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Some good news

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Hello all,

Jut thought I would post some good news. It is 18 months since my total LAD blockage, heart attack and stent and I felt it was time to get a fuller picture of recovery so I booked an echocardiogram and stress echocardiogram at my 6 monthly check up with the cardiologist. 105% of target heart rate achieved on the stress echocardiogram and no problems. The numbers from the echocardiogram showed significant improvement. The cardiologist showed me side-by-side videos of the affected heart wall from one month after the heart attack and last week. In the first the movement was hardly more than a twitch but in the second a clear, strong movement was present. Just shows what a little clean living and medication can do.

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Great news!

Thank you

It's always good to hear about successes on here.

Not least for people turning up scared and confused at the start of their heart journeys to see that the future may not be as dark as they think :)

That's great Tommy. I could only wish I lived where you live, and could get that follow up too!Same coronary history as you, zero follow up 2 years later!

Same as old hippy 👍

I got the follow up with the cardiologist within two hours, which is amazing. But there is a catch: The NHS doesn't stretch quite as far as Malaysia so I have to pay. Having said that the medical facilities are excellent, not stretched and less expensive.

Two years seems an oversight. I would ask your GP for a referral.

Hi Tommy waits. Very pleased for you . Brilliant outcome. I had same as you 2 stents in LAD + 1 in another artery. 1 year on and havnt heard a peep.

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tommywaits in reply to Fynndog

I thought the standard in the UK is a check up each year. Seems not from several posts. I would enquire, even if you feel well.

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Fynndog in reply to tommywaits

I must have asked more times than hot dinners. I even wrote to the Basildon cardiologist. She did reply but only to explain that I’d been stented abd on meds therefore I am fixed. Should I have further problems I should see my doctor who would then refer me on to cardiologist. You can’t win.

I had my tests about 15 months after my HA. I guess I was on a different timescale to most as I had a elective triple bypass in the interim. I was told the results straightaway, probably because they had difficulty finding any evidence that I'd actually had a HA. I almost felt a fraud.

Its great to read of other success stories. Well done on maintaining that excellent lifestyle Tommy. 😀

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tommywaits in reply to GWP1952

Pleased to hear things are going well for you.

Lovely positive post- great. Similar issues and my EF now in normal range. Hope others can feel hopeful too

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tommywaits in reply to Luisbrady

Nice to hear of your progress, Luisbrady.

Thanks Tommy for the positive post. We are all very pleased to hear your good news 👏👏👏👏

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tommywaits in reply to Wooodsie

Thank you, Woodsie

Well done tommywaits👍

Thank you Sunnysummerdays.

Nice to hear some good news for a change! Well played 👏🏼

Thank you Curlyman83. Good health.

That’s bloody fantastic! Well done

Thank you. Like the irony in your moniker

Congratulations and more heath to you 👏💐

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tommywaits in reply to 1975A

And good health to you too

That’s brilliant news you must feel relieved

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tommywaits in reply to Misstibbs

I do, and I feel very positive about the future

Metoo. 2 1/2 years since HA and stents, progress has been slow, in pace with the learning process, so my advice is to learn as much as you can, from as many sources as possible. Then percevere with all the healthy options you can do, diet with low carbs, lots of water, as much exercise as you can do, even from a chair, then lots of fresh air and stay positive. If you have a bad day followed by a good one, savour the good will improve, sometimes two steps forward one and a half step back. Kick as many drugs as your doctor will allow, I am down to just a statin and aspirin, from 5, the benzos took the longest to kick. As with my father I have a tiny shot of brandy before bed, his tipple was single malt scotch, but all the really old guys do the same. Don't let anyone tell you "it's only in the mind" that may be so but the mind is half the illness.

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tommywaits in reply to DaveSpice

Thank you Dave Spice. I see a lot of sense in what you say especially the need for a positive mindset.

That's great news to hear

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tommywaits in reply to Hoocher

Thank you Hoocher.

Well done! 🥳

Thank you Crotchetwoman.

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