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Living with and improving Morning High Blood pressure

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Hi all,

May I get my frustration off my chest today by posting (as it helps me). Sorry in advance.

I feel pretty lonely trying to deal with my HBP. It's so frustrating not being able to see your GP and talk it through.

I'm on Ramipril (Mornings) and Amlodipine (Evenings) and yes they have really helped bring down my BP from 222/112 to pretty normal in the afternoon and evenings but I still have morning hypotension. Sometimes I think I'm getting there and then I'm frustrated by my morning reading. I'm going to send my results to the GP again to ask for his advice (by e consult) this week. I've made changes in exercise and diet and lost a stone in weight but I'm really not sure that the Amlodipine is making much difference over night. Has anyone else had similar frustrations? Can anyone offer any advice or even just a big smile to encourage me to keep battling on. Thank you - I've attached my readings - I really don't like the morning BP's I'm getting. Andrew

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Dear BPBy all means let off steam, this site includes steam letting as part of its DNA.

Please note I have no medical training. I am replying purely based on my comparison. I take Ramipril and it has worked for me. Amlodipine doesn’t like me.

You have done so well to get your BP from a worrying 222/112 down to a very decent level.

I find that taking frequent readings, causes my BP to rise. So I won’t do daily readings any more.

This morning my reading (first thing) was a very disappointing 170 but then three minutes later 141then 139. It does seem arbitrary. I do find the square breathing will settle things down.

I live in rural Essex where 140 is deemed ok. I also have a home in Harrow and they say 130 is the max.

I am currently having cataracts removed. They wouldn’t do the op if my BP was 200. Yet on the day, they didn’t baulk at the high reading. Round two of cataracts is coming up. Wonder what they will declare.

What a good idea…sending the readings to your GP online.

I think relaxation techniques will lessen your BP.

I blame the lovely Emma Radders for this mornings higher BP, but it was so very worthwhile.

Amazing young lady. Amazing. I was very keen tennis player back in the days of wooden bats and strict codes of conduct.

Finally my lovely big black cat is excellent for reducing stress levels. My first ever pet.

Best wishes


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BP120 in reply to Blackcatsooty

Thank you Blackcatsooty for responding. It really helps me keep things in perspective. All we need now is a nice photo of your feline friend to cheer us all. Keep safe and thank you again. Andrew

Hello :-)

Your blood pressure is always higher in a Morning or so my Doctor tells me but from your readings the positive thing to focus on the meds are working as once you take them during the day your readings are fine

You may be getting a little anxious in the Mornings when taking it which won't help and make it slightly higher

Keep a record for a week or two of your readings and show them your Doctor if they are still happy with it then try and relax knowing they would change it if they felt a need to

I can get obsessed with my readings and have to tell myself the same if they are happy then just keep doing what I am doing :-) x

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BP120 in reply to BeKind28

Thank you for responding BeKind28, you taking the time to do so is really appreciated by me and raises my spirits. Your advice really helps. Andrew

Techy skills might not allow my reply.

Colour snap
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BP120 in reply to Blackcatsooty

Beautiful cat. Keep well.

Nice cat and good for lowering the blood pressure.. I have eight cats all strays my wife has rescued which keeps me fit and stops me worrying about ageing arteries.

My goodness eight cats. I find one cat occupies a lot of my energy. I visit the local cat lady, she has, on average, twenty cats but her goal is to get the majority placed with suitable humans. I support the cat lady and I like her company.

Sooty adopted us shortly after I had a stroke. He was brilliant with me during the convalescence. Then when I had a heart op, last year, he was very good with my other half.

We spoil him rotten.


I have the same, always was on the low side, but now morning ones are high. My gp tried a couple of things, then said stop taking it in the morning. My cardiologist put me on low dosage of bp meds. Perindopril 2mg in the evening. Don't know what my bp is now. Take care. Moni

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BP120 in reply to MONIREN

Thank you Moniren. You keep well too.

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MilkfairyHeart Star


Here are the suggested readings for high, normal and low pressure from the NHS.

As a general guide:

Ideal blood pressure is considered to be between 90/60mmHg and 120/80mmHg

High blood pressure is considered to be 140/90mmHg or higher

Low blood pressure is considered to be 90/60mmHg or lower

I hope this helps.

I have the opposite problem, my blood pressure tends to be low as I am on so many medications that relax my blood vessels. Or it could be my dog Millie ?

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BP120 in reply to Milkfairy

Awww, lovely.

Hi no120 I would just say bekind hit the nail on the head so I would take that advice I was similar to you I didn’t feel well so had to do some readings and hand them into the surgery and wait for the call I have to say I could tell the GP had not read them as he was asking me repeatedly what the readings were! So it didn’t fill me with confidence so I was still worried and kept taking my bp it was always up more in the mornings and is meant to be it’s your body clock in fight and flight mode obviously different if exceptionally high but I think I made it worse by keep taking it I eventually needed to go to a&e and my bp was very high but I knew deep down I needed some extra medication which I’mStill on (bendroflumethazide ) along with amlodipine and sotolol and it’s behaved itself ever since but I don’t take my bp half as much as it did send my health anxiety into orbit hope you feel better soon 🤞

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BP120 in reply to Retirement65

Thanks for taking the time to reply Retirement65, it most helpful and appreciated by me.

It's good that you have taken ownership of monitoring your BP. I too started to do that once regular visits to the nurse ceased during Covid. Unfortunately I had a second NSTEMI in July 2021 after my original one in October 2019. At no point, either before my original NSTEMI or since, have I suffered high BP. BUT I am on Ramipril. I'm being titrated back to 10mg.

But the thing is this: I am prescribed to take my Ramipril at night. I am not sure why there are, or might be, different reasons for taking it at night or in the morning. A solution to discuss with your pharmacist or doctor might be a change in timing? I am also on Felodopine that I take each morning. So my regime is the opposite to yours!! I am under the care of the excellent Blackpool Victoria hospital's Lancashire Cardiac Centre and I trust them totally.

Hope you get a solution to your problem.

Best wishes, John

Thanks Heartattackvictim. My GP has set out his plan clearly today. He has increased my morning dose and then told me the options for the future if the target BP is not met. . Thank you for responding - it gives me clear ideas on how to manage my treatment and anxiety.

Just a thought about taking your BP. Have you tried putting the cuff on and getting set up 5 minutes before taking a reading and then spending those 5 minutes relaxing? I find reading something of interest helps release tension.

As for why you get higher readings in the morning, I agree with what others have suggested in that one of your medications may be either taken at the wrong time of day or have little or no effect. The matter needs to be referred to your GP.

Thanks GWP1952. My GP has set out his plan clearly today. He has increased my morning dose and then told me the options for the future if the target BP is not met. I found him extremely helpful (first time since the pandemic that I have been able to talk it through!) . Thank you for responding - it gives me ideas on how to manage my treatment and anxiety.

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