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Vitamin D on Prescription

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Hi all

My question is got blood tests back from the Dr yesterday to say my vitamin D test I have had done is very low So she said she recommended vitamin d 1000

Now she’s put it on prescription for two months only and then I got to get vitamin d myself on all these meds for my conditions and in Wales prescriptions I believe are free

But not vitamin d even though I have this low level or will I be fixed from low level after two months all experiences on this would be grateful

All thoughts

Big hugs all

79 Replies
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I would imagine you will have a blood test done after the 2 months to see where your level is. I live in Scotland and we take a low dose of vitamin D normally from October to March because of the day light up here, though through the pandemic we have had them every morning as we have been behind closed doors 😂 I buy the at that well known vitamin shop on the high street they have some good offers so buy then.

Best wishes Pauline

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Madyy in reply to 080311

Hi 080311

See I’m a fool really I got anxiety and never really go out summer or winter but I never realised about Vitamin D … I need keep up on this and thank you for your reply the two months must be to see if they have gone up

Big hugs

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Thanksnhs in reply to 080311

Morning the three for two offer, thats the place I use and I have just started taking mine again.The weather is just so wet and horrible char x

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080311 in reply to Thanksnhs

Morning char,

I use the same place, when on offer I buy, kept John and I on them through the pandemic. I also decided that we should take Actimel every morning, we have been on it since before the pandemic I started it because of diverticulitis read it helps coats the colon but it also helps the immune system can say for sure but neither of us as had a cold in the past couple of years.

Weather same here it’s really dark this morning as well. Still have the lamp on! Have a good weekend.

Pauline xx

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Thanksnhs in reply to 080311

I am glad we got the last cut done and the garden furniture all put away when it was nice Tuesday/Wednesday as it looks like rain from now on.have a lovely weekend char x

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080311 in reply to Thanksnhs

Garden furniture still out, have some new tulips to plant in some tubs, and it’s easier with a chair to sit in 😂 still having trouble with the squirrels have bought some chicken wire to put over the tops in the hope it stops them digging them up have bought some very long metal pegs to hold the wire down but they are so clever the will figure out how to get round them. 😂Gardener mowed our lawns on Wednesday he said he is hoping to get another cut in but dependent on the weather.

Can’t believe we are now into Autumn where as this year gone!

Pauline xx

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Thanksnhs in reply to 080311

It has just disappeared far too quickly,its cats I have terrible trouble with they even used my plant pots as a toilet it is disgusting,I bought a spikey cat matt and covered them its worked so far but I have no idea how to keep them out my flower beds, I think I have tried everything that Google had to offer and nothing worked they just love them 😪char x

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Hily in reply to Thanksnhs

Me tòo. Mine are Boots, as you say 3 for 2.

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Not sure my experience will help much, but here goes...I live in Scotland where prescriptions are free - but I have to purchase the aspirin my GP and cardiologist have me on (one 300mg tab every morning with my one Bisoprolol 1.25mg plus 'permission' to use another 600mg for pain relief as needed per day).

I also have to purchase Vitamin D tablets despite a once daily also having been 'advised' by the GP.

Luckily for me, aspirin and Vitamin D are incredibly cheap. And superbly effective so the out-of-pocket expense is, to me, well worth it and still would be if the cost went as high as 3-5 times more than I'm currently paying.

I did ask why I had to pay if these two medications are ordered by my medics, never did get an answer but as I say, very reasonably priced and would be ok with me even if the cost went as high as 5 times what I'm paying now.

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Madyy in reply to Sunnie2day

Hi Sunnie2day

Thank you for your reply

I think this is it, if I knew which maybe I hold my hands up I should of realised we all need Vitamin d in the winter but being low on vitamin d can happen also has with me…

And on the prescription side of things some prescriptions medication can be prescribed and others not for health conditions

I will like you be happy to pay for the benefits of these

Big hugs

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I used to work for a company based in Los Angeles, and I had a few medicals over there. Even in California doctors often prescribe Vitamin D because there are plenty of people who's bodies aren't naturally producing enough Vitamin D no matter how much sunshine they receive. I've heard a doctor say he has retired patients who are on the golf course every day in the Californian sun wearing shorts and T-Shirts, but are still Vitamin D deficient.

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Madyy in reply to Chappychap

Hi ChappychapThank you for your post most interesting information Thank you

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I buy vit D in my local pharmacy at around £1 for 60. I hate to think what it would cast the NHS with all the admin.

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When I was in hospital, I was found to be very deficient in Vitamin D and was put on 1 x weekly ampoules of 50000 units. On discharge this reduced to 800units daily. I've had this for 6 months now. I had a medication review today and been told to stay on it a further 6 months when I'll get a blood test to check levels. I was relieved by this as am conscious that it's harder to keep your levels up over the winter months. I think a blood test at 2 months may be a good idea for you to get your levels checked.

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Madyy in reply to Coper10

Hi Coper10Thank you for your reply great post

This is it, it’s such a low dose even if they have given it to me on prescription

But my concerns are like you very low vitamin d levels but don’t seem high vitamin d to fix levels

I will post up about how I get on

Big hugs

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Hi Madyy yes that’s correct that prescription will bring you up to optimum levels and thereafter you buy OTC Vit D as a maintenance dose the pharmacist will point you in the right direction as to which strength you should be taking a lot of meds are changing as far as what is free and what you pay for I don’t know how that works in wales but the patients at the surgery I worked at (England) have to pay for there maintenance Vit D regardless of having free prescriptions once you know what strength you should be taking supermarkets are pretty reasonable prices take care 😊

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Madyy in reply to Retirement65

Hi Retirement65

Thank you for your reply much appreciated

Great post thank you , for the information helps me understand going forward

Big hugs

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Retirement65 in reply to Madyy

Hope your feeling better soon madyy you should feel a lot better when you have finished your prescription then the secret is the maintenance dose especially during the winter months so many patients used to say they were feeling tired aches and pains etc but the Vit D replacement made a huge difference 😊

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Madyy in reply to Retirement65

Hi Retirement65

Thank you

Big hugs,

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U can get Vitamin D on prescription in Hull or could do about 12 month ago. But with England we pay for prescriptions.

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Madyy in reply to BARTLETT1965

Hi BARTLETT1965Thank you for your post

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jerry12953 in reply to BARTLETT1965

Its probably cheaper to buy it directly yourself if you have to pay for your prescriptions.......

IgottaStent profile image

Buy it. It’s very cheap. Cuts admin time of pharmacist and Dr.

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Madyy in reply to IgottaStent

Hi pgb266

Thank you for your post Great to know

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Hi .I live in Scotland and I also have low Vitamin D . I have been prescribed Vitamin D tabs and was told I’d be on them for 1 year. I get them on prescription along with my other meds .

Madyy profile image
Madyy in reply to Garto1

Hi Garto1Thank you for your information in your post

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My mother in law was prescribed Vitamin D for two months, then was refused any more, so she now has to buy her own. Whether her GP thought 2 months was sufficient, well who knows?

I have a high homocysteine level and need to take Vitamin B (B6, B12 and B9 folic acid). Despite this condition being implicit in me having had a heart attack, I have never had a prescription for Vitamin B and have always had to buy it over the counter. Bizarrely, I get my 75mg aspirin on prescription.

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Madyy in reply to GWP1952

Hi GWP1952

Thank you for your post this morning

It’s so interesting isn’t it about prescription and not,

Great post thank you

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Hi Madyy. My daughter has low vitamin D too. High dose given like you for 2 months and was told to take it with orange juice as it is absorbed better. My daughter doesn’t go out much either. We now try to find Foods that can improve the vitamin D and iron as she is anaemic too. It’s hard as she is very fussy on the food she eats. So she takes iron tablets once a month for a week, she had a 2 month vitamin D and 10 months later had another blood test and all is well for the time being. She try’s to go just to the shop everyday, as we live abroad we were so shocked that she had low vitamin D result. The sun is always shining here.

All is good now so I’m sure you will be back to better results soon too.

We all take so many things for granted.

Once you have taken this course you could just start taking cheap supermarket vitamin D regular after your results and a chat with the Dr again.

Take care


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Madyy in reply to Bell_a

Hi Janet/ Bell_aGreat post thank you for your reply, much appreciated thank you for your post

Big hugs

Maninblack profile image

We have taken Vit D all through the pandemic. My husband was shielding and we had a letter saying he could apply for a free supply of this, which we did. We now buy from a high street health shop and take advantage of any offers. We will continue to take this daily due to the health benefits.

Madyy profile image
Madyy in reply to Maninblack

Hi ManinblackThank you for your post

Peileen profile image

Good morning Madyy, I’ve heard that vitamin D is mainly made from exposure to the sun. I live in Aberdeenshire so I take it routinely from October to April and I sit outside as often as the weather permits although not in a bikini but in a warm jacket. A dear friend in Dorset who was housebound due to arthritis was prescribed vitamin D. We are lucky we can have blood tests to show any deficiencies. Best wishes.

Madyy profile image
Madyy in reply to Peileen

Hi PeileenThank you for your post

Lucymoo profile image

I have osteopenia the stage before osteoporosis and have been taking Adcal D3 for years for my low vit D levels. It’s cheap to buy around £6 for 112 tablets and lots of other types available even cheaper.

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Madyy in reply to Lucymoo

Hi LucymooThank you for your post

Aopl profile image

I buy Better U Vitamin D Oral spray. One short squirt into the side of your mouth and it’s absorbed that way and one container lasts for 30 days. I watched a BBC programme on vitamin D absorption once and the presenter said that to intake a decent amount of vitamin D from the sun you have to have as much of your body exposed as possible which is fine in summer but in winter when all that is showing is your face and possibly hands then you’ll never get enough in and most people should be taking a supplement.

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Madyy in reply to Aopl

Hi AopiThank you for your post

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I have low vit D and osteoporosis,I get prescription for AdcalD3 capsules ,have to take 4 every day permanently

Madyy profile image
Madyy in reply to Pastime

Hi PastimeThank you for your post

Madyy profile image
Madyy in reply to Pastime

Hi Pastime

I so appreciate knowing this it’s been so interesting to me knowing it’s not just a winter thing and I need it like you all year I think Thank you for your post this morning

Big hugs

Lucymoo profile image
Lucymoo in reply to Pastime

I take adcal D3 but choose to buy mine as costs less than a prescription cost and although I can get them free as 68 I feel it’s my little bit to help the nhs

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Madyy in reply to Lucymoo

Hi all

I think my post about Vitamin D has got lost, lol

it was never about the cost or if we need a prescription to have them, or buy them because they are cheap,to help the NHS

However it’s been a great and interesting post ups,

Of which Iv learned a lot from posts, one post to do with prescription Some vitamin D is so needed in a high dose not able to buy over the counter

Most interesting subject/ for me it was a case of until I was told I need to look to vitamin d as a medication

And lots of posts the same, and how you can live outside and still not have high vitamin d levels so really interesting subject

Keep posting up its opinions and experiences that helps us all talk about what’s working or not for us all

Big hugs

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Pastime in reply to Lucymoo

I have to have a very high dose that cannot be bought at Heath stores they are for osteoporosis and prescription only

Lucymoo profile image
Lucymoo in reply to Pastime

My dose is also available on prescription and not able to be bought from health food stores ect but a chat with the pharmacist including why I was wanting to buy rather than obtain on prescription enabled me to buy over the counter. Each time I go in we have the discussion and they have to look up the price so takes a few more minutes but works well for me.

Breesha profile image

I thought it was a foliate deficiency that was determined by blood test, I take folic acid on Rx but now doc has said to buy my own Vit D , I do not mind as I would rather NHS had funds for major surgery . If you can afford a £2 to but Vit D just do it .

Madyy profile image
Madyy in reply to Breesha

Good morning BreeshaThank you for your post

Madyy profile image

Hi all

Good morning to all

Thank you all for replying to my post on Vitamin D

I’m very interested in Vitamin D since Iv never ever thought to take a Vitamin of any sort and from our posts I can see the differences of experience of Well from taking Vitamin D to the whys and where

For me I have a heart condition and got blood tests done for that,

Blood tests came back low bone profile

So dr done vitamin D test

Low vitamin D

Now I don’t think it’s a cure for my bone profile or the swelling in my legs but I hope so

What’s been interesting to me is this little vitamin sounds wonderful I never even thought about it until last week

I appreciate all our posts Keep posting all maybe like me it’s given those of us who don’t know we need it to take it or know about it and how we need to take it and so on

For me it’s on prescription for two months and if I need more which I think even if I don’t I will take it in the winter months from now on, I so appreciate all our posts and thank you all Keep posting about vitamin D we all need it Some days it’s so nice to just think about just posting up about a post of vitamin D so positive and not think of our health ills that’s making us I’ll

So nice to get email replies in my in box this morning Thank you all keep posting and I hope all are have a good day today

Big hugs

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Hi, After a blood test I was told I needed to take vit D, told the gp I been taking it for years, due to my photosensitivity, and not going out in the sun too much.

So I just take what I buy from Boots.

Regards Dee.

Madyy profile image
Madyy in reply to DD13

Hi Dee DD13

Thank you for your post much appreciated

Big hugs

JennyRx profile image

The supply of vitamin D on prescription in England is determined by local formularies. As with many items that can be bought OTC (over the counter) a lot of CCGs have decided that patients can buy their own VitD. This helps reduce the financial impact on the NHS. Some other items such as gluten free products for over 18yo were removed nationally. The drug bill for the NHS is phenomenal so every little helps. As for sunshine and Vit D - the wavelength of the sunlight hitting your skin is important and as a rule of thumb your shadow needs to be longer than your height for the sun to be high enough in the sky to induce Vit D production. And you need skin to be exposed for it to work. There’s an argument for people in Scotland to take Vit D all year round.

I use a VitD and Vit K spray. The VitK helps any calcium in my diet to be deposited in my bones rather than my arteries.

Madyy profile image
Madyy in reply to JennyRx

Hi JennyRx

Thank you for your post this morning very informative and good to know

It’s so interesting thinking of this

Big hugs

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I worked for a GP for many years and there is a discussion going on whether everyone in the UK should take VitD in the winter. I’m a Type 1 diabetic and was advised to take Vit D Vit C and Zinc so I buy them cheaply from a well known online supplements company.

My 11 year old granddaughter has very low Vitamin D levels as does her dad. She had stomach pains for a long time before it was diagnosed, and my daughter had to really fight for a blood test for her. They live in Wales.

Take care.

Madyy profile image
Madyy in reply to Sewing19

Hi Sewing19

Great post, this is it

It’s a talking point of the many issues of Vitamin D

even down to getting the test to find out if low in the first place

Thank you for your post, very informative

Big hugs

Qualipop profile image

My level was very low a few years ago. I was put on prescription like you for several months because I needed much stronger tablets than were available over the counter. Once that was done I had another blood est and dosage dropped to over the counter stuff.

Madyy profile image
Madyy in reply to Qualipop

Hi QualipopGood post

Well this is it, with me She said the blood tests showed very low levels of vitamin D but just the 1000 each day for two months

She must think it’s enough I’m getting another test So find out if the dose will help, Lots to think about in this subject of vitamin D it’s very interesting much appreciated

Big hugs

marigoldb profile image

I also showed low levels of vit D, and since 2019 take Fultium D 800iu daily, on prescription. The consultant said to take it “till the end of your life”And this one little blue capsule does the job.

I am elderly, and take other meds, but they all “keep me going”

Where would we be without our nhs?

Madyy profile image
Madyy in reply to marigoldb

Hi marigoldsThank you for your post

Big hugs

Partner20 profile image

Hypothyroid people are commonly low ir deficient in Vit.D wherever they live and whatever their lifestyle. I was diagnosed as deficient and prescribed a D3 supplement which brought me just within range, whereupon the prescription was ended. Having done some research, (FB has a Vit.D group if you are interested, and there is such a thing as the Vit D Council), and feeling slightly better in myself but still suffering from agonising bone pain in my leg, although there was a slight improvement, I supplemented with 10,000iu daily D3 capsules until I reached the top of the range. Result, no bone pain! I maintain that level with 5,000iu daily, increasing it if symptoms return. It is important to test regularly if you supplement as too high a level can be dangerous. However, my rheumy was not too worried at a slightly over range result last time, but just advised reducing my supplementation a little. Always take D3 with a main or fat-containing meal as it is fat-soluble, and, unless you are on blood-thinners or have blood clotting issues, Vit K is recommended to take alongside. I buy oil-based capsules for better absorption, usually from a reputable online source. Low levels of Vit.D can cause debilitating symptoms including muscle pain, bone pain, fatigue and depression, so supplementing is always worth a try if you experience any of these.

Madyy profile image
Madyy in reply to Partner20

Hi Partner20Thank you for taking the time to post this information up, for me I am on blood thinner So yes the K would be a issue for me but I really appreciate this post because taking vitamin D might seem I’m going to get lots in me if this vitamin….but if too much of a good thing is not good for us either

So really good post of information We all need to keep to our dr recommended or the recommended doses

Big hugs

Peileen profile image

Hello again Madyy, I gave a quick reply earlier. But I thought this additional info might be interesting. On a TV magazine programme John Swinney was speaking about MS. (Not a political interview I have to stress) His wife has MS and he spends much of his time caring for her. He was extolling the virtues of vitamin D. He spoke about poor levels of vitamin D may be part of the reason there is a higher incidence of MS in the north. I know that vitamin D deficiency led to rickets because of its being essential in bone formation so it makes sense that the myelin sheaths in nerves might also be better made with vitamin D. I don’t know the outs and ins of MS apart from its prevalence in the north and that John Swinney and all his family now take it regularly. This is just a point of interest of course and obviously not relevant to yourself.

Madyy profile image
Madyy in reply to Peileen

Hi Peileen

Wow thank you for this, I have another condition call Trigeminal neuralgia,…and the myelin has depleted I have had 3 operations at the back of the Facial Nerves because it has worn away and my nerves touch from no myelin between

It’s been really bad, and yes concerns are of MS with me

So thank you so much for taking the time to post this

Big big hugs


Thanksnhs profile image

That's great I still haven't heard about either jag, hopefully next week x

Teejay_46 profile image

Hi. I have low vitamin D but Im on 1600 daily and get mine free, however mine is long-term and has been for the last three years my hair has fallen out and it has caused a number of issues. I do know though that many others do not get theirs free Im not sure why. I do have existing medical conditions concerning vitamins as I also have b12/folic acid and low iron so maybe that has something to do with it. Who knows 🤷🏼‍♀️

Madyy profile image
Madyy in reply to Teejay_46

Hi Teejay_46Sorry to hear about your health issues Thank you so much for your post, it’s interesting how vitamin or vitamins are needed in ourselves and without them we can be poorly

And just on a daily basic need

I hope you are having a good day and thank you for your post up

Big hugs

Hoocher profile image

Vit D 1000 much cheaper to buy rather than pay prescription. Boots own only about £4 for 3 month supply

Madyy profile image
Madyy in reply to Hoocher

Hi HoocherThank you for your post, yes this is good to know seems until I needed something like this I never needed to find out where to buy or the cost thank you for your post I appreciate

TigerLizzy profile image

I'm on vit D all the time it's also good for my psoriasis too. Been on it 2 years. I would take it if Dr says you need it

Madyy profile image
Madyy in reply to TigerLizzy

Hi TigerLizzy

Good to know about how great it’s worth taking ,and how it’s working for people and I’m glad it’s working positive for you,

Thank you for your post I appreciate

Big hugs

dikda profile image

DikdaHi Madyy,

For me this is exceptional - my second post in 2 days but I felt that I could not ignore your story!!!!! Like you, I have never been a 'vitamin taker' . If you eat and behave sensibly you should automatically get all the vitamins that you need without supplementing 'nature' or so I thought. However, some 3 years ago I woke up one Friday morning feeling just not right and having wandered down in my dressing gown which I never normally do and sat and read the post, I began to realise that I actually had symptons - general weakness, very low energy level, slightly giddy, muscularly weak and well below par. Bearing in mind that although then in my early eighties I was (and am) unusually very fit and active indeed. Having enjoyed a quad by-pass some 4/5 years previously - a non-event by the way- I started to question whether it was some sort of warning, so decided that if I was going to fall over I would be safer back in bed. Checked my BP&P which was slightly up and lay down. Relaxed for some 3 hours, checked my stats again and felt much better. Got up and all was normal. Next day no repeat - all normal. Sunday was a repeat of Friday - not good - once is a warning but twice is a threat. Telecon with GP on the Monday followed by a blood test which revealed abnormally low Vitamin D level - my comment to the GP was on the lines of"You have got to be joking"! A crash course of Vitamin D and a daily 1000 unit tablet ever since and all is right with the world. Did some research which related low D levels as a contributory factor to all sorts of problems even prostate cancer for which I am now in the 16th. year of remission. It is worth while Googling Vitamin D as it has much to answer for apparently and there seems to be more awareness in the USA of its importance and effects. There seems to be quite strong opinion that ALL who live in the northern hemisphere should take a daily dose. I still cannot believe that a vitamin deficiency could make one feel so very, very unwell.

Madyy profile image
Madyy in reply to dikda

Hi DikdaThank you so much for posting up your story

My story is like you, until I was feeling unwell Never even knew I was low on Vitamin D

Not being ever used to vitamin taking was used to getting all from my diet but I guess not

Thank you for taking the time to post up your experience of this, I never even knew where the manufacturing of vitamin d comes from, From sheeps wool of all places

Depending on the breed, healthy sheep will produce from 2 to 30 pounds of wool each year.

Wool is sheared from mature, live sheep.

Crude lanolin is extracted from the wool, amazing

Keep well, you are doing amazing

Big hugs

Jac91 profile image

My husband had low vitamin D levels was advised by gp to buy 800 ones as don’t get them on prescription! After the recommended 3 months of taking them, he had another blood test which showed his levels increased sufficiently that he could stop taking them but was advised to restart them during the winter months. Hope this helps

Madyy profile image
Madyy in reply to Jac91

Hi Jac91

Thank you for your post I appreciate

Big hugs

Triheart profile image

I have been taking Centrum 50+ for women which is a good quality multi vitamin for the last 5 years and my GP said it was one of the best.

Madyy profile image
Madyy in reply to Triheart

Hi Triheart

Thank you Great to know about this ,Might give it a go..thank you for your post

Big hugs

Knit4fun profile image

I had exactly the same, they are not saying you only need vitamin d for 2 months but after 2 months you have to pay for it yourself.

jerry12953 profile image

I asked my GP for a Vit D test and he said it was a difficult one to do. He said I might as well take it anyway - clearly not believing it would make any difference. He's a nice chap but a bit of a chemical doctor.......

Milkfairy profile image
MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to jerry12953

Vitamin D testing is not a difficult blood test to perform, it is however an expensive blood test.

I had my Vit D levels checked several years ago by my GP.

I now take Vitamin D drops as my blood levels were low.

Milkfairy profile image
MilkfairyHeart Star

Read GP thinking about their budget 😊

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