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Off topic - just trying to help out!

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One of my regular customers saw the film we now stock and mentioned that he had some rolls they'd never had developed from when their kids were young and it was a pity you can't get them done any more.

Being helpful I invited him to drop them in and I'd see if they were saveable. Expected the 2 or 3 rolls that used to lurk in the corner of every kitchen drawer.

Boy was I wrong :D :D :D. No dates on them but some had no DX coding, which places them early 80s or older!

On the plus side, second roll through had what was obviously their youngest standing all proud in uniform for his first day at school, which makes the hours this'll take completely worthwhile :)

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Like my husband said, Crickey!

Btw, how's the Lands End walk going. I'm hoping to reach the Scottish border this weekend.

190km to the border after the slow start, but about 135km ahead of my pace marker so happy with that :)

Having been that customer with four or five ten year old+ rolls of 35mm found in a drawer, I really do think I'm going to cry thinking how wonderful what you've done is.

It always seems a shame to me when moments that were obviously important enough at the time to be photographed get lost on a forgotten roll - or 37!)

Won't be sharing many of these (obviously) because they're personal but, when the second roll throws up this (presumably) first-ever-day-of-school shot you know it's worth the time to do them :)

(they are colour films but developing as B&W because that gives the best chance of rescuing them)

New school uniform

Have to agree with Sunnie am sat here waiting for our youngest son to arrive for a few days, he as just sent a photo from Bournemouth airport which just said I am on my way, so was feeling a bit emotional anyway.You have the kindest heart, you are going to give this person such a wonderful gift.

Best wishes Pauline

Seems to me that heart problems give you a chance to reassess priorities - if you can't afford a few hours to spread a bit of random happiness then there wasn't much point in getting fixed :D

Couldn’t agree more, when we have had a close call it does make you think about life a bit more deeply, my mother used to say being kind to one another is really easy to do, and what you get back is priceless.

Best wishes Pauline

I think I like your mum :)

Me too, she as been gone along time but miss her lots.

" if you can't afford a few hours to spread a bit of random happiness then there wasn't much point in getting fixed"

Love this. It needs repeating 🙂

What a wonderful person you are. Big hugx

Enjoy your son's visit Pauline, treasure him.


I will, saw him about 2 months ago first time in over 18 months. He is here until Sunday so a lovely few days. He is doing a few jobs I just can’t manage, so earning lots of brownie points 😂

Pauline xx

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Thanksnhs in reply to 080311

Have a wonderful time with your family you must be so excited to see them, I hope you are both well char x

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080311 in reply to Thanksnhs

We are, he is working on his laptop at the moment! Off to B&Q later I need a few things so he can do his jobs for me😂 we are both good, how are you? Xx

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Thanksnhs in reply to 080311

Hi I am good, we were in Majorca got back on Wednesday it was gorgeous so good to get away after all this time,the weather was fantastic swimming in the sea twice a day bliss, the hotel was beautiful stunning views over Palma Nova bay, I cannot wait to go back, I missed it char x

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080311 in reply to Thanksnhs

Oh am so pleased you managed to get away at last. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Reading about the incredible weather and it’s raining so hard here it’s bouncing off the floor😂

Pauline xx

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Thanksnhs in reply to 080311

Same here, I can't wait to get away again it was so lovely x

Top man I am sure a lot of happiness will be seen

Well, apart from the school pic above, so far we have fairground rides, zoo trips, banger racing, and school sports days. Oh, and shiny 80s shell suits.

Suspect they're in for a major nostalgia-fest by the time I'm finished because that 80s vibe is making ME a little nostalgic and I wasn't even there 🤣

Thinking of nostalgia I found my old army handbag yesterday and spent an emotional evening re- reading letters I has stored in it from now long dead relatives as well as long lost ones ( as in no contact) from between 1961 and 69. All those years ago yet it feels like a couple of months only that the events written about happened. Proves time does fly. ✈️🛩🚁🛸🚀


Oh well done! That’s so good of you to take the time to do this I’m sure the family will be thrilled - I’m just at the point where I’m having my DVD’s put onto disc ours are mainly 80’s and 90’s plus some earlier cines my dad took when my brother and I were little you can’t put a value on what these memories mean can’t wait to watch them and show my four year old grandson his daddy when he was little 👏

How do you put a video on to a disc please? Would be interested to bring some of our history to life.

Hi lovetheoutdoors as it happens my cousin is doing this for me I don’t understand how it’s actually done I’m afraid but I’m sure different photography places do this as well even years ago places like max spielman (don’t know if they exist anymore) used to transfer to disc I’m sure if you google something will come up that will give you an idea anyway I hope you get something sorted take care 😊

Good on you. You will bring them such pleasure

Well another feel good start to the day. Thank you.

A few years back I was talking to a amateur photographer at work who commentated about poor quality photos. I strongly disagreed there is no such thing, all photo's are precious either tell a story, share a memory and provide an image of someone now gone or of better days.

What you have done is actually priceless, as it has bought so many happy memories back to me.

Wow, I've never not had my films processed. They cost too much not to see the results. I remember having just one 36 exposure roll for a camping trip in Norway in 1970 and being very careful not to use the film up too quickly. The problem was that I ended up being too mean and then having to use the film up with shots of Bergen on the return journey. Nowadays it is so easy just to take photos on your digital device and evaluate them later..... some parallels with modern surgery?

Apparently third child arrived, money got tight, and the couple of rolls needing developing "when we had the cash" became 3, then 4, then "too many to ever afford". But they kept on taking them because it was their children's childhood.

In a way that is quite sad as they were not able to enjoy the recent memories of their children, but thankfully will now be able to see them as they once were. Perhaps that is even more powerful..... note to self to get those video tapes I took out and have a look at them. 😀

That is a lovely thing you are doing. My brother has just finished digitising a heap of slides from when we were young, it will be lovely to put them on the television for dad who is nearly 97.

Nice one 👌

Snappy Snaps in Exeter ( 88 Queen Street 01392 492332) can send them off.....I even asked about a 110 film I found and it can be done, cost ....I don't know-yet!

I do my own 35mm, 120, 127 and 110. Not much 110 or 127 because 110 film is expensive and 127 is just not available anywhere except very old expired stuff but decided I wanted to be self-sufficient for all the cameras I own :D

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