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Bisoprolol side effects

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I have just started on a Bisoprolol and have read about the side effects. Can anyone tell me if they have suffered from the side effects. Iam worried about weight gain, hair loss and brain fog .

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Didn't have any of those but was actively losing weight and my hair's been receding for years :D

The only one I did experience, and why I stopped them (with cardiologist's agreement) , was they were limiting my ability to really push myself in the gym. The whole point of them is to limit heart rate but that's no help when you're trying to set another PB on the rower!

Is that really a side effect (act as a de-limiter), if that is what they are meant to do?

I guess it kind of depends if it's intrusive or not.

If it limits without you noticing then it's doing its job. If it limits to the point you're aware of it, or of inconvenience, then it's straying into unintended (side effect) territory.

Have to disagree on this one, if it is intended it is not 'classed' as a side effect. It may become unwanted if the intended effects are no longer beneficial, but that is normally corrected by changing dosage or stopping them all together.

However, I was told that ALL medicines are in fact poison's! And that if the response that is triggered is the intended response, then they will do the job intended, if not, then unwanted side effects are triggered.

So I guess I shot my own argument down, as they are probably ALL side effects, just some are intended/wanted and some are not 😅


Not sure you shot your own point down, because it's a valid one, but I'd suggest it's only truly valid "as far as it goes".

You could argue that tiredness, or dizziness, are just "the intended effect but too strong" but, because they happen during universally "normal" activities they're considered side effects. Everybody wants to go through the day without feeling tired or falling over.

On the other hand, the feeling of working through treacle as you try to pin your HR to the red line comes under the heading of "why would you want to anyway?" for most of the population, especially for heart patients.

That's an attiude I, along with a lot of others, would like to see changed - if you safely can then you should be encouraged to, not looked at like some loon.

In that context, I see something that goes beyond a protective effect into unnecessarily limiting as an unwanted side effect.

But I know I'm in the minority (for now.....) 😄

Pretty much all medicines have side effects, they can vary from 'rare' to 'common', they also vary from person to person, the most common one I see mentioned for Bisoprolol and the only side effect I really experienced, is tiredness.

Definitely no weight gain, no change in hair, brain fog and tiredness yes but I'm also hypothyroid so those are more to do with that. You do need to get used to new meds so give yourself time.

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Horse6 in reply to bantam12

Thanks for your reply

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Tombstone in reply to bantam12

Opposite for me no tiredness definitely weight gain and tinnitus

I feel a bit more tired with Bisoprolol, some people claim that this additional fatigue makes it harder to exercise which in turn causes weight gain.

I can understand the theory, but personally the experience of open heart surgery has given me enough incentive to push through that problem and despite medication I still manage to exercise regularly and lose a couple of stone.

My own (non expert) conclusion is that maybe Bisoprolol doesn't help with weight loss, but it's not like some other medications that almost guarantee weight gain. In other words, if you're motivated enough then, Bisoprolol or no Bisoprolol, you'll still make the necessary life style changes.

Good luck!

I have to agree you. I’m on 5mg and can do a decent workout in the gym 3 days in the week and play golf 3/4 times per week. Weight is pretty consistent .

Tired and breathless. The latter being the worst, especially to begin with.

When I started on Bisoprolol 9 months ago via the hospital cardiologist I did get brain fog for a couple of hair loss or weight gain. I take 2.50mgs twice a day.It stopped papitations very well and replaced Verapamil which I had taken for years .

We all react very differently to medication and do remember that anecdotes, which is what you will read here, aren't data!However, I'm on 2.5 mg bisoprolol with no issues whilst my husband is on the same dose and feels the cold really badly, especially in his hands.

My advice would be to start them with an open mind.

Hey. I take bisoprolol 5mg in the morning and 1.25mg in the evening. I've been on these since April 2021No side effects although my huge curly hair did thin out a bit but it's getting it's thickness back. I think it effects everyone differently.

I’ve been on them a month now and I was fine if anything I had more energy when I started them, I had an upset stomach for a few days but nothing to really moan about! And the benefits for me were ace got rid of all my symptoms!! Love them ha

You don’t say how old you are however what you describe can be caused by hormonal changes associated with aging. Particularly in women.

I've been on 5mg Bisoprolol morning and night since Aug, no bad side effects. I do feel tired sometimes and hand and feet get really cold but otherwise so far (touch wood) no return of any palpitations from having AFIB.

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Bigheart58 in reply to LT2511

I am on the same dose and also get tired and feel the cold. That said, my cardiologist is very happy with my progress so I’m happy to put up with these side effects.

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LT2511 in reply to Bigheart58

Yes me to, if it stops the racing heart and palpitations going forward I can cope with the tiredness and cold hands n feet!

I’ve been on a mild dose 1.25mg for over a year to help with palpitations and anxiety brought on by menopause . I felt tired first couple of days but after that I was fine . Hair loss is part of menopause as is weight gain but I have managed to loose weight this year but it’s taken ages .

I have been on 12.5 Bisoprolol for 15 years , with no reaction , but all drugs can adversely affect a persons body …I cannot tolerate any ACE inhibitors and others But good old Bisoprolol has been my life saver , always Yellow card any reaction to help others and beware all herbal supplements , who knew that Liquorice has a really adverse affect on Digoxin .

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Thongchuay in reply to Breesha

12.5 really, not 1.25? Which I take and is just the right dose for me. When I had to try 2.5 the pulse went below 60 and made me dizzy.

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The_Voice in reply to Thongchuay

I've dropped mine to half of 1.25, and for the last few weeks my HR sometimes drops to below 50! I'm 41, but not an Olympic athlete. Not sure why the smaller dose has an increased affect though.

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Breesha in reply to Thongchuay

10 gms AM 2.5 PM same dose for 10 years , I am 78 and work nearly full time HA 2016, AF for 40 yrs…I think getting on with life is the key. i have a CRT device , like a pacemaker with extra wire

It made my heart beat go to low after taking it for 2 days and was told to stop taking it if that happened. Have been put on Dronedarone and have had no side effects. Been taking it since September but have to have blood taken each time at AF clinic for liver function test as it can effect your liver. But then again all drugs have side effects but not everyone gets them all. It depends what the benefits are you get from the drug versus the side effects.

I know since being on the Dronedarone I aren't missing the heart beats I was and my heart doesn't race as often as it did . Do get the occasional heart flutter but only for a few seconds. On Apixaban as well . Just have to be more careful with knives. I do bruise easier but can live with that.

Like all drugs once you start taking them it's a waiting game to see if you get side effects. See how you go and talk to your doctor about your worries.

Wish you well.

I felt like I was walking through treacle but I was on a fairly hefty dose. Not on it any more.

I have been on them for 18 months no weight gain that I can attribute to the tabs I always put a bit on in winter and loose again in the summer… No difference. They may make you feel slightly chilled out or calm which I quite like.Enjoy your bisoprolol they are your friend :)

Hi. Are you asthmatic? I am and they make me cough. They were changed for another type of drug which had no such side affects for me. Hope this helps

I was on 5 mg daily no problems at all, but now progressed to Verapamil due to changes in heart health.

Hi horse6 I actually put the brain fog down to Bisoprilol because that’s what I kept reading.Then I was found to be severely allergic to statins . As soon as I stopped taking them the brain fog stopped.

Hello there, I started taking Bisoprolol 2.5 mg daily for the last 2 weeks. Two effects noticed slowing down of heart rate, at rest it’s at 55-60 and tiredness in the evening. I drop off drop off to sleep quickly. Blood test in two weeks to test for liver function. Mike

Hi. I’ve been on bisoprolol for almost six years now and haven’t experienced any problem. Good luck I’m sure you’ll be fine.

I didn't take my bisoprolol because I read all the side effects and was to scared to take it lol eventually I bit the bullet and tried it because of the issues I was having. I do feel the cold more now especially in my hands / fingers and sometimes my brains a little foggy but that passes other than that I'm alright and I have asthma so no breathing issues and I've actually lost so all in there not as bad as made out, I know when I went up a dose it made me feel really really bad for a few days.

Hi.I have been on Bisoprolol for 4.5years. I started on 10mg a day and am now on 7.5mg. It may only be coincidence, but I have gained around 2 stone and my hair is definitely coming out a lot. The GP says they have no written proof that it's the bisoprolol causing weight gain - I haven't asked them re my thinnng hair, but I have read on other forums that it causes both.

As I said it could just be coincidence.

I do also get tired a lot and have no get up and go and with leg weakness too.

The other tablets I am on are Losartan 100mg a day gor my blood pressure. I do take Lansoprazole 15mg for acid reflux (supposedly daily but I do miss them sometimes as I don't like taking them).

Sorry if this doesn't help much as it's nothing I can actually put down to the bisoprolol.

I had an aortic dissection type A and a valve replacement which was why I was put on these tablets.

Best wishes


I take a mix of Bisoprolol and Digoxin and gave not had an a fib attack since January. I have permanent a fib and all 2020 could not get medication that suppressed it. I have a great deal of nausea when I start new meds so with both of these I started low and worked up to quite high dose. I do get very cold feet and feel quite tired a lot of the time, difficult to lose weight and forget words due to brain fog. However, I swim a couple of times a week and exercise daily, chair pilates, and walk my dog. Yes I have to rest in between and still find cooking and shopping very tiring and have tinnitus and neck and shoulder discomfort which I breve is caused by them but compared to last year I deal with my hf and at least have some quality of life. Xx

Hi there. Just curious as how you deal with permanent a fib. I suffer with it but only occasionally and I suffer with anxiety because of it. I know there are many people who do have it permanently and am in awe of them but do wonder how you manage to cope in your daily life. Do you suffer with anxiety as well.

Hey. I did not cope with it at all for the first 9 months, depression and anxiety ruled my life. I still get anxious and have my emotional days but my a fib is well controlled by the meds and I have not had attack since January. I use a kardia machine and it shows me always in a fib i.e. heart rate keeps lowish around 70-80 but always very erratic. In many ways I feel having it permanent helps in that the use of medication clearly suppresses the hr. I have heart failure and this causes tiredness and breathlessness so difficult to say how much is meds and how much is the illness . Xx

Yes, I agree it is difficult to know what the meds are doing and of course we all respond in different ways. I do hope you continue to manage this and thank you so much for giving me an insight into this.It certainly helps me to know that other people are coping. Xx

Ive read through the responses and I must be lucky as ivelostcweightsince the heart attack and I haven’t got a lot of hair. My energy levels remain quite high so I regard myself as being lucky.

I was started on 5mg dose over ten years ago. I noticed cold hands and feet when at rest for a long period. Also runny nose which can often be triggered by eating hot food. Both these symptoms can be eliminated by exercise but there’s a delay of 5-10 minutes. (Previously warm up would be really quick)I gained some weight over an extended period after starting them (about a stone over 4-5 years). It happened so gradually that it would be difficult to attribute it to the bisoprolol but, like others have mentioned, it’s now harder to shift it. And that is despite taking regular exercise I didn’t do ten years ago.

I took 1.25mg for two weeks and I was unable to function, so tired and bad headaches. My resting pulse was 40. I decided to take them alternate days and then stop. Didn't tell my GP as I got a blood pressure monitor and readings were OK. I read all the dire warnings about stopping them but decided as only taken for 2 weeks that would be OK.

I am still here and I am still waiting for an initial appointment to see a cardiologist following my referral in April when the NICE guidance says I should see one in 6 weeks with the blood test results I had.

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Wellie21 in reply to carer999

OMG Carer 999, I would be concerned that you have been lost in the system somehow. I would certainly be asking my GP to chase things up. Regarding the Bisoprolol, I too was a bit concerned with how low it took my HR, as naturally I tend to have a resting HR of 60-65 and don’t suffer with artfib or palpitations. I questioned why it was necessary to take. I am already taking atorvastatin, lorsartan, ticagrelor, aspirin and lansopralol as well as the bisoprolol. The reason given was that it would help keep my blood pressure down, which it does seem to. Hope you get seen soon!

Hello, I was on a very low dose of Bisoprolol [1.25mg] after being diagnosed with SVT in January this year. I initially had 'side effects' - headache/nausea/short of breath/weight gain/low pulse between 41 and 47/dizzy spells but everything settled down apart from my BP/Pulse rate and dizzy spells. Unfortunately for me they didn't keep the SVT 'at bay' which required a Cardioversion in April this year. After my first Cardiology appointment I was changed over to Sotalol [40mg] x twice daily which itself has 'side effects' Finding it more difficult to be active/nausea/if I stand up too quickly can feel dizzy/extreme fatigue so am guessing it's partly due to the BP/Pulse rate being low again. I hope you keep well and the Bisoprolol works out for you.

Thanks for your reply

The higher the dose, the more side effects you will feel. Fatigue is the one that most effects me. I started this medication at 40 years old and I’m now nearly 43

Well in my case weight gain thinning hair and brain fog started long before I started taking Bisoprolol but didn’t stop me blaming that damn little tablet. 😂😂😂

My body response to Bisoprolol changed over a few years.

After a heart attack and five stents I was on 5mg my heart rate was 50 + bpm and felt great. Mind you I suffered years of angina so I guess once I had the stents I would have felt great anyway.

Two years later I had five bypasses and they reduced the Bisoprolol to 2.5mg, my heart rate went up to 60 + bpm.

I was fine for around a year and then the problems started…

My heart rate went back down to 50 bpm and occasionally went to low forties.

Very tired, going to bed in the daytime (and that’s really not me). Occasionally feeling like I was going to faint, dizziness, light headed, breathlessness.

The doctor spoke with a specialist and said I could come off the Bisoprolol.

I was concerned at the time because the doctor misinformed the specialist by saying I didn’t have a heart attack. This concerned me quite a bit as I had scars on my heart and I had it in writing that I had had a heart attack.

However, after the doctor reassuring me I dropped them to 1.25mg and I felt better but I was getting heart fluttering. My heart rate was around 65 bmp.

A few weeks later I was told I could stop them.

Then the, occasional, heart palpitations started. I was waking in the night with my heart pounding in my chest, sweating and I thought "another heart attack". But it soon went away and I went back to sleep.

This sort of thing went on for around four weeks until I couldn’t take it anymore. My heart-rate was now around 80 bmp normally.

So I started back on 1.25mg again. Things calmed down.

Just over a month later I stopped them again and my heart rate went up again and I wasn’t getting palpitations. I did wake a few times in the night but not as bad as when I stopped them before.

It’s now been over six months since I stopped them and I feel very good. More energy, more alert.

Still feeling tired but not like when I was on Bisoprolol.

I am waiting to be seen by the liver disease clinic and, I’m told, that could be the cause of this type of tiredness.

I’ll have to be careful, if I carry on getting less tired I’ll have to start sweeping the drive again 😳😂😂😂

-007- Licensed to Pill 💊 (but not Bisoprolol now)

Hi.. I was told by my cardiologist that I've i wanted to climb any more mountains, then i should stop taking them for a few weeks beforehand...🤔

I can't honestly attribute the following things to this medicine but..... Weight gain? Yes, I eat less than I ate at any time in my life and nothing happens, more likely to go up. Tiredness? I do get tired easily but don't sleep well. I have stuff buzzing through my brain, strange dreams. Last night I was cycling at 70mp on a motorway with 3 other people on the back of the bike. No hair loss but very little to start with. Is my medicine right for me? I don't know but I have seen a doctor once since being discharged in March 2020, is that right?

For a couple of weeks I had extreme breathlessness, even turning over in bed had me gulping for air. That passed though.

I get very very cold fingers, so much so that I have to run them under an almost hot tap to get the blood flowing. That's the only side effect I've had, other than yawning. I'm yawning a hell of a lot 🤔

Hi Horse 6, I was prescribed 10mg Bisoprolol in 2019, and like you was concerned re side affects, I never had any noticeable but contacted my GP and had them reduced to 5mg, still no difference , I believe was all get worried taking drugs but if they are working for you continue with them, Be safe.

If I sat with every medication I take their all have weight gain hair loss etc side effects. What side effects I have may not happen to you. But I do have all these you mentioned and more but I also have other medical conditions. Everyone loses hair as age and brain fog etc.

I suffered from dizzy spells after starting on Bisoprolol so stopped after a month and was put on Amlodipine instead. But I am prone to dizziness so its difficult to say it was definitely the bisoprolol. A lot of people here do get side-effects though.

I get appalling side effects from bisoprolol and was so happy for the couple of years I was off it following my 2nd ablation. Unfortunatly Im back in AF, A flutter, wide qts, etc and on 5mg morning and 2.5 mg evening (also some digoxin) Ive piled on over half a stone in less than a month. My sleep is badly disrupted (vivid dreams, waking up and needing 4-6 toilet calls per night) Im very tired, brain fogged, cold fingers and feet leading to cracked hands worsening, very breathless on very minor activity and getting light headed and dizzy sporadically throughout the day ending any meaningful walking exercise. My life is ruined and I cant get any response from the specialist team or specialists secretaries from the Freeman Hospital so no way out of this.I think bisoprolol limits and my heart too far and actually leads to more heart strain. I struggled with the above to a lesser extent previously when on 1.25mg bisoprolol.

I take 2.5 mg Bisoprolol, along with a shed load of other stuff. I was so reluctant to take any if it as I react really badly to many, quite innocuous medications. I reasoned that side effects were better than dying, so took them all. I do feel quite nauseous a lot of the time but that could be due to many reasons. Always depends on how bad the side effects are.

I started on 7.5mg around 4 years ago but have never suffered from any of the symptoms you mention. However, as others have noted, I feel the cold more in my extremities (toes, fingers and nose) and have an almost continuously runny nose. I begin to notice the cold around November and it continues through to May. (I wish I had underfloor heating !😉). I reduced to 2.5 mg around 18 months ago but didn’t notice any difference at all in symptoms, either intended or unintended. We’re all different and react in different ways to medicines. Perhaps try what you are offered and then do a cost-benefit analysis.

Hi,I am on 5mg Bisoprolol which I now take in the evening. When I first started taking it in the morning I needed to have a nap in the afternoon due to fatigue but on the advice of my cardiologist I moved it the evening and don't have the same problem now. Otherwise no other effects.

Good morning I’ve read the replies and I’m the odd one out as usual 🤦‍♀️

I have had lifelong palpitations.

First diagnosis a couple of years ago was SVT, now suspected Dilated Cardiomyopathy.

I was put on 2.5mg of Bisoprolol last year.

I have never felt so ill.

I tolerated them for 12 days.

My heart rate became very erratic and my chest felt tight. When I lay down it was like someone was sitting on my chest.

I suffered very severe palpitations and ended up in A&E.

My cardiologist suggested I come off them immediately.

They then prescribed Nebivolol a few months ago and exactly the same reaction.

Back in A&E. My heart was racing and skipping beats constantly.

Very scary feeling.

So looks like I can not tolerate beta blockers.

Good luck and I’m sure you’ll be absolutely fine.

Have a good day 😊

The only slight problems I’ve had were my resting heart rate dropping a bit low. Easily solved by reducing the dose and as someone else has said it my heart rate doesn’t rise as easily in the gym but that’s what it’s supposed to do.

Didn’t have any side effects from them.

I was started on 2.5 mg and felt the cold badly along with brain fog. Much better on reduced dose of 1.25mg to which GP reluctantly agreed on grounds it is preventative.

Never been so tired and fatigued

I discussed reducing the prescription as I was getting optic migraines. I was on 5gm now on 2.5gm and occasionally get optic migraines but far fewer. The only other side effect for me is tiredness (mostly late afternoon) and lack of motivation to get on my bike. I still get on my bike and find hill climbs knackering but I think its crucial to keep going - beat the induced apathy is what I say!

Been on 1.25mg for two years now and heart rate is between 45 and 58 when resting, around 55 when walking around the house. No dizziness and only other symptoms are cold fingers. Cardiologist said that was the rate they wanted my heart at as it took the load off it. No problems exercising and it almost stopped the SVTs so suppose we have to take the experts advice.

Can add lethargy to the list. I eventually had my GP reduce my 1.25 pill by a half after suffering for 3 years.

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Thongchuay in reply to The_Voice

In my case I decided myself to stay with 1.25 and not double because of the GP demanded so by his standards without giving a reason.

Been on 5 mg morning and night since Feb this year. I get dizziness, tinnitus,slight cough no weight gain in fact weight loss but I’m also on Apixaban, digoxin, spironolactone and a bit of dapagliflozin thrown in for good measure. So not sure which of the mix causes my dizziness and tinnitus, but which ever it is I wish it would pack it in. However keeps me going so no complaints.

I’m sorry to say I have all three of those and I excersise five days out of seven at gym and watch my diet I just seem to have thickened out unfortunately

I take 2,5 mg daily and have had no side effects. In fact I read that it can cause psoriasis to get a lot worse, I found the total opposite, I have had psoriasis over 50 year and if anything it has improved,

I was started on 1.25 and moved up to 2.5, judging by others on here I have been very lucky and so far have not had any side effects.

I am having more problems with Amiodarone which seems to mimic many of the side effects that others are suffering using Bisoprolol.

Good luck and wellness to you all,

We have to remember why we are placed on these meds and hopefully the added time they give us,

is it quality over quantity?

I am still shocked enough to take and do anything for the quantity.

I definitely had brain fog for a couple of weeks but it wears off. It does slow down the heart rate but eventually the body seems to adjust to it.

I am having circulation problems my fingers are turning white my cuticles are turning blue have very cold feet and thighs and get a lot of pain from the coldness I am only taking 1.25 mg but have been advised to come off it by my rheumatologist. I have been on them for just over a year. I also get extremely tired

I've been on bisoprolol for 2 years now and problem is I've got much medication that I'm on it's hard to figure out what side effects of any related to it. But I've been able to lose weight not hand have any major hair loss. I would say is that I do get tendon inflammation issues that again contact you back to this tablet.

Definitely works for me when I submitted for research for Imperial college/RBHT and came off the tablet my heart rate at resting and walking was definitely a good 20-30 beats higher during that

Weight gain not really, hair okish (it got thinner after aortic dissection and loads of drugs) but with me its all to do with dosage. I cant take more than 1.25 grams which is low I know but otherwise I get cramps inc in neck and cant walk without leg aches.

I have been on 10mg a day for the last 2 years.5 mg morning and 5 night.It helps control the eptopic heart beats I experience .

Recently decided to shed a few pounds by counting calories (put on in lock down ) and lost 10 lbs in 12 weeks… at 65 now back to a normal weight .

When you really start to measure the food you take in and the exercise and calories you use … you can sometimes find it easier to blame the medication we are on rather than the excess calories we eat. Do they make us put on weight or slow us down , make us loose our hair or cause brain fog ?

My experience, so far, has been no … don’t read the side effects on the packet or you might have them , I am just happy they are there for us and they certainly help .

I have recently been prescribed Bisoprolol and it sent my BP very low so ended up in hospital again. I am on a hefty 12.5 mg a day dose so it’s understandable I suppose as slowing heart rate will also lower BP. I am now on Digoxin to counteract the side effects of Bisoprolol. Fingers crossed 🤞

I didn't experience those side effects, however I did turn into a zombie on 1.25mg/day. Wanted to sleep the whole time, couldn't hold a conversation, zoned out a lot, memory blanks were pretty bad, painful eyes (muscular type pain when looking up/down/sideways) and even worse Raynauds then I have already. Cardiologist was happy for me to come off them and has increased my Ramipril instead. All these have disappeared since stopping Bisoprolol and i'm feeling more normal again, thank goodness.

Bisoprolol Interesting times

I have been taking Bisoprolol and struggling with breathing. Been back to asthma nurse and had different prescription and even blood tests to find out what is causing it Tiredness, fatigue etc. Been told it’s anemia and other things. But on reading these articles it could be Bisoprolol and we haven’t noticed Can you just stop taking Bisoprolol. To get an appointment with a doctor or nurse is still a struggle Interesting that I have had trouble breathing especially in exercising that I have stamina for after 8 years. Never had that before taking Bisoprolol

Not incorrect, I take 10 gms am and 2.50 pm , never had any symptoms, I cannot take ACE inhibitors or AC2 receptors , bad kidney and liver reaction , so Bisoprol and digoxin keep me going , I work almost full time and am 78 .

69, 1.25 taken last thing daily,for 3 years. Initial lethargy passed after a couple of weeks. Resting HR around 50 bpm with occasional max HR of 150 bpm when cycling steep hills ,so although limited, capacity to do the things I want to do. Also walking and regular tennis, so no real issues 3 years on from OHS for Aortic Valve replacement. Do feel the cold more and may have an energy dip , late afternoon.Guess I've been lucky in many respects.

Bisoprolol gave me kidney stones after 2 1/2 years on it. Excruciating pain. Rare side effect. Went forever within less than a week off them!(and 20kg weight gain)

A bit tired and dizzy the first few days but after that ok. Funny you should mention hair loss, because I am having hair loss and I never thought to relate it to meds.

I have asthma and im fine. I take 2.5mg a day. At first felt really tired because I was so ised to a faster heart rate. Now its alot slower but i feel more in control. I didnt like my faster heart rate, shakiness and palpitations. I still get ectopic beats now and then but no other side effects now.

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