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Discharge at 6 week review

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I had my CABG last September and was expecting a 12 month review.

Having moved house in the interim, I phoned yesterday for an update only to be informed I was discharged at my 6 week review. Is this normal?

I was hoping for some sort of check up, some reassurance, and general overview.

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Like you I was discharged by consultant after six weeks. However you should have your medication review by your GP annually. They would also check bloods and your BP and HR

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Wooodsie in reply to gilreid1

Thanks Gilreid, I will phone the Dr.


I had my 6 week check up with my surgeon discharged back to cardiologist 6 month check with him discharged back to my GP. Like gil have yearly review and blood pressure blood tests plus ( up to the pandemic) have yearly echocardiogram as had Aortic valve replaced and and they check the pressure.

Hope that’s of some help.


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Wooodsie in reply to 080311

Thank you Pauline. I will try the Dr.

They do discharge you relatively quickly - there work is done!!!! Then it’s over to your GP to manage meds etc. It does feel a little scary to be on your own at 1st but I suppose for now the prob is fixed!!!

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Wooodsie in reply to Gail1967

Thanks Gail, yes, it is scary. Who knows what's going on under there 🤷‍♂️

Hubby was discharged by his surgeon after about seven weeks.Unfortunately he landed back in a different hospital a week later having had a stroke, probably as a result of two of his tablets being stopped abruptly. He recovered fairly well and Has been under the GPS care for the past 3 years.

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Wooodsie in reply to Janma123

Thank you Janma. I am sorry to hear about your husband, but pleased he is slowly recovering.

Six weeks is fairly normal. I had a 'clicky sternum' at my Six weeks check so was given a further Six weeks under the surgery team.

I am off to the QE this morning for my hopefully final visit.

But they like to pass us on to our own gp as quickly as possible.

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Wooodsie in reply to Rogo23

Good luck at the QE 😊. I fell on cupboard I was carrying and smashed my sternum quite badly. Had x-ray at A&E they said all good but it did click for quite while after 🤷. Hope yours is OK

Thanks it feels OK so will find out for certain in 30 minutes. 🙏

Clean bil of health, so I Start back to work on Thursday. Though that I should let you know.

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Wooodsie in reply to Rogo23

Good news 😃 I hope going back to work is good news too 🤔🤣

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Rogo23 in reply to Wooodsie

It is. 👍

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