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Worried about the jabs and my reaction after triple by pass

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Hey fellow survivors I am really struggling with the desicion to subject myself to the vaccine. I noticed that other posts were quite judgmental on those that chose not to have the jabs, or also some had had a bad reaction. As a Therapist I am going to have to return to face to face work eventually but I really feel there needs to be more evidence yellow card etc apart... and it's early days.. My meds affect my blood as do the jabs.. Feeling very conflicted. I would like to hear from people that have either had bad reaction to the various jabs or have chosen not to have them and test regular instead. Please no attacking comments. Have a blessed day Debby xxxxx

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Not sure how much more evidence you need. The vaccine is saving lives and I thought that was the point. Keeps you safe and more importantly others.


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MichaelJHHeart Star

Not being vaccinated and having regular tests is no real option. You could test positive and then become seriously ill or die! As a therapist you might find yourself without clients.

Serious side effects are very very rare. They are mainly flu like symptoms after the first Astra-Zeneca jab and tiredness sometimes with fluey symptoms after the second Pfizer one. If you are under 40 you will be offered an alternative to the AZ one to minimise the risk of clots.

I will let you decide if I am being judgemental but I know three people who have died of CovID.

Have to agree with Michael, I take meds blood thinners, as does my husband, I have had open heart surgery and he as had a stroke. We have had both our vaccinations both had Pfizer. Sore arm over first just for a day, felt tired for 24 hours after second. He had nothing.Don’t think that’s being judgemental hope not,

Best wishes Pauline

There are some people with legitimate medical reasons why they can't be vaccinated. Fair enough.

But anyone else who chooses not be vaccinated is really just freeloading on the safety net provided by all those millions of fellow citizens who rolled up a sleeve and did the right thing.

That's not being judgy, it's just stating a fact.

For me it’s a no brainer… soon restrictions will be eased, COVID and it’s raft of variants will still be doing the rounds picking off unvaccinated people, it’s only a question of time…:no one knows how their body will react to the virus…. Get the jab.

Hello :-)

I am yet to have my Bypass surgery and I have had both jabs

2 years ago I had double pneumonia ended up in resuscitation fighting for my life literally , left me with PTSD

If you get covid bad as you know it is like pneumonia even worse and I would do anything to protect myself and others from going through that so it was a no brainer for me when offered them

Plus I had a mild heart attack when I had pneumonia because my body had to work so hard to survive and fight it , so the way I see it if I caught covid now and the state my heart is in then I would be in serious trouble

There is always a risk with any jab , you have to outweigh which one comes out on top and for me it was get the jabs

I have been fine having them like thousands of others and feel good I have played my part trying to protect myself and others from a dreadful pandemic

I am sure you will make the right choice for you to :-) x

Hi. Sorry but I have to say things as they are here. Would you actually be allowed to 'Practice Therapy without having the Jab'? I, personally, think you would be putting Patients at risk! Your decision, obviously, but you could get your License revoked!!

I won't be getting jabbed and I won't be taking tests.

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Boo_boo1 in reply to Supafil

Let’s all hope you don’t catch COVID-19 then once restrictions are eased.

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peterosgood in reply to Supafil

I'm also presuming that should you get Covid you will forgo any treatment on the NHS as you have deliberately put yourself at risk. It is however your choice

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MDR1 in reply to Supafil

Very responsible!!! !!!

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Chas56 in reply to Supafil

You’re being selfish

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PhilGM in reply to Supafil

Wife and I had Astra Zeneca without ill effects but we are getting on a bit! Respect your decision and certainly think too little is known about long term effects to inflict jabs on children whose personal risk from Covid is almost non existent.

I’ve had both jabs. I had anaphylaxis to Pfizer in January in the first instance, and then a trillion to one anaphylactic reaction when they gave me AstraZeneca as my second dose almost 3 weeks ago. I have no prior history of any allergies, and they can’t explain how or why I reacted to both because there’s no crossover between ingredients. At this stage it’s believed I may be the only person worldwide this has happened to. And you know what? I would still absolutely have further vaccines if I could. Problem being they’ve told me I can’t, and not only am I CEV to begin with, I was immunosuppressed with the first vaccine (so may not have mounted much response) and will shortly be starting on regular medication that is classed as majorly immunosuppressant: I am going to remain high risk for covid in months and years to come, through no fault of my own, whilst trying to be a single dad to a life-limited teenager with complex needs. I am completely without judgement when I say I want no contact with anyone that hasn’t had a vaccine by choice, not because they made that choice - that’s absolutely their right - but because it potentially puts me at risk going forward. Not only is it the physical risk of serious illness or death, but if anything happens to me lasting more than a few days, circumstances mean my daughter would have to go into local authority care, most likely a group home. A person’s right to choose not to be vaccinated is not greater than my right to ensure my own physical safety as much as possible, or protect my daughter from other forms of harm in turn. I can take infection control precautions, will continue to be just as careful as I have been since shielding was introduced, but shielding has been paused and the support that came with it withdrawn, and any person unvaccinated by choice still increases the infection risk to those that can’t be vaccinated for whatever reason: as with all vaccines, some people are involuntarily dependent on herd immunity. They’re relying on everyone else getting vaccinated to live. I categorically wouldn’t use your services if you told me you weren’t vaccinated, regardless of why you hadn’t had it, and I have started to politely ask people if I feel it’s appropriate e.g. face to face appointments outside of medical needs.

With regards to assessing side effects, this one always puzzles me slightly as a reasoning, at least in relation to short term outcomes: there have been almost 3 billion covid vaccines given worldwide at this point. In an average year, the US vaccinates 160m people against flu. In the U.K., the estimate is about 15 to 20m people. Yes, the flu vaccine is more established, but we did virtually the same thing with creating the swine flu (H1N1) vaccine in 2009. It was an influenza, but a previously unknown one that we still had to create a vaccine for and then subsequently trial in a short space of time. It’s routinely included in the annual flu vaccine now, has been for years. Ignoring the Pfizer, the AstraZeneca vaccine is built on exactly the same science as that vaccine, the only difference being what would happen with all sorts of drugs and illnesses if you threw billions of pounds and hundreds of scientists at them at the same time: rapid progress. Spend some time researching and reading up and you realise that these vaccines have effectively had more clinical testing than any other medication ever brought to the market. Ever. The clinical studies involved tens of thousands of participants, where many new drugs are released onto the market having only been tested on between a few hundred up to around 3000 people: I’m more confident of the safety of these jabs than I am the new medication they just started my daughter on for cystic fibrosis. Way more. But the only way safety is truly established for any drug or vaccine is through real world use over the long term. Anyone saying otherwise has bought into a phallacy.

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Ourdill in reply to Charlie_G

Astra zenica isn't a 2nd vaccine to the 1st Pfizer one.. They aren't compatible in that way. That's neglect against you

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Charlie_G in reply to Ourdill

How is it neglect? I had a life threatening allergic reaction to the Pfizer, so couldn’t have a second dose. To not give me any second vaccine when I’m CEV would be neglect, and preliminary data from the current vaccine mixing trial shows it’s safe to mix vaccines. Going forward it may become standard practice to do so.

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Ourdill in reply to Charlie_G

The vaccines aren't compatible. I meant they should have started the az treatment from scratch

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Charlie_G in reply to Ourdill

Still don’t understand your point? To start from scratch, they have to give me a first dose, which they effectively did 3 weeks ago, but I had another allergic reaction. So can’t have any more AZ, either. The study I referenced is for two doses of different vaccines, and the data suggests that may offer even more effective protection than two of the same vaccine.

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Steve_G in reply to Ourdill

Afraid that your comments are ill informed. Trials are currently looking at combining the different vaccines and early results suggest that this improves the immune response. The basic difference is that AZ uses a virus to smuggle double stranded DNA into cells which then stimulate the immune system whereas Pfizer smuggles single stranded mRNA into cells wrapped in a lipid/fatty globule. Two different ways to do the same thing which is why combining them may be even more effective.

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Charlie_G

There was an article in Nature which is not comparable with the Daily Fail which showed there was a stronger immune response by having two different vaccines. In fact the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has different vaccines. No negligence at all. Trust all going well...

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Lilypocket in reply to Ourdill

Here in France they are advising people under 50 who had the AZ first time around to have the Pfizer for the second jab. The scientific community advised it was ok to mix and match them. So it seems it is possible. I think the Dr's had good medical reasons in Charlie's case and it is an acceptable solution for certain cases.

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-007- in reply to Charlie_G

Hey Charlie_G You’re the man, respect 👍

Had an emergency double CABG, now with unstable angina I'm on aspirin, beta-blockers, ACE inhibitor & vasodilator. I had both the jabs as soon as I could, no problems with either & feel much less anxious about Covid as a result.

Hi Debby, I was very anti the jabs at first and determined that I wasn't going to have any. However, fear of catching covid took over and you're right other people make you feel guilty for not wanting to have them. I've felt muzzy headed ever since having the AZ one, never had the slightest inkling of a headache in my life before. Also I can't get to sleep now without taking a pill, I used to have a nap in the afternoon if I didn't sleep well, but now can't even sleep then. So fed up with it, but can't see any point in saying too much. People here all swoop down and have a go at you. I wont be answering any of them, I've as much right to give my opinion as anyone else.

My daughter has just told me of a young local lad, the best friend of someone she knows, who went along for his Pfizer jab last week and was told they'd ran out of it, but could give him the AZ. He had it and was dead from a blood clot within 24hrs.

I'm fed up with not being able to say what I think on these forums. Think hard and make sure you're 100% sure what you want to do. I'd also go for the Pfizer one if I had the chance to choose.


Must just add, I have atrial fibrillation. If I had had open heart surgery I may be thinking differently.

Hi Jean, I would get that death by a blood clot verified if I were you!!

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Wooodsie

Would have thought it would have made the news headlines?

You certainly would have thought that. What does that tell us then if it hasn't?

Would you doubt it if your grandson told you his best friend had died?

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MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to jeanjeannie50

I also had a reaction to my first AZ vaccine. I was admitted to hospital with unstable angina and I have developed some heart rhythm problems.

I spoke to my Cardiologist his view was the stress of the vaccination stimulating my immune system increased my coronary vasospasms.

Flu or any other infection such as Covid would be an even greater stress along with the overwhelming evidence that Covid is far more likely to kill you along with the possibility of long Covid.

I had my second vaccine without a problem.

I decided to be vaccinated not just for me but to protect those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons.

I would not wish to pass Covid on to someone else.

I would also like to choose not to be cared for by any healthcare professional who has chosen not to be vaccinated.

I hope everyone is able to make the best decision that is best for them based on robust evidence based research.

It is tragic that someone may have died following a vaccination however no intervention or treatment is without risk.

Hi Debby, I have chronic recurrent pericarditis caused by autoimmune/autoinflammatory disease and I too worried as at the time of my first Pfizer vaccine I was at the tail end of a flare. However after speaking to my rheumatologist, cardiologist etc I was reassured and I went ahead with vaccine. I had no reaction to the first vaccine and with the second dose I got a bit of a sore arm. I suggest speaking with your doctors to see if they can reassure you. Not sure if this helps you. X

I had minor flu like reaction to both Pfizer jabs- heart bypass survivor. It’s a very personal choice but given that I too will need to be face to face with people one day & they are saying we will need to live with this for all our lifetimes it would still be a definite get the jab for me

If you’re a therapist you have a responsibility to your clients/patients. It’s called duty of care.

HiHad a double bypass and on regular associated meds.

Had both pfizer jabs.

First one made me feel off for a day 2nd one no problems.


I've had zero issues after both the Pfizer vaccines. I'm assuming you have had heart issues (you dint say) but if so You are seriously higher risk of the worse covid effects without.. And as you say.. You need it for work.

Hubby has had both AZ doses, CABGX4 and stroke survivor, normally refuses vaccination. Also has T2 diabetes.Slightly sore arm and slight headache for a couple of days, now fine.

The current rise in cases and hospitalisation is among those who have not been vaccinated or have only had one dose.

The risk of becoming seriously ill is reduced by the vaccine. The rate of transmission is also greatly reduced.

Remember that bad news and scare stories always travel faster than the good news and they grow arms and legs as they go! The big picture is that several billion doses have been ‘put into arms’ with very minor side effects and a minuscule percentage have had a major problem. Testing is never completely finished on any medication!

At the end of the day it is your choice but make sure it is a properly informed choice, not one influenced by scaremongering.

I had OHS in December, AV replaced, aorta replaced pacemaker fitted. This made.me vulnerable so aged 55 I had my first jab in February when I really wasn't feeling well and my second jab in May. I'm on warfarin and ramipril along with paracetamol for pain. I got vaccinated for my health, to stop me getting Covid and becoming ill whilst I recovered from OHS. As to side effects, apart from a sore arm, I had none, I had the Pfizer vaccine. I also got vaccinated bas my wife is an NHS key worker so it helped keep us and our children safe. If you don't want the vaccine that is your choice but as a therapist, are you going to declare to your clients that you are not having the vaccine, surely you have a duty of care to them to inform them so they can make an informed decision if they want treatment from you or not, I know I certainly wouldn't. Like most vaccines there are risks but these are very small compared to the pain and suffering you could go through if you catch covid. With underlying health issues a bout of covid could be incredibly serious but as I say, I don't judge it's your choice.

I've had both, no reactions whatsoever. Any reaction I would have had would have been far better than catching Covid.

Hi Debby.I work in a care home and having had a covid outbreak in November I jumped at the chance to have my vaccine. There were a few colleagues who didnt for one reason or another.

What i would say is that my son who has a bicuspid aortic valve had mild regurgitation before covid and after covid it is moderate+ and he has to take medication. They did say that some children who were asympyomatic were presenting few months later wih damage to an internal organ.

Also as a reasonably healthy 43yr old i took a STEMI 8 weeks ago . I expressed my covid concern to consultant and he said its possible they just dont know.

To me the pros of the vaccine far outweigh the cons but i realise everyone has their own views etc.

Take care x

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Jules2021

I have been a Type I diabetic all my life so tend to follow related news. A disproportionate number of children who are CovID positive go on to develop Type I diabetes compared to the general population. CovID can affect various organs adversely so is best avoided.

had my bypass 2 yrs ago, had my second shot of AstraZeneca vaccine 2 weeks ago, still here and kicking (Though the first dose gave me flu like symptoms for a day and a half)

Hi Debby,

As if you need any further comments..... my HA was due to a blood clot, yet I didn't think twice about having the AZ vaccine. Having had stents followed by a triple bypass didn't even warrant consideration.

All the best,


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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to GWP1952

A friend had a DVT and Pulmonary Embolism last year. He had both AZ vaccinations without problem this year. His brother had long CovID and trust me nobody wants that.

I understand your concern I had both vaccines the AZ one with some trepidation I've had a heart attack 10 years ago with 2 stents not long after having the second dose I started to get quite severe angina which I've never suffered before I dont know if it's related or not but I cant work anymore and literally started overnight sorry if I've confused you more but it's your decision dont take it lightly I'm not one of the tinfoil hat crowd but we live in strange times and i wont be having any boosters good luck

Hi. I had the 1st jab before my triple bypass and 2nd 4 weeks after. Advice from my cardiologist was to delay 2nd jab by 2 weeks but to have 2nd jab. Just to add I had Pfizer jab and apart from a sore arm for a couple of days have no reaction whatsoever. I had my bypass 3 months ago and am recovering well.

Hi I had a heart transplant, I am on a lot of meds, steroids immunosuppressants etc, I have had both vaccines with the blessing of my cardiologists, no ill effects whatsoever, the risk of covid would have been so much worse char

in reply to Thanksnhs

Yes I had OHS last year to replace two Valves and fitted with a Pacemaker afterwards and still on a lot of Tablets, including Warfarin. Both my Doctor and Cardiologist urged me to get the two as I was concerned. I had the Pfizer, with nothing more that a bit of a sore arm for about a day or two. Feel so much more relaxed about having it too!!

Triple bypass and AZ double jabbed with no problem. As someone with chronic heart disease and over 60, I’d be at risk so it was a no brainer for me. Guess I also have the advantage of 30+ years working in drug development so have a better grasp than many of the risks. Your decision but I’d be worried about being unvaccinated if I worked with the general public

I too have had a triple bypass and have enjoyed the Pfizer jab. Had no side effects from it (apart from aching arm which seems to usual with most jabs), and was happy to have it. The fear of catching Covid in my weakened state far outweighs any possible side effect - and it has restricted me from going out completely until recently.

I am seeing a therapist via Zoom at the moment to help with long term issues associated with my surgery, if I had to see her face to face and discovered she had not had any vaccine by choice, I think I would have to decline her services - that's how much I fear getting Covid.

I understand your concerns over side effects etc, and pondered them too, but in the end, it came down to a single argument - I could die from catching Covid or I could die from the side effects of the vaccine. When I looked at the numbers - the vaccine looked to be the safer option by a country mile, especaily with new variants being discovered and the evidence that the vaccines stilll seem to be having some effect.

But in the end, I accept it is your choice, and you will live the outcome of that choice.

What will you do if you get a positive test ?

As someone who has had COVID and experienced it’s devastating effects I can assure you it is not “no worse than a bad flu” 🙄

You say you "would like to hear from people that have either had bad reaction to the various jabs or have chosen not to have them".Why would you not want to hear from those that have had the jab and not had a bad reaction.

I've had both jabs and experienced similar symptoms to a hangover for one day be after the first jab.

Given a choice of facing Covid with or without a jab I decided to take my chances with the jab

Thank god someone speaking some sense!

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Supafil in reply to Helsbels79

Thanks for your kind words. I'm patient and I'll even accept the insults, because I believe many people have been brainwashed. They may say it is me who has been brainwashed, but my behaviour hasn't changed, their's has.

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Helsbels79 in reply to Supafil

No problem. This is a huge issue and is nothing less than crimes against humanity. All my previous comments have been taken down on here. Why you have to ask? I thought we were entitled to free speech? Yet not it would seem when it comes to the COVID-19/ vaccination narrative!

Hi Debby, I can understand your worries towards the jab but personally I've had a quad bypass and both jabs, first one a sore arm at injection point and feeling a bit sluggish for a few days and nothing really with the second one (apart from a bit sore at the needle site) but it's given me a slight increase to go out and about a bit more than I previously had and some level of reassurance (never 100%) that should i come into contact with covid then I'm less likely to fall seriously ill. I should add that I've previously been hospitalised with pleurisy & pneumonia and can remember the feeling of difficulty and struggling to breathe and that in turn brought seeing the images of those who've contracted covid bring a strong level of fear with it, so for me jab was the safest & best way forward and is proving to be the right choice for me. I hope you come to a suitable solution for you and your family & friends, good health and take care.,Mark

HiBreathe in and just do it 👍💉

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MilkfairyHeart Star

Can you say how you are immune to Covid?Have you already caught Covid?

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Supafil in reply to Milkfairy

Yes, last year.

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Hi guys, we're going to turn comments off on this one due to increasing reports - not sure this thread is helping. If anyone does have questions or concerns about the vaccine, please do check out the BHF's page where our nurses go more in depth: bhf.org.uk/informationsuppo... Really hope this helps.

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