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Just about bed time.

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Because tomorrow there's a 6am alarm set for the Anglesey half marathon - yes, the day has finally arrived! Not sure I'm going to sleep too well but I'm not feeling as nervous as I'd expected and, seeing as I've never done one, I know if I finish I set a PB :D

Also, the collection for the BHF on justgiving now stands at £707, with a bit more to collect from the local shop on Monday. Happy with that seeing as my plan to collect mercilessly off customers in the shop was pretty limited thanks to Covid and it feels like it's worthwhile going into it :)

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All the best of luck TWU. Sure you will smash it. Let us know how it goes when you have recovered. 😄x

Thanks, and will do :)

Have even strapped a (film) camera on my water pack in case I feel like sharing some POV shots of the scenery - developing it will give me something to do in the afternoon when I'm too sore to stand up :D

All the best. Im sure you will smash it. Please do share the justgiving link here

Thanks, and happy to :)


thanks. Done a little

'Break a leg' doesn't seem appropriate 🤪 so i'll just say "Run Forest, Run" 😁


Hope you set a blistering pace...but without any actual blisters.

Good luck!

Thanks :)

I've set a smart companion on my watch to pace me at 7:50 / km. Not fast but should be achievable over the distance and would get me round in 2 hrs 45.

As long as it keeps saying I'm leading my companion I know I'm goid for my planned time & anything faster with the adrenaline is a bonus!

You will do fantastic! Think of how far you have came , you truest are an inspiration to many , myself included . Can’t wait to hear about it all when you finish . Best of luck xx

Thanks :)

Can't guarantee a race report tomorrow because I have no idea what state I'll be in afterwards but will as soon as I can :)

Sleep well and run well. You will!!

Can't wait to hear how it all went ..

Thanks :)

Will try to update in the afternoon but it may well be a brief "I'm still here!" :D

Best of luck. I've followed you throughout since my HA 14 months ago, and you've helped me get back to running which I suspended following the event.

Great to hear that :)

There's so much (totally understandable but out-dated) fear out there about post heart attack life.

Modern treatments really are so much better than the days when an attack often meant "bed-rest for life" but I guess the collective psyche takes time to catch up!

Meanwhile, anything that helps change those assumptions has to be good for those who can :)

Well done you think it’s brilliant what your doing both for charity and your well-being take care and good luck 🤞😊

Thanks :)

Unfortunately, my alarm DID work this morning, so that's one excuse gone.... :D

Good luck you will do just great 👍

The very best of luck, you will do great I am sure. Looking forward to hearing all about it.


Good luck I hope you really enjoy your day all the best

Good luck today bud, let us know how it go’s

There are no trains up the coast as far as Rhyl from chester today. So Anglesey won't be as busy as usual. 😁Fingers crossed you will smash itgood luck

Best wishes for a good half marathon Joe. 😀

You are probably on the starting line now. You've got this 👏👏👏😀😀😀

Only just noticed this M8, I'm just waiting to do a local 10K myself, best of luck just dig in (you probably won't get this until you finished but never mind). Great morning for it here in Derbyshire.

Fantastic! The very best of luck to you 🙂

Go smash it! x

Just enjoy the day, whether you run, walk or jog!

Just seen this, so you're probably sat down now with your feet up, bacon sarnie in one hand, cuppa in the other, and a medal round your neck. Great work to have got so far :)

Good luck and if things get a little tiring, just remember the old army days........Head down, one foot in front of the other and keep plodding. Well done and best wishes. Good luck.

Thanks, and pretty sure the ghost of LCpl Stokes (Depot PTI) was on my shoulder for the later stages.

If not, I was just randomly swearing at passing bushes 🤣

Made it 😀

More to follow later!

Is that to the start line........... 🤣

Yep, and the finish. Though not necessarily in that order.... 🤣

Did let myself get dragged out too quick at the start and REALLY suffered for it in the later stages but got round in 2:48:16 which isn't too far off my 2:45:00 target and GPS reckoned I covered an extra 600m which has to be good for 5 minutes!

Watch and phone (separate GPS) both gave a 21.1k time of 2:42-and-a-bit.

Awesome m8, well done 👏👏👏👏

Brilliant! What an achievement. Great determination. Well done.

Thanks :)

It's another small step in becoming immortal again like I was before my HA :D

Now pack in the you know what's 😉

Yeah, really should. Just need to get Sian on board because I know I won't manage it if she doesn't :(

Incidentally, got to the start line and realised my tobacco tin was in the back pocket of my shorts!

Stuffed it into my water pack, but bet I was the only one out there equipped to roll up during the run - would have had to cadge a light off someone though ☺️

lmao 😂🤣

Reminds me of an old clip from the Tour de France where a few of the riders are smoking 😱

Yep, "opens the airways" don't you know :D

Nice one, congrats bud

Thanks :)

Back to normality now, gym tomorrow afternoon 😁

Good on you!

What are you signing up for next? 🤪

Not sure but, once Covid's properly under control, a pub crawl sounds tempting right now... 😄

Wow. How brilliant. Well done you. What an achievement.Sorry I didn't reply before...in the meantime I've been in and given not the expected one, but two triclips (Edwards Pascal Ace). I am hoping for improvement, but perhaps it needs time to show!

I don't plan on attempting half marathons, though it would be nice to get back on board my horse for a gentle stroll around the block!

Thanks :)

Half marathons were the last thing on my mind even before my HA. But lockdown does funny things to people :D

Great achievement, well done.

Thanks :)

Not one I plan to repeat in a hurry but feels great to have got there!

Well done. Hope it wasn't too hot. I've been out walking and have just come in dripping,

It was warm, but had a 2 litre hydration pack on my back so managed to keep on top of things.

Besides, after the half-way hill (I'll have nightmares for years....) the tiredness in my legs was pretty much drowning out any other signals to my brain. Honestly think I could've run off Beaumaris Quay into the Straits and not noticed 🤪

Hi TWU. Just noticed on the posts that all went well for you today. So pleased for you. Fitness has moved up my priority list and as soon as I've confirmed I haven't got covid I will be putting a plan in place. Although not in the realms of a half marathon. Pretty hot down here in Aber today, hope it wasn't too bad for you. Once again well done you! X

Thanks, and definitely worth going for it (maybe not HM though - I'll certainly be sticking to 10k from now thanks :D )

Weather was a little warmer and a LOT clearer than they'd forecast but, tbh, the tiredness in my legs by half way was blocking out just about every other sensation :D

And, a few photos from the freshly developed film of the morning :)

Pretty happy with them seeing as I didn't stop running to take them!

Collage of photos from the Anglesey Half Marathon 2021

Brilliant. Well done :)


And the best part is that (to date) the BHF is getting £825 out of it :)

Not bad for a couple of hours slog. Oh, and all the slogging that lead up to it :)

The lead up was a LOT more enjoyable than the event - but didn't come with a free T shirt :D

Wow! Well done 👏, really pleased for you 😊 x

Thank you :)

Just wrapped up my finisher's memento (a slate coaster with the event details on it) to send to the cardiology team who stented me. I don't use coasters anyway and figure they probably don't get much in the way of feedback on good results :)

What a nice idea, I’m sure that would mean a lot to them 😊

Hopefully they'll appreciate it.

I literally couldn't have done it without them and suspect the only customers they normally hear from again are the ones who need further treatment so a small "thank you" is in order :)

With all the very best wishes, well done..x

Thank you ☺️

I think my watch has more faith in me than I have 😁

Watch showing recovery time

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