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Has anyone had their ICD move? Mine has & it’s freaking me out , what do I do ? I’ve had it in over a year

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Where it's gone to ?! I would call the pacing team or your Cardiologist secretary for advice.

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Lurganspur in reply to bantam12

Hi it just seemed to move about 1/2 inch to the side

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bantam12 in reply to Lurganspur

I don't think I would notice if my pacemaker had moved 1/2 inch but anyway probably best to get advice in case you need it checked out.

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Lurganspur in reply to bantam12

Cheers it just feels a bit different but also maybe the way I slept as I said it seems only a small amount of movement but will check it out cheers

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Hi mine used to move all the time, particularly if I turned on to that side in bed or leaned over it would stick in to me, I asked about they just said it was nothing to worry about it was just because I was thin and there was nothing much to keep it in place 😀for piece of mind you could mabe give the clinic a call, char

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Lurganspur in reply to Thanksnhs

Thank you I checked it out & pretty much got same answer as you so many thanks for the reply

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Mine moves a little as well, when I sleep on that side or everytime I lean over. The doctor who carried out the procedure checked it and said nothing to worry about

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Lurganspur in reply to MDR1

Thank you yes I called & they said a little movement was nothing to worry about & it was more noticeable because I was slim

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Hi Mike,It's been a while since we made contact, is your ICD okay since you had it move ?.

Time seems to move quickly, I guess in my case it's our grandson who is now 7 months old that's been my focus.

Although our daughter lives about 90 miles away, we have been visiting about twice a week to offer support.

My ICD has not been a particular problem in everyday life, although its larger than I thought it would be.

It's just to the back of my underarm and protrudes about 1/2 inch.

My surgeon described me as skinny, after I lost over 2 stone after my HA, but its been really beneficial to get that weight off.

Kind regards Paul.

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Lurganspur in reply to ph5019

Hi Paul Good to hear from you again yes I’m fine & ICD good,it turned out to be nothing at all so all is good, glad to hear your well & your new computer friend & you are settling down & starting to get on well yes time flies I’m coming up on nearly 3yrs since my HA & over a year since my ICD was put in, still working 3 days a week & enjoying it & also the time off, keep in touch & stay well Paul

Cheers Mark

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ph5019 in reply to Lurganspur

Hi Mark,Pleased to hear things are going well, will keep in touch.

Kind regards,


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Hiya I’ve had my Icd just over ten weeks and it moves

I don’t like the sensation when it moves but it doesn’t go far

But my bed it quite high so every morning I get out of bed I hold the spot where it is until the sensation disappears or gets better I also where a sleeping bra to keep it in place find that helps too

Take care


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