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Not sure what my letter means

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Hi! I’m a 36 year old male with a family history of heart disease. Normally fit and well. I have just had a transthoracic echo. The cardiologist was happy with the scan. However in the letter he wrote “He has normal bi-ventricular systolic function with no significant valvular disease”. Does this mean I have some valvular disease or am I over thinking this? My grandad died at 58 after a 2nd heart attack. Thanks.

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You're over-thinking it.

It's virtually impossible to say there's NO disease in a heart without performing an autopsy, which I'm guessing you'd prefer they didn't.

By saying "no significant" they cover everything from "none" to "a bit but not enough to worry about" without having to cut you open to check :)

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Shado-Straker in reply to Thatwasunexpected

Thanks for replying. That makes sense. I’m sure if there was anything untoward I’d know about it! 🙂

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Thatwasunexpected in reply to Shado-Straker

Yes. They tend to put the bar for "significant" pretty low so, if there's any doubt they test further.

Hi, good that you're normally fit and well, so why the echo?

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I started with ectopic beats at Christmas time. Most likely linked to stress, it was a very rough few months personally. I went to a&e as they lasted for more than a week, who then referred me to the cardiologist. I do have postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, but this is well under control.

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Makes sense to me now. You did the right thing going to A&E, my Cardiologist has always told me that should be my first option and don't bother with the GP.

I wouldn't mind coming away from an echo, with no significant valvular disease....😃

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yup blowed if I would go to my GP first. Much as I like him he had no clue with the valve disease and operation. I reported back to him a few weeks after OHS that my heart surgeon wants my BP below 140. " oh we would all like that, ho ho" ...Yes but most of us haven't got a new heart valve.

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This very much sounds like "consultant speak". They cannot give any of us a 100% completely clear bill of health because we live in a litigious society and they won't leave themselves open to legal action. I've found positive news given to me face to face in a consultation has been watered down when put in writing.

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Shado-Straker in reply to GWP1952

That's very interesting! It's almost like they have to part Dr part lawyer these days.

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Sounds okay to me..... Following my valve replacement in hospital I had a few issues. They had to do two brain scans. when they reported back to me they said "nothing of significance " . I laughed...okay not too much as my scar was new. cheers Tessie

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Haha! They could have worded that better..

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