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Seems we hearties never get a break

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Hi all,

Am really sorry as I know I shouldn't moan but in the last 2 years I was diagnosed with serious cardiac artory disease and had to endure unstable angina, then a double heart bypass, then scapula dyskinesis as a consequence of the surgery, then I got covid and now I have sciatica which has effected my back and left leg and is cripplingly painful. I've tried to eat well, exercise, get my sleep etc but it's just one thing after another. At the moment I'm on 11 pills a day for my CAD and sciatica, feel terrible and finding it really hard to stay motivated and positive. Am doing all the right things but it's one ailment after another.

Am not after sympathy as I know a lot of people have it worse than me, to be honest I'm not sure why I'm typing this and feel rather selfish but I just needed to vent as so fed up and frustrated.

Hear is to all us hearties on here, it's not bloody easy at times is it!

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You vent as much as you need too, sometimes it’s such hard work when it seems life just kicks us in the teeth.I have never had sciatica my husband has it came out of the blue and disappeared the same.

You hang on in there, things will improve.

Best wishes Pauline

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Judge_Dredd in reply to 080311

Thanks Pauline, fingers crossed mine does the same as your husbands.

Sciatica does seem to be more common following heart issues. Smarts rather doesn’t it. I felt generally awful for several weeks which turned out to be sciatica. It got to my knees then decided to go away.

Stick in there. Things will improve. Keep smiling and keep positive


Thanks Blackcat. Smarts is a much more polite way of describing sciatica than I would use 😂! Mine is in my knee at the moment which isn't fun, especially at night. What concerns me most is that my torso is twisted to one side, don't know if that's due to having a potential slipped disc, will see what the physio says.

Hi I think you had your op just before me and I was so grateful for your posts here. It has been a strange couple of years. I haven’t had any follow up really after my quadruple heart bypass except my 6 month check and steroid injections for a keloid scar. COVID-19 has made it so hard to see a GP, and I moved house, so I would say you shouldn’t feel bad about needing to vent. The fact that many of us have struggled (I have put on a stone in weight, my diet has reverted to including cake and alcohol and I’m not exercising every day anymore) should indicate to you that you are not alone, rather than make you feel bad about yourself. I have been very low in recent months and my sternum seems to have developed a ridge and painful bump so I’m really not looking forward to winter but you should try and ride this out, you can’t control everything by doing everything right and perhaps if you can accept that the sciatica especially must be putting a terrible strain on you (physio is best for this I suffer with same on and off) this feeling of frustration will pass.

Thanks Tilly, great to hear from you! Yeah, it's definitely been an odd couple of years. Having our heart ops during a covid pandemic certainly threw normal post-op rehab out of the window for us both. It makes me wonder if things might have been different if the rehab had not been effected. Sorry to hear about your sternum, I still have chest issues and aches and left side numbness. It's hard to describe but my chest just feels miss-aligned. It's hard not to feel down about things but you're right, the feelings do pass. Have to admit though, I have also had the odd drink and cake 😂

Hello :-)

I agree it is not easy at times and no matter what you are going through it affects us how ever small or big it may be so you have a good vent this is what the Community is here for :-)

I hope writing it all down has helped even if in a small way :-) x

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Judge_Dredd in reply to BeKind28

Thanks BeKind, I usually try and avoid coming on here and venting but it has helped.

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BeKind28 in reply to Judge_Dredd

Hello :-)

Well hope you will feel you can come and vent more often it is better than holding it all in and suffering in silence or I think it is :-) x

You have had a rotten time. Love and virtual hugs is all I have to offer.

Thanks Rufus.

Vent away! As you say life seems to have stages where it is just one thing after another - whether that is health, family, work or whatever. Just because other people may indeed have worse things wrong with them, doesn't mean your problems and worries aren't valid. They are.

I have had other heart issues, but can sympathise with sciatica. It is an awful pain that is quite difficult to treat until it gets better. Make sure your GP is treating you. With best wishes x

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Judge_Dredd in reply to Nettekin

Thanks Nettekin. My local hospital and GP have been really good and sorted out physio for me which will really help. Am concerned that my torso is twisted to one side so will be good to discuss that with them.

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Nettekin in reply to Judge_Dredd

Hi judge. Glad to hear you have been offered help. I have degenerative disc disease and if it is flaring up I will often realise I am slightly twisted (well more than usual!!) And bent over a little. I think it's like the body bends in almost as a form of protection. I do try then to correct my posture as long term it really doesn't help of course. Hope all goes well for you. X

Vent away, Judge. It's not selfish to say it's Not Fair when it isn't fair!

Thanks Thatwasynexpected!

If it makes you feel one bit better - vent away! At least we all can comprehend those feelings - most of us have railed against an unfair life at times. And sciatica is soooo painful..and pain brings you down. Keep venting until you feel up to facing forward again.

Thanks Frances, yeah after everything the last couple of years this has been by far the most painful and seems to take ages to abate. Fingers crossed its on the mend though.

Hang in there.

Thanks Anyuser!

I, quite recently, had a bad bout of sciatica. I'm not allowed anti-inflammatories, just paracetamol. My GP recommended hot and cold compresses. The cold reduces inflammation and the heat helps repair. He also suggested googling some stretches to help untrap the sciatic nerve. I have to say, this worked really well, especially heat patches.I hope you find some relief soon.

Thanks Just-Wanna-Run. Not sure I could cope with just being on paracetamol, I have been put on a cocktail of anti-depressants as they relax nerve pain and muscle relaxants. The hot and cold compresses do help though. Am seeing the physios this week so hoping they will advise stretches. Like the name, just want to go out running too!

I vent to my wife all the time. It's a journey we're on, there are millions of us who did the right thing health-wise and still have this lousy disease. Mood swings are normal, so are low periods. But for me any day above ground is a good one -- at least that's what I tell myself!

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Judge_Dredd in reply to pasigal

Thanks Pasigal!

Hello just wanted to say so sorry your having a bad time you wonder at times why so much is thrown at you and yes vent as much as you like it’s at least some kind of release which hopefully Makes you feel a bit better at least for your mental well-being if nothing else the frustrating thing about all this is I wish I had a magic wand to rid everyone on here that’s suffering unfortunately I can only listen but I do wish you well and hope these nasty symptoms ease soon 🙏x

Thanks Retirement65, I have to admit I do feel better for getting it off my chest.

You say you’re not after sympathy, but you have mine. People who have good health totally take it for granted x

Thanks Fifty!

Vent away. It seems when you have one thing, every thing after that is just too much; like a kick in eh face; like our bodies are out to get us.

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Judge_Dredd in reply to Qualipop

Thanks Qualipop, yeah I, have definately fallen out with my body!

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Qualipop in reply to Judge_Dredd

You are only slightly over half my age. Believe me getting older isn't for sissies . I have similar to sciatica; like bolts of lightening down the front of my legs every step I take. Got referred to musculo skeletal 5 months ago- still haven't heard a word from them. I went to physio privately but couldn't afford any more. I Live in constant pain, take opiates every 3 hours, can't even manage to get dressed until I've done at least 2 hours of stretches and with degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia and peripheral neuropathy which make my heart disease seem like something and nothing, I can't even get out of the house until mid afternoon so even a sore throat or blocked ears seem like they are massive and just one thing too much to cope with. But what can you do except live with it and get on with what you can do. Have you tried acupuncture for the sciatica? Not a permanent cure but it does help or if you can find a well qualified Bowen Therapist near you, t ry that. i've seen it completely cure sciatica in one treatment. Make sure it's a therapist who has done training on anatomy though and who promises they won't try more than 3 treatments if it's not helping. Not someone who's just done a few weeks' course on Bowen and nothing else. My therapist retired and the other two near me are not good enough or I'd be there immediately.

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Judge_Dredd in reply to Qualipop

Thanks Qualipop, am seeing the physio tomorrow and am going to ask about acupuncture as others have also recommended it. I greatly admire your outlook on life, I think that's another area I need to work on.

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Qualipop in reply to Judge_Dredd

It's not "an outlook on life" What alternative is there? LOL

Hi I had surgery 2 years ago my story is on here somewhere ,anyway I lost my wife to cancer in April this year she was only 52 same as me been together since we were 15 , iam broken but I have to carry on we never had children, but I promised her I would try to get on with my life it is hard but you have to positive iam really sorry for your situation ,but you will get better just look for the positives in your life we are always here for everyone on here.

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080311 in reply to dazm50

I am so sorry to read of your loss, you have my sincere condolences.

Best wishes


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Judge_Dredd in reply to dazm50

Thanks Dazm and I am so sorry for your loss. I wish I had a fraction of your strength and outlook.

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Retirement65 in reply to dazm50

Hello dazm50 just sending my condolences to you it must have been awful and still is for you; you sound like your doing your very best so I just wanted to wish you well and hope you find some peace soon take care sending a virtual hug x

Have you tried acupuncture for sciatica, if you can find someone good it works well.

Thanks Maisy, I have my first physio appointment this week so I will ask about acupuncture.

I had sciatica years ago and was off work for months. But treatment then was bed rest etc. Last time I had my Doc gave me pain killers and told me to gently exercise and keep warm. It had gone in a week 😊

Thanks Mike, the pain has subsided now enough that I can now walk so am hoping a bit of gentle walking and whatever the physio recommends will get me sorted.

Oh well, if you don't want sympathy that's all right then! You're having a bit of a battering, chuck - let it out. When you get to the other side of this you'll deservedly feel like Superman. Hang in there. Can't be too long now. Though sciatica is a ****** as I know to my cost. Look after the bowels. Sorry but it's true in so many cases. All the best.

Sorry to hear your suffering Judge. Hope the physios have been able to provide some help?

My fiancé has had a similar bout of bad luck health wise since his bypass (AFib, pulmonary changes due to his COPD and now likely peripheral artery disease) and I want to stamp my feet and say “its not fair” on his behalf!

Thanks Chickenlou, am really sorry to hear your fiance is still having issues. Have to admit, for a while I was worried my leg issues were due to peripheral artory disease.

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