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Heart failure / jab

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My dad has just been told he has heart failure due to damage to the heart following the vaccine jab.

He are stunned and a little lost. Anyone else with this? He has been a fit firefighter for 30+ years.

No health conditions.

Can this reverse at all? Not much information yet

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Did a health professional tell him that it’s due to the Covid jag?

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Holly_lax in reply to Notdead

Yep, head cardiologist told him face to face.

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Notdead in reply to Holly_lax

Wow that’s crazy. If I was your dad I’d be asking the cardiologist to put that in writing

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Holly_lax in reply to Notdead

He’s just been told there will be a verbal report…won’t put anything in writing.And that he will be sent to London for whole body mri and testing as part of a vaccine injury study, consultant said they are seeing more and more issues arising.

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Holly_lax in reply to Notdead

Been told today it will all be telephone consultations, they will not put anything in writing.

hi has this been reported via the yellow card system

I don’t think so yet

Hello, try not to panic. The Heart failure description covers a very wide range.. It could be that his heart is functioning only slightly less well than normal. Hope he gets some answers to his diagnosis soon.

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Holly_lax in reply to Isobel1

Thankyou . They have said that he will be sent for a whole body mri and other test as part of ‘vaccine injury study’ !

Glad they're following him up, try not to let him get too worried, xx easier said than done !

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Holly_lax in reply to Isobel1

Thankyou! X

hi i have been in a similar position (see my profile) i reported it myself on yellow card but so did cardiologist. it is still under discussion with cardiologist, haematology and infectious diseases, but is looking like astra zenica was the cause

I’m so sorry, they admitted they are seeing more and more..My dad was a fireman for 30+ years, no health issues and tests have been fine.

How are you doing now?

not too bad,did well up until 5 weeks ago seem to have gone backwards feeling nauseous etc think its the meds tho, heart doin fine i think!! I was quite fit and did an active manual job(engineer)

Hope your feeling better soon and get some more answers also. I think they’re will be a lot more.:::

Think I’m more angry than my dad!

My mums joined this site so will let her know also on your profile.

thank you hope all goes well

Sorry to hear about your dad but it does resonate with me basically I was ok till a while ater the two oxford vaccines started to get quite severe angina although I did have a heart attack 11 years .ago for reasons I wont go into I was given a angiogramme just before covid started given the all clear and then had a stress test done with the chemical induced method and then a tet for blood flow showing no reduction great i thought a matter of weeks after having both jabs i started to get angina even going up stairs i still work worked until then in a physical job landscaping mixing concreate laying slabs and even tree surgery no chance now i dont know if it's the jabs but I've got my suspicion it was .just waiting for a MRI now I'm 67 so not young but I thought I might be able to carry on for a while .I now doubt I will have the booster I'm afraid I dont trust the media to tell the truth any longer.

Sorry to hear that, I have huge suspicions re vaccine…have to admit I have not had it (im 40), due to seeing some effects and having my own health stuff going on, do not want to add to it!His first consultant completely disregarded the vaccine when mentioned , the second head cardiologist said he wanted to be truthful, spent ages going through my dads whole life and history, said it is the only cause.

It scares me what other after effects we are yet to see

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Holly_lax in reply to Holly_lax

My mum and dad will not be having any boosters also.Hope you get some more answers and things get better.

I’m so sorry this happened to your Dad. Please report it to vaers. 💛


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Holly_lax in reply to Niki_

Thankyou. Will ask him to

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MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to Holly_lax

Vaers is the reporting system for the USA.

In the UK it is the yellow card system. If your father is in a 'vaccine injury trial' it will have been completed by his Cardiologist.

The adverse side effect will be investigated as


Most of us on the forum are heart patients which means we are at high risk of serious illness or even death if we caught Covid.

This perhaps alters our perspective, we may consider the overwhelming benefits of vaccination outweigh the very small risk of being vaccinated

It is of course your choice whether you take up the offer of a vaccine, however I hope you make the decision for the right reasons.

I am not sure if it is appropriate for anybody other than a person's registered healthcare professional, responsible for their care, to give advice about not having the Covid vaccine.

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Holly_lax in reply to Milkfairy

Thankyou for the information.I will let him know.

All I know is my dad was fine, there is no reason and the cardiologist has said this is what has caused it, the vaccine.

I agree, I don’t think anyone should be giving anyone advise, it is up to each individual and their own health concerns.

I choose not to, but I am not necessarily anti vax, just pro choice.

This is still a clinical trial drug we know absolutely nothing about. he has told my dad they just don’t know a lot of things yet as to life expectancy and how he will recover.

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