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Booster Jabs - Astra Xeneca?

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I have read that they are not giving Astra Zeneca booster jabs - even if like myself you have had 2 AZ jabs, you will have one of the two alternatives?

Is this correct? I have decided not to have the booster, because I do not want to mix them. I did contract Covid in August but it was a mild - high temp, achy joints etc.

I am in the highly vulnerable category as I’m having palliative cancer treatment. But feeling very well.

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I WILL be having the booster as I feel I have a responsibility to others as well as myself to do so .I have also heard you will get a different one than you initially had which really doesn't bother me.

I have recently had 2 stents put in my heart and am on numerous medications due to diabetes, past bypass surgery and a Stroke.

I have to wait until the end of November but I will answer the call when it comes.

I was told my booster will be different to the AZ vaccines I had . I won't be taking the booster as I feel I have responsibility to myself not be put in hospital with myocarditis again, glad you're feeling well 😊

Have mRna ( Pfizer Moderna) vaccines caused myocarditis ?

Not sure of the statistics but can only comment on my own lived experience with AZ vaccine

Wasnt that a fews incidences amongst very young boys? Need to google it.

It's a difficult one. I had myocarditis January 2020 before jabs or covid was in the news. I've had Pfizer booster and no side effects. I didn't want to run the risk of getting covid or being in hospital from it. As I said it's a difficult one. Stay safe and stay well. All the best..

I understand, I did the right thing being double vaccinated but having lived experience of myocarditis & the damage it has caused me & my family I can't run the risk of it happening again

Millions of UK elderly had first 2 vaccines of Astra Z then booster of Pfizer . No problems whatsoever . A good result.

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Peileen in reply to Helly75

I am sorry to hear you have had myocarditis. I had Pfizer booster after two AZenicas. I am glad to take any protection offered. The deaths are still happening and if you check the figures it is primarily the over 60s with a few younger. The immunity of the vaccines as well as having Covid itself wane over several months. Best wishes.

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Helly75 in reply to Peileen

Well I'd never try & actively put people off getting vaccinated or having boosters but for me I can't go through another acute episode of myocarditis so I am just doing what I feel is right for me

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Peileen in reply to Helly75

Absolutely Helly75. Must be a matter of personal choice. Best wishes,

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Brolly12 in reply to Helly75

I have the same concerns. Have you asked the GP if they will give you Astra Zeneca rather than none at all ? Best wishes

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Helly75 in reply to Brolly12

No I've not asked, I wouldn't be having AZ either so doesn't matter ,I can't take that chance & won't

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Brolly12 in reply to Helly75

I understand ❤️It was just a thought

Yes it is correct. Not sure why you wouldn't want to mix them?

Scientists reported mixing vaccine types gave good immunity did they not?

Hence my answer 😏

I had AZ jabs and have just had the Pfizer booster. Read that you have better immunity ….I hope so. 😊

Science and research has proven that mixing them is BETTER than not mixing them. Look it up on BBC radio 4 or World Service, I can't remember which.

Do you honestly think they would intentionally put you or anybody at risk? 🤷‍♀️ How many millions have been vaccinated? How many have died from it? Would the people from poor countries be so choosy?

Ask yourself the same questions about covid.....

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Heather1957 in reply to Wooodsie

Spot on. I can't get over those who just don't do the research. I'd love to understand the thought process of some people. The more people who have a higher immunity the safer we will all be so have a responsibility to themselves AND others.

Will and and in capitals was there any need for it.

I don't think the answer is quite so clear cut for everyone, I ended up in hospital one week after my second dose, now it could have been total coincidence however has they don't know how I got sepsis and heart failure, people (and 2 nurses I know have wondered if there is a connection) I am not sure what I do.

When I see there are still 100,000 health workers who have not been vaccinated it doesn't help, (BBC today).

I for one are trying my hardest to protect others keeping away from crowded places, wearing a facemask when I do go shopping.

I am all for protecting everyone, and will make my decision closer to the time, however as I said it is not a easy decision for everyone.

If the 'was the need for capitols' was aimed at me, well I suppose not but I was always taught that when using the written word to emphasise something that is how you do it.

I am not going to get into the ins and outs of getting the vaccine but with all my health problems I still think it is the way forward.

Those who choose not to have it, well that is between them and their conscience.

I wasn't offered the option of mixing the jabs. Pfizer all the way through for 1, 2 and booster.

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Heather1957 in reply to Heed61

Now that is interesting I thought they were all going to be a different booster.

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Heed61 in reply to Heather1957

I think that plan changed some weeks ago.

BHF have info on website.

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Heather1957 in reply to Heed61

Thanks for that - anything that increases my immunity is good.

There was scientific musing on mixing earlier this year. Prior to scale back of A Z.

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Kristin1812Heart Star in reply to Bloodredroses

The finding are public (see Zoe project). Mixing them gives slightly better immunity.

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Bloodredroses in reply to Heed61

That’s because mostly at the vaccination centres , Pfizer is mostly the stock they now have. Some people have been medically advised to have A Z , ( due to PRE existing medical conditions ) which I don’t have on hand at this moment ) there is stock available . Must be arranged beforehand .

The decision to recommend boosting with an mRNA vaccine is based on clinical trial results from the Com-COV and COV-Boost studies, which showed that it gives much stronger protective immune responses. It is not about vaccine availability. (The mRNA vaccines are more expensive and harder to deliver, but the medical judgement is clearly that they're worth it.)

That factor has created the choice ( and availability of Pfizer and Moderna ) supply of AZ is still available by PRE request for those who cannot have mRna vaccine .

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Peileen in reply to Heed61

I do a lot of looking into research results online and You Tube, The Pfizer for all three is a very protective option. I was so happy I got Pfizer after two Astrazenicas.

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Nadeje in reply to Heed61

Same here!🤔

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Exie8 in reply to Heed61

Likewise - 3 doses of Pfizer

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Qualipop in reply to Heed61

MIne's this Thursday and been told I wll have Pfizer same as my first two. If it's not I'll walk away. Husband had all three pfizer

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Kristin1812Heart Star in reply to Qualipop


I've had 2 jabs of the AZ vaccine, so expect to be offered either the Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna vaccine this time around. My second AZ vaccine was on 2nd May, so I expect I'll get a call fairly soon. The research, not just in the UK, but around the world all indicate that mixing the vaccines for booster shots is a better option and provides more immunity.

Hope you re doing OK. Having had our 2nd jab of AZ on 1st May, we've just been told to turn up for our boosters at the centre we had the first 2 jabs at during the first week of November.All the best

Jan xx

Hi Spirit, my 2nd was on the 2nd May as well, did you go to Woodchurch? I did after the place I should have been going to in Liverpool refused to do it because I’d had a stroke in the April, despite the GP saying it would be fine.Jean

Hi Jean. Yes I had both jabs in Woodchurch Leisure Centre, just waiting for a phone call from my GP to arrange the booster jab. Sorry to hear about your stroke in April, hope you have recovered and feeling well now. Russell

I was lucky, Russell, in that the ambulance was quick & got me to Arrowe Park to the Stroke Unit quickly & they were able to give me an injection of thrombolysis (I think it is) to dissolve the blood clot which was in the left carotid artery. It worked & I have no paralysis down my right side or my speech. I am just a bit weak down my right side especially around my knee but am having physio at Greasby health Centre to try to improve. I have been very lucky.Jean

As always the most important thing is getting into hospital as quickly as possible. When I had my heart attack the ambulances (there were 3!) turned up in 6 minutes of me ringing 999 and quickly got me into Arrowe Park to be stabilized and then transferred to Liverpool Heart and Chest.So good to hear that you have no paralysis or speech issues. Good luck with the physio, (so that's what the left hand side of the health centre is! Always wondered, my GP occupies the right hand side).


It’s my daughters GP as well. I think the left side is mainly used by the nurses as Physio is only once a week on a Friday.I don’t remember but they sent me to Walton Hospital from the stroke unit in case the injection hadn’t worked rbut by the time I arrived it had worked properly so I was sent back to Arrowe Park to recover. It good to know they were so prompt with everything or I wouldn’t be here today as well as I am.


Hi, my husband is also in the highly vulnerable group, he has cancer & heart failure plus anaemia and other minor medical conditions. His first 2 jabs were the AZ vaccine and his booster was Pfizer. He's now fully vaccinated including his flu jab and he's absolutely fine.

What basis do you think you cannot mix vaccine? Do you honestly think this country who put you at risk if the science has not approved. I am due my booster next week and I don’t care what version. Staying safe and protecting other is my priority

Studies have already proven that mixing vaccines is at least as effective - but potentially even more so - as sticking to just one type. Which is good news for me and the small number of people like me: I’m CEV and had to have an AZ as my second after anaphylaxis to the Pfizer back in Jan. I’m now enrolled on a PHE study looking at long term immunity from receiving mixed vaccines; excluding a proportion of immunosuppressed people, we know the short term protection from mixing vaccines is excellent, but they’re interested to see how that wanes over time compared to those who had two doses of the same vaccine.

You must make your decision based on what you feel is best for you after you have researched further. I had two AZ vaccines and been told my booster would be pfizer should i choose to accept a booster. With your current health condition i would be looking for some expert input so you can make a fully informed decision based on your personal health circumstances.

Please dont be pushed one way or another rather seek expert guidance based on your own particular needs. Best wishes whichever you decide to do.

My first 2 jabs were Pfizer, as was my Booster a week ago. I know they have looked into all aspects of safety regarding mixing them and I’m sure there is nothing to fear but you must do as you feel best for peace of mind. As others have said you can be sure they wouldn’t want to put you in danger but the final decision must be yours. I hope it all goes well for you X

Speak to your Gp and ask if you can have the Az as there was a conversation had on the tv and the question was asked what if you don’t want to mix and they said speak to your Gp 👍🏻

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wischo in reply to Enonykasper

And possibly get life threatening clotting from AZ. All drugs come with some risk even two Paracetamol can cause liver damage. You are better off listening to the experts as there are two opposite views on the Covid vaccine.

Not sure where the info has come from about not mixing . Do we ‘lay people’ ever use our own research as much when receiving specialist treatment for say cancer or thrombosis? No we accept that the scientists, pharmacists, medics etc have all done their jobs.

As soon as I'm eligible for my third jab I'll be knocking on their door to get it done, I'll accept their judgment on which vaccination to give me rather than be guided by Fred from Barnsley who based on no scientific facts posts on Facebook that you shouldn't mix vaccines.

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Jbeans in reply to JohnH100

Too many people reading Facebook's so called experts than doing adequate research from approved resources.

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Sammybear2 in reply to JohnH100

Aye you stop picking on us Barnsley ites

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JohnH100 in reply to Sammybear2

Hahahahaha.I guess you're from The People's Republic of South Yorkshire 😉.

Nowt up wi Barnsley

I have had my booster for covid. I had the AZ for 1 and 2 and the Pfizer one this time. I was in the ECV category and although this no longer current I feel that I owe it to everyone around me to have the vaccine, so I have less chance of catching it and spreading it. To me its an insurance policy so I dont get it badly if I contract it. I also think we should all still be wearing masks and please, what is wrong with sanitising your hands when you go into a shop or bar or cafe or restaurant. I had no ill effects this time. Its still out there stay safe everyone.

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JohnH100 in reply to lisburb

Well said lusburb, wearing a face covering in an enclosed public space isn't exactly an imposition is it, we still wear ours and we are in a rapidly declining minority.People seem to have forgotten that Covid is an air born virus

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lisburb in reply to JohnH100

Thanks John. Plus it stops other ailments too. I work in retail and our cleaning is every hour on the hour to keep us all safe. Where I work they made a company decision that we did not have to wear a mask anymore, if we didnt want to. I kept mine, so did the Boss. I was off on holiday in a few weeks and thought, as much as I would like, not to wear one, its just not worth it. My partner has had this nasty cold too, which is going round, he was ill for over a fortnight, he doesnt usually get things like that. Everyone else I work with went down with an awful throat infection and was off work, plus one other member of staff managed to catch covid. Touch wood Ive missed both.

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Nadeje in reply to JohnH100

You're right, JohnH100! I have worn mine nonstop since early March 2020. Started wearing face covering when in the country of my birth (Czech Republic) it became mandatory. I actually received some home made fabric ones from my family there as I couldn't get my hands on any here!I had a lot of odd stares from everyone here before UK has woken up much later (as the case has been all along since the beginning of pandemic!) and applied face covering and other restrictions..

I'm in a minority now on public transport, shops, etc! It infuriates me when I need to use the bus and most of the passengers are without masks, talking, laughing, coughing, sneezing!!!! And of course windows are all shut!!! I open whatever window I can only to receive angry faces, as if I was a serial killer!

You can imagine the air inside my face mask is blue with expletives!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬The stupidity and selfishness of people astounds me!!!

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JohnH100 in reply to Nadeje

100% with you Nadeje.

I had both AZ for my first two jabs and then Pfizer for my booster and was told it was for greater cover against Covid. I am in the extremely vulnerable group and apart from sore arm for a day or two plus feeling under the weather and fatigue for 24 hours I'm fine. I'm just glad to be covered with numbers increasing.

I’m in the clinically vulnerable group too. I’ve just had my booster. Astra Zeneca for the first two and Pfizer for the booster. Don’t put yourself at unnecessary risk because of unfounded internet gossip. All the best evidence says that mixing them provides the best cover.

I have concerns too had pfizer both times and both times been really unwell . I have heart failure but have had congenital myasthenia my whole life . I stopped taking flu vaccines years ago because it was worse than the flu . Each injection I have been so weak - practically immobile , about week before jag 2 I started to feel bit better -since then my weakness is the worst I’ve ever had - consultant told me to take a different booster but also said to weigh up options . Although I tested negative dr was convinced due to all symptoms I had covid couple of weeks ago. So all in all - I’m. It taking booster - I need mobility back soon !!!

I had 2 AZ jabs. Last week I had Pfizer booster. I went with medical advice that it was safe. So far I have had no problems whatsoever

Many of us couldn’t spend Christmas last year with our families . I’m darn sure I’m going to spend this one with them so I was very pleased when offered the booster. I wasn’t brought back to life after bypass to possibly die a lingering death of Covid

I also had the AZ for my first two jabs,I had my booster on 12th of October & was given the Pfizer, I had no ill effects more than a sore arm for a couple of days, I was just glad that I was given the opportunity to keep myself & others protected

I understand that mixing them gives extra protection . If you have had covid you will have good protection anyway but in my humble opinion it would not do any harm to get the booster. I have had mine with no side effects. Mixing is not a problem as I understand things

I have had 2 AZ Jabs ( first Jab slight side effects, felt unwell for 24 hours like I had a bad cold) Booster Jab Pfizer 6 months after 2nd AZ. No side effects or feeling ill at all.

Hi, I think that some of the answers from others on this thread have been quite harsh and judgemental. A conversation with your GP would be your best course.I had a bad reaction to the 2nd Pfizer jab and ended up in A&E where the consultant explained 6 others had been admitted that evening who had existing ‘heart problems’. I will be asking my GP for only the AZ booster, good luck with whatever YOU decide is best for you 😊

I would advise you and others reading my reply to get the booster, no matter what vaccine we originally had. I had Astra Zeneca in February and May. For reasons below:

1. I am on the ONS/Oxford University national covid survey since April 2020. A monthly PCR tesr. In March 2021 onwards they required a blood sample from a finger prick as well as the PCR test. My blood sample in April after my first jab was negative for covid antibodies. In July after my second jab it was positive. Great! My sample given on 30 September was negative for antibodies. Not great. So the vaccine has waned in five months. The small print in the result said being negative means we have antibodies "below a certain level", but didn't say what that level is. Point is - I probably still have some protection, but not what they deem to be the right amount.

2. We never question who manufactures our annual 'flu vaccine. In my opinion it doesn't matter whether we had AZ, Pfizer, Moderna etc. There seemed to be a bit of social media competition as to what vaccine we had. In my opinion it doesn't matter, and given 1. above, the vaccine probably doesn't last as long as we hope it does.


I had AZ for the first two jabs and was okay. My booster with Pfizer or Moderna is due on Wed. I did read that Pfizer had been documented as having caused heart inflammation, particularly in young men. So as I have been having nasty episodes of VT in the past few months, even though I have a PM, I rang the BRI to ask cardios for advice and no-one has returned my call. No point in asking GP he will refer me to cardios.

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MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to Melleray

Perhaps give the BHF helpline a call?

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Melleray in reply to Milkfairy

Thanks, but I know that they will not dare to commit to giving me an answer. They will tell me to ask my cardiologist, I have asked and received no answer, so basically it is down to me.

As I'm immuno suppressed I'm getting a 3rd dose (not a booster) and it'll be Pfizer whereas my first two were AZ.

I might have one or two niggles but looking at the bigger picture I'm probably more at risk from Covid. Given there's already been a few cases in my child's class I need to protect myself even more. It also allows me to have a little bit more normality if there is such a thing knowing I'm protected.

Face masks are still mandatory here thankfully.

Same as many here, two AZ jabs and the Pfizer booster. Sore arm for a couple of days as it goes into the muscle. I've AF and DCM.

I believe that the intention is to mix as it provides better protection...based on reports I've read.

Hi my first two vacine were AZ I got my third vacine last week, not a booster,it was the phizer. I am extremely clinically vulnerable but my consultant and the nurse that gave me it said it was fine char

I had teo AstraZenicas and a Pfizer booster. I was delighted to mix and match. The sronger the vaccine the better as far as I am concerned. I have been following the numbers in UK and Scotland. I was shocked when I did a bid of calculating yesterday. Of the 120,000 deaths in UK 113,000 were over 60. In Scotland’s numbers of the 9,000 deaths 8,000 were over 60. That is 1 in every 129 people who were over 60. This virus is definitely more dangerous to older people. I’m glad you have recovered from your Covid infection but whether vaccine or infection, both lose the immunity after several months. Take all the protection you can. The deaths of over 60s are still happening among the double vaccinated. Best wishes.

There’s a lot of research coming out suggesting mixing vaccines gives a higher level of protection so maybe do some of your own research around the issue may be helpful to you

Hi. I am definitely in favour of the vaccine programme including boosters in whatever way is recommended. However, there are a small minority of people for whom that is not right. I had Covid in April 2020 and my vaccinations in March and June 2021. I had symptoms of myocarditis after Covid which were made worse (immediately) by the first dose (AZ). After a cardiac MRI a cardiologist diagnosed myocarditis but advised me to get the 2nd dose with mitigations of additional meds and rest. But the 2nd dose made it worse. A follow up MRI in October showed I still have myocarditis. I am now on a 6 month recovery plan with still no physical exercise, reducing meds and plenty of (more) rest. It will be over a year since having my 1st dose when I have my next MRI which will hopefully show that the inflammation has gone. But my rehabilitation is likely to take much longer. AZ is not associated with as many cases of myocarditis as the mRNA vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna. I have a good level of antibodies at the moment but these will wane. In normal circumstances the cardiologist would be keen to advise having the booster but in my case, she knows that I shouldn't consider until I am recovered and even then, I can't see that I can risk being ill for a year after having it. It will leave me vulnerable and in a dilemma. So I am sympathetic to those who are worried. Each person will need to weigh up their own circumstances in the light of dependable information and good professional advice.

I hope I will have the Pfizer booster on Thursday Everyone I know has had no side effects from this Good luck and keep well

According to the government's own scientific data Pfizer is significantly more effective than AstraZeneca in giving immunity and preventing hospitalisation. And the immunity lasts longer. Most over-60s were given AZ because it was available, the younger generations have all been given Pfizer because it is a better vaccine. And mixing vaccines has shown to be more effective. I very much hope I will be offered Pfizer for my booster after my two doses of AZ.

So many experts here! If you need advice speak to your oncologist. The decision is yours at the end of the day though. .

I have had all the same shots asta Zeneca

Sorry to hear of your condition.

Re Pfizer Booster, I would suggest you have it.

Studies have shown that mixing vaccines in fact likely gives better immunity, and a that a booster substantially increases it.

It's reassuring to hear that you suffered mild symptoms with your bout of covid, but if offered the booster I would still suggest you took it.

Good luck.

My husband has cancer & he's just had his booster so your comments are really alarming. These people who've had their cancer reactivated, have their oncologist confirmed the vaccines are too blame? If so, have the oncologist confirmed why the vaccine has reactivated their cancer? What types of cancer do they have? Where were they with their cancer diagnosis before they had the vaccine? Do they have any other health issues? What ages and treatment have they had so far? I belong to a few cancer support groups and nobody has mentioned this before.

Sorry, lots of questions! But would appreciate your advice

Hi,There appears to be a lot of conflicting information floating around doesnt there? I have heard that the booster is not the same as the 2 jags you have had, but i have also heard that the booster is the same??? I intend to have the booster even if it is a different type.

I had the Pzifer one for my booster and AZ for the previous two. I have been fine.

Hi Prude99, I like you had 2 A/Z vaccine, however I had the pfizer booster vaccine 2 weeks ago, also like you I am classed as being in the vulnerable category, and to put your concerns to rest, I have had NO side effects apart from a sore arm exactly the same as with the A/Z, it is better to be as safe as you can, put your fears to one side , you can always talk to the nurse before the injection and they will understand your concerns , take care be safe.

Definitely . I totally co ordinated my haematology specialist giving bridging plan of when to stop rivaroxaban blood thinners ( according to my medical history individually ) to the Dermatology Surgical lead and A different hospital where I had plastic surgery both on the same day . As 1 ; previously , I had a first dermatology biopsy cancelled when I arrived because no instruction had been arranged about the blood thinners . I mentioned it before biopsy started ( same hospital , the blood thinners not taken into account ) plus at PRE surgery Assessment at the other hospital; the stop blood thinners days PRE surgery not in line with what my Haematology Specialist had said. (No joining up.) This Specialist told me I had done the right thing for myself .

I also asked them before I had the first Pfizer vaccine , as on Rivaroxaban and had PE . That was last December . Lot has happened . Be proactive and be your own Health Advocate . Leave nothing to chance. NHS and staff are great but between different departments the join up should be checked and intervene by patient if they can’t see the join up . Hope that makes sense. Slightly complicated .


Really not sure why you don’t want the booster. Mixing the vaccines has been shown to give better immunity and if you are having cancer treatment I would have thought you’d want all the immunity to covid that you can get. If you really don’t want Pfizer then contact your GP and ask for AZ. Anything is better than no booster. Hope you’ve had the flu jab too. I wish you all the best with your treatment, my husband had cancer and I know it’s hard going. All the more reason not to get Covid.

In skimming through the many replies, I don’t think there has been reference to the relative reduction in effectiveness of AZ and Pfizer vaccines after 6 months (hence the need for the booster). My understanding is that research now suggests the effectiveness of the AZ vaccine is a little less than Pfizer vaccine after six months.

Here’s an article about the findings….I hope this might help in making your decision.

Your last sentence is one of those throwaway comments guaranteed to cause fear and dread in anyone who has cancer. Exactly what proof do you have? Unfortunately cancer can recur whether or not you’ve had covid or a covid vaccine. People with cancer have enough to worry about without this sort of “ advice”. Unless you are an oncologist/cancer research scientist?


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Lezzers in reply to Loveswimmimg

It's very easy to just casually say something that puts some one off having the vaccine but not consider the impact of what they're saying! The sentence is very vague and really doesn't tell us anything!! Hopefully the member will be able to answer my questions.

I had two AV jabs but will gladly rtake the Pfizer booster because many are ok with it and it is supposed to give a higher protection too. My husband has just had Pfizer booster no side effects and it is six months past our second jabs anyway. Should be fine.

Yes my first 2 jabs were AZ but my booster was Pfizer. I did read a while ago now that the boosters were going to either Pfizer or Moderna. If you are unszure perhaps best to check with your GP or Consultant.

Hi Prude. I too am in the highly vulnerable group. I've just had my AZ booster. Both my initial and secondary Covid vaccinations were also AZ.I've not had any negative issues with any of them.

However, if I had been offered an alternative vaccine, I still would of had it as as far as I understand, the vaccines are said to be inter-changeable.

Normally I am on the side of advocating for the vaccine and further boosters from a sense of social responsibility, but fully accept that certain circumstances prevail against this for some individuals.

I think given your situation, you have every reason to make your own decision on this, free from the judgement of others.

I hope you go on feeling well as long as possible.

Take care 🙏

Hi, where did you get the AZ Booster? I have tried all over and even 119 cannot tell me where it is available.



Hi. Well I didn't choose where to get it, you can't do that as far as I know.

It's down to your Local Health Authority via your GP practice as to what vaccine you get. Guess it depends on what stock they have available at any given time.

in reply to WardijaWardija

Yes, I've got to go to a Centre tomorrow for the Booster. I've had the two Pfizer Jabs so far. I really don't know which one I will have though. It doesn't state that on the Letter or Texts I've had. We will see. Not at all bothered which one it is really, just grateful to have whatever!! 😀😃

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WardijaWardija in reply to

My sentiment exactly, we are so very fortunate to have access to vaccinations by one click online, without even having to leave the comfort of our homes. Or we get a call/letter from GP inviting us for our vaccinations.Hope all goes well for you tomorrow 🙏

in reply to WardijaWardija

Yes we are Wardija and Thank You 😀😃

Not really what I asked. I know you can choose where to go and according to the NHS web-site you will be able to get AZ but other than ringing dozens of numbers to find out I had just hoped the person here could tell me where she got AZ. I have an aversion to Pfizer. The Professor who put in my first four stents suggested anyone interested read up on the heart research called "APO Milano" and why Pfizer stopped the life saving research.

Not sure why you say that my reply has not assisted you. Where I received my AZ vaccinations/booster has absolutely no relevance, or bearing as to what may, or may not be available in your registered locality, at any given time or date.

At the end of the day, you will be offered whatever vaccine/s your LOCAL Health Authority has available on the day in question.

You can choose to accept, or not . . .

I would suggest if you are clinically adverse to Pfizer vaccinations, you should contact your GP for further advice.

Been there and done that. No help from GP. You obviously don't want to let me know ehich site had AZ available so let's call this off. Sorry to have wasted your time.

There's just no pleasing some people. I give my time freely, so no apology needed.If I said I had my AZ vaccines in Edinburgh, that would not help you if you lived, for example in Cornwall.

You get offered what is available in your own locality. I cant understand why you "dont get it"

If you were clinically identified as being adverse to the Pfizer brand of vaccine, your GP is your primary health provider and the first person to contact and find it unbelievable that you say, they are of no help to you.

I suspect you are just being "picky" as to what manufacturer's vaccine YOU want. Rather than considering just how fortunate we all are here in the UK to even have access to a vaccine programme.

Maybe you should ask your Professor . .

End of.

I’ve had 2 AZ and expect to be offered Pfizer or Moderna and I’m fine with that but I am going to ask the Nurse to aspirate after reading an article by Dr John Campbell.

I think it's best everyone makes their own decision based on their own research and feelings. I don't like this attitude that so many have, that if you decide against the vaccine or booster then you are an anti -vaxer who reads facebook! It's quite condescending to be honest. Facebook as an example publishes both views - I've seen a lot of pro-vaccine articles on facebook also and it's too easy to say don't believe everything on facebook. (however I wouldn't accept it as my main point of research!)

I've read a lot of research from both sides of the argument and there's quite good evidence to be found for and against.

Regarding mixing of booster jabs - there were a number of reports early on in the vaccination project about not mixing variants which is why most people had x2 pfizer or x2 Astra so I can understand people's concerns when they are now told we can mix. The latest report claiming that the booster was very effective was based on people having had the same booster (pfizer) as their initial x2 vaccinations. (Don't quote me on this - worth looking into it yourself if this is a concern)

The vaccine experts recently gave government advice that children over 12 didn't need the vaccine but the uk decided to ignore that advice and give it. So there are a lot of concerns and the facts aren't as clear as saying we should all have it. The BBC isn't always the most factual outlet either and over the last few years they have become a mouthpiece for the government. I also think that people who try to shame others by saying that they have to protect others are not being entirely honest - I suspect that the majority of people are having it for the main reason to protect themselves.

I'm not pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine - I have had my x2 initial jabs but have decided against the booster for the time being. I also will not be letting my young children have this vaccine at the moment although they have had all their other vaccines.

I work on the front line NHS services and have seen devastating effects of COVID - particularly in the elderly with co-morbidities but have also seen healthy people dealing with effects of the vaccine.

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Hi all, if anyone has any questions or concerns about booster jabs - specifically why your booster jab might be different to your first two doses, our nurses have put together some info:

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I totally understand, I’m sorry to hear you are ill . I’m a bit concerned too, but will prob end up having it. I wonder if you phone your GP and explain your concerns , if they will offer you the Astra Zeneca rather than not having any ? Please let me know if they will do this for you as I would be interested too. Take care 👍🏼

My first jab was the AZ but after developing myocarditis I was given the Pfizer as my second jab with no ill effects. I think it’s a matter of personal choice as ultimately we all respond differently to the vaccines. You’ll make the right decision for you.

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