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Is anybody using this? This is the one that allows you to book GP appointments, get a Covid passport, look ar your GP records, etc and not the Track 'n' Trace one.

I tried to set it up a few weeks ago but it just didn't like my driving licence! Anyway feeling slightly better today I decided to try again. This time I got my driving licence accepted but failed at the next stage. Here you have to video yourself reading out four numbers. No it wasn't my whispering raspy voice but that my camera/video wouldn't sync up with the app. When I was unemployed in 2013/2014 the Universal Job Match was a pile of ****. When will government departments realise near enough is not good enough?!

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Yes, I use that NHS app, I chiefly use it to re-order medication, but it's also handy for making appointments and as an easily accesible central depository for all my NHS medical records.

I don't remember it being difficult to set up, but maybe the procedures have changed?However, I'd recommend persevering as it's a very useful app.

Good luck!

Used it today to order my repeats, great little app.

I use Patient Access and it she's all those things you write about Michael. Can see my records (and that was an eye opener as it included stuff that was NOT on my discharge letter - very odd!!)

This is what Patient Access looks like

I use it- find it really useful, and don’t remember finding it difficult to set up. I think I had a code from my GP surgery?

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I was trying to avoid that route. Maybe it's the one to take. It does seem a little OTT to me... ☹️

I set mine up with my passport and it breezed through. Tried using the wifes driving licence (misplaced her passport) for hers and failed each time, got the details from the GP and it sailed through for her.

I would try ringing the admin department of your doctor’s surgery. They were very helpful when I had problems. Make sure you let them know you want access to medical records as well, otherwise you can only do repeat prescriptions and book appointments.

I have been using it for ages and i do not recall any problems when installing it, i used to use patient access but persoanlly i prefer the NHS app.

I use that app and though temperamental, sometimes I have to attempt the logging several times depending on if am on WIFI or mobile data, I find it ok.

The initial registration was a nightmare, four times before it accepted my photo ID.

I used it three times to far to re-order my prescription, the annoying thing is that I still have to contact my GP so they authorise the request (don't ask).

Tried emailing the APP support and received a holding reply and that was three months ago...nothing since.

Despite the above, I would rather use as it have my Covid jabs certificates not to mention not having to ring the GP surgery who don't seem to prefer emails and messages than human contact.

Used NHS app for ages, was on Patient access then changed with help from my GP surgery. Very useful app, even showed all my results to a private consultant ,saved a fortune in more tests, !! Persevere it will be worth it !

I have been using patient access for a few years. Very simple to book appointments, view records/blood test results etc and request repeat prescriptions

I went to set it up some time ago and mentioned it to my HF nurse. She was shag and said that Norn Iron people weren’t allowed to see their notes, so I forgot about it. You’ve stirred my interest! Mind you I may leave it for a fortnight as we’re going to Crete next week and I’ve spent so much time setting up relevant health apps that I’m afraid of knocking one of them off!!

Hi, I've just used the system online app, didn't know there was any other ones to use. I know I'm not helping you, 😒 sorry. Sheena x

I use the system online app too. What is the NHS one mentioned please?

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It's this one. Just search for NHS App and download. Then the fun starts... 🤣🤣🤣


Yes I used it to set up our COVID vaccination passports because we went to Ireland to seen our son and daughter-in-law. You can only eat inside cafés and restaurants or visit museums there with the passports. The passports have a very short life but once you have done them they are easy to renew.

I've used it without any problems for ordering repeats, but I've also used system online for years as well. Blood test results also available on both as well. I also use it for my LFT Covid tests to visit someone in a home.

Hope you are doing OK Michael!

I use both patient access and the NHS app. Both have been easy to set up though the NHS one was a pain for logging in at one time but that seems to be better now. Both are helpful to me as I've added my elderly parents to mine so can order their meds etc. The downsides are that our GP practice doesn't allow for booking appointments now following the covid lockdowns nor give full access to medical records. Even though they are an excellent practice very slow in offering full access. In addition the patient access app is becoming more and more of offering private options and pointing in the direction of paid for services. Out of the two the NHS app seems to be much better.

Morning Michael

Set ours up via the GP surgery don’t remember there being a problem.

Hope your doing ok.

Best wishes Pauline

Patient access I use. Just fill out form at health centre. But in Scotland a lot of the features do not work (well my area ). I use for repeat prescriptions and checking appointments. No access to medical records Gil

Having the same issues with the App. Get as far as the video. Have tried all the options, checked phone settings etc. The Help said use GP numbers but when I asked at my surgery the receptionist said she didn't need numbersand she didn't know. I think she was getting confused with the Covid Track and Trace App. Your post has prompted me to have another go. If the video won't work again I'll phone the surgery and ask to speak to someone who knows these numbers. If you follow the help you'll see what I mean. Good luck!

Yup set it up via the gp surgery. Diddy work at first but now it foes its a great little app. No need to chase up for test results they are all in there going back to the year dot...

I really don't understand this!

I had no problem setting up the NHS App.

I can't remember exactly what was required, but certainly no passport or driving licence involved, no photo ID or talking or videos. Nor was the GP's surgery involved. They needed my NHS number obviously and they may have sent a code to my phone or I had to prove I wasn't a robot! I wanted it for the 'vaccination passport' in case it's needed for getting into events*. (I've been using Patient Access for a few years now for the other stuff)

*Having said that, went to our first live event at Leeds Town Hall on Monday and despite 2 emails from them stressing proof of jabs or negative lateral flow test would be required, we were waved in with a "Oh, we're not bothering with those' !! 🤨

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I think it is one of those things that is constantly tweaked to improve performance and enhance security. I can seem to escape doing tax returns and the online access has constantly made more secure - goodness knows how anybody with a desktop and landline manages.

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JoanyB in reply to MichaelJH

Maybe. I wondered if it told me the date when I downloaded the app. It doesn't but I evidently have Version 1.58.4 (1.57.0) whatever that means! I think it was about 3 months ago? Hope you can sort it out Michael.

My son uses that one. My surgery uses Patient Access. Son had no trouble with it and likes it. He can send a message to his GP and get a reply in 10 minutes.

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My previous surgery had its own variant of patient access. This was then upgraded so you needed two logins. One for "appointments and repeats" and the other for "ask a doctor and test results". I only used the latter as appointments were offered weeks away and it was easier to do repeats through my friendly pharmacy 200 yards away. These services went at the start of the pandemic and I am now with another surgery where the NHS App seems appropriate.

Afternoon Michael.I've set this app up on my iPhone, but used my passport details and it installed no problem. I've been using Patient Access, which of course doesn't have the Covid Passport on it, hence the reason for the NHS App.

Yes I use this app. I don’t remember any problem setting it up, certainly there was no video involved. Maybe they have changed the security requirements. I used to use Airmid UK which was what my surgery used for repeat prescriptions etc, but now I use the NHS app as it’s much quicker. I’ve also got my coded notes on there and of course my Covid Pass. Very useful app and essential if you need a covid pass to go to a venue. I hope you manage to get it set up, it is worth persevering.

Having used online patient access at the surgery for years, I thought I'd install the NHS app when it was introduced for the range of benefits it offered. Ha! No luck with either passport or driving licence recognition, but I persevered. Then, when everything including facial recognition had been accepted, I could get no further, so gave up, thinking my IT skills (or not!) were to blame. Not long after, tech-savvy partner tried the same app, but he was unsuccessful, too. Really wanting to have access to hospital results, we tried again earlier this year, and bingo! App successfully installed, complete with Covid passport. However, I have only opened it once more since the euphoria of that initial success, so have no idea if I will still be able to get into it. It was so complicated when we first tried that I am surprised anyone managed it! Maybe they are continually updating and improving, they certainly needed to!!

I use Patient access for my appointments and repeat meds. I found the NHS awkward to install - took 3 attempts and not as user friendly as Patient access.

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