

Don't we all wish there was an answer!

Thanks for sharing your story. I'm having the same problem - re-occurrence of old injury diagnosed 15 years ago as degenerative disc disease ( I think that's medical speak for wear and tear). Started when a student removed a chair from behind me as I was about to sit down. At times it becomes unbearable. Curling up into a ball with a hot water bottle tied to my lower back helps. Had OHS last year so careful with meds but called GP in agony last week and was prescribed Naproxen and Co dydramol. The pain relief was wonderful but I couldn't get the balance right between pain relief and lucidity so cut the naproxen. The pain is manageable enough to begin stretches and some slow walking again, and I can't take the Naproxen if I need to think or function normally! Also have to take bisoprolol, Atorvastatin, Amlodipine and clopidogrel.Good luck with your appointment and please let us know if your GP has a miracle med we don't know about.

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Lizbeth61 in reply to tapfoot

Hi Tapfoot. Sorry to hear you suffer too. I had an MRI about 3 years ago and same diagnosis as you a couple of degenerative discs. Mines wasnt brought by an accident but wear and tear i think. It just seems to have got much worse the last few months. I hear what you say re the Naproxen it makes me feel really weird when ive had it in the past. Sometimes i get fed up with complaining about it but only others like yourself would understand how debilitating it is.

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Tricia7048 in reply to tapfoot

Bisoprolol rare side effect is excruciating lower back pain...from kidney stones...and yes, I got them!!

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tapfoot in reply to Tricia7048

I had no idea! Thanks for that. I'll talk to the GP about it. He dropped into the conversation that I had a hernia ( I didn't know that either ) diagnosed in 2019. So he was shocked when I said, 'no, I haven't'. Care is so very disjointed right now that I'm just pleased to have survived the heart surgery without the usual nurse checks and rehab that used to be offered.

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Tricia7048 in reply to tapfoot

Yes its hard-going! Its not easy being in pain 24/7 and its not easy to get the best help, otherwise we wouldnt be here asking each other, would we? Some doctors are so helpfil but others are the opposite!! Best wishes.

Have suffered lower back pain in the past and have found stretching the hamstrings to ease and alleviate the pain. Have never been keen on taking meds to ease pain.

Hi Lizbeth61 - I paid for private MRi 2020, showed, disc bulge, facet joint arthritis etc ,have experienced excruciating pain 4 episodes since 2018. As I'm on blood thinners could not have anti-inflamatories. GP prescribed muscle relaxant Robaxin methocarbamol, I also use heat pads from chemist, brilliant, I stick them on a thin t.shirt first, not directly on my skin, I also tightly tied my stretchy scarf around my hip area, as a support, which helped enormously. You have my sympathies as the pain has been the worse ever when I get these episodes. Years ago I broke my collar bone which was very painful, but the pain from my back has been much worse. But now, I know what to do, in a few weeks it always repairs and slowly the pain subsidies. I also found exercises worsened it, but gentle sessions in the warm swimming pool water, relaxed muscles everywhere. Good luck.

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Lizbeth61 in reply to OAPjust

Hi OAPjust thanks so much for your reply and suggestions re the heat pads. Ive looked at them in the chemist and wondered if they were any good. Will def get some. Actually i never thought of swimming another thing to try! Doc today prescribed me co-cocodamol but a little reluctant to take them. Also referred me to the miscular skeletal clinic so will def do that. Its incredible to hear so many of us are suffering. Its just so debilitating. Never mind the heart issues!

2 prolapsed lumbar discs and the only thing that helps is a Tens machine. No drugs involved. 😺

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Lizbeth61 in reply to Pussacat

Hi Pussacat. I will look into tens machine as others have mentioned too. Thank you

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Pussacat in reply to Lizbeth61

Hope you find something that helps. I also have set up my own sleep system, folded pillow to support my neck and a firm cushion between my knees as I am a side sleeper. Keeps limbs midline and this helps a bit on nights when the insomnia means I am still awake into the early hours to reduce pain. I use Tens in the day at work as I sit at a desk for a lot of it. Have found my own way over several years as pain service in my locale is poor and visits often 12 months apart so self management is key. Take care 😸

I'm on opiates along with all the same meds as you but GPs are really reluctant to prescribe opiates now. I suggest you ask for referral to a pain consultant at a pain clinic.

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Lizbeth61 in reply to Qualipop

Thanks for your reply Qualipop. She has given me the opiates today but havent taken any yet. Hot Water bottle and deep heat again tonight!

She must have realised how bad you are to have agreed. Expect to feel a bit spaced out at first but it doesn't last long. Just be very careful with them. The trouble with opiates is that in time your body gets used to them and they work less well and he dose has to be increased which again causes an effect on your body. (Especially slowing down your digestion and transit ie awful constipation) This is why GPS are very reluctant to prescribe them. If they work, they are wonderful but do delay any increase as long as ever you can. I started on 5mg some 22 years ago. It's gradually crept up 1/2 or 1ml at a time until I am now pretty much as high as I could go and once again finding myself with nothing else to help.

Hi there , I have the same , my back can go into spasms and it’s constantly painful , I take 8 tramadol a day and 8 paracetamol as well .

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