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Heart attack???

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Not sure if I’m having or had heart attack. Pain in left upper back started five days ago out of the blue lasted ten mins and I went sweaty and out of breath. Then it subdued. However the last few days pain in my back and left arm has being getting worse, since today it is now constant and unbearable particularly in the arm, I feel nauseous and start to sweat profusely when getting up to do housework.

On the flip side I’m wondering if it’s just a bad strain and I’m seating more because the weather has been hot. I don’t want to call the hospital unnecessarily and I don’t feel well enough to sit in a and e waiting room.

I’ve taken two cocodamol but still very uncomfortable just laying on sofa in front of fan for now trying to stay calm.

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Hiya. I think you should call an ambulance they will check you out

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janeytrace in reply to Notdead

Ok thanks

You should at least call your GP or 111, no medals for being brave !!!

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janeytrace in reply to bantam12

Aye thanks

Will do thanks

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MilkfairyHeart Star

I agree with everyone else.

Please call 111 or 999 now!

Thisneeds 999immediately.

Have you called them yet? HA symptoms can easily be overlooked in Women, if you delay you may end up with a worse outcome.

Yes ambulance on way did 111 first and it said call 999

Thanks everyone I will let you know how it goes

Well done good luck, probably be nothing to worry about but always best to keep on safe side.

Yes to shadow other comments call don't delay.My HA symptoms were back & shoulder pain & zero chest pain.

I am male.

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janeytrace in reply to Pinto2012

Sorry to hear that hope you are recovering well.

As others have said, a hospital visit is in order. A blood test to measure tropinin levels is fairly definitive and they can remain elevated for a few weeks after a cardiac event.

Any news ?

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janeytrace in reply to Notdead

Hi ecg was ok just normal fluctuations bp was high but only 155/87 no temperature Paramedics and hospital very busy

They took four hours to arrive not their fault as they have to sit and wait in ambulance 🚑 n the hospital car park as overloaded, patients in corridors.

However they let me in but straight into triage. After quite a while waiting a consultant came out and said if anyone can possibly wait until tomorrow and see their go please go home as we are severely understaffed and waiting times are likely to be so many hours you might not even get seen tonight.

So I volunteered to go home. Pain fluctuating was really bad when went to bed and kind of regretted not staying but used my breathing techniques and meditation, had a good cry to myself and just sat up until fell asleep, had my usual three hours sleep and some respite. Will try and speak to dr today. Paramedic couldn’t give a clear diagnosis it’s not ALL the common signs of heart attack but it seems cardiac related.

Additional symptom after the whole fruitless journey was when in bath I vomited dark bile eugh sorry tmi and pain spread further like bad nerve pain in back the left arm and left elbow pain is dimmed somewhat about 5/10 mostly now from original 10/10 at its peak.

The human body what a mystery hey.

Thanks to all who read and commented on my post, it helped me decide to get help which did help peace of mind somewhat and the paramedics were great under the high demands they have.

Best healthy wishes to you all stay hydrated 🦋🧡🥰

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Notdead in reply to janeytrace

Oh hell what a horrible times you e had , that’s shocking , I hope that this morning you feel a wee bit better ,, call your gp and ask for a blood test today, a nurse can do it . They can see from blood work if you e had a heart attack or not . You poor lamb I feel awful for you, big hugs

Hi Janey

Let us know how you get on please. x

Hi I’m home no was slightly elevated (normal for me) T waves inverted also normal for me

Paramedic still thinks cardiac related but not presenting as a heart attack

Need to get through to dr

Still in pain level of pain gone down but spread all across back

Hospital over full consultant asked patients to go home if they could as probably weren’t going to get seen

Having worked in the nhs for years I can honestly say they would rather you called 111/999 and went in to the hospital than not if it’s something serious like this- your not bothering them or wasting their time. This is what the service is there for and they want to help patients if they can.

Call emergency and get it checked please

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janeytrace in reply to Hearty21

Done thanks

This sounds so familiar, I waited 5 days also & didnt realise what was happening to me, I'm so glad you called an ambulance & I hope you're ok xx

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janeytrace in reply to Helly75

Yes awww what happened are you ok now?I’m coping but need more investigation through drs

Not looking like heart attack, but cardiac related only seen paramedic as hospital sent people home not enough staff, full to busting 😔

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Helly75 in reply to janeytrace

Oh my goodness that's awful ! I've had myocarditis twice so not heart attack, troponin still elevated & t waves inverted same as yourself ,been very unwell past two weeks barely out of bed will high pain levels, I hope you get proper investigations for this ,take care

Def ring 999 and dnt leave things to chance. Let us know how u get on xx

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