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Covid jab and strange side effect.

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Had my first jab (AZ) two weeks ago, didn't suffer any of the normal side effects of flu like symptoms but had tingling hands and tongue about 30 mins after having had it. Tingling tongue had gone away by the next day but I still have tingling hands (bit like mild pins and needles) if I leave my arms or hands in one position for more than a couple of minutes.

Had a look on the AZ side effect lists and apparently it was flagged during trials by a tiny amount of people and it is the result of Inflammation of the nervous system. I have flagged it on the yellow card but I was wondering if anyone else had had this and if so did it go away eventually. Also should I flag it with my doctor, it doesn't stop me doing anything it is just very annoying so I don't want to waste docs time needlessly.

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Yes you should, you could email FAO your GP, write similar to what you have written here, include that you reported via Yellow Card and ask for it to be added to your medical records.

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Lisell in reply to Gaz_chops

Thank you for responding, I have sent an email to GP surgery. Just did not want to waste their time with all that is going on.

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Gaz_chops in reply to Lisell

Thats why I suggested an email, as it's non urgent an admin can pick it up and the GP can look at it and decide if any follow up is necessary, if you don't hear then at least you know it is noted on your record.

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Gaz_chops in reply to Lisell

I would also suggest that you make sure you tell them when you go for your 2nd jab, especially the Tongue tingling, if they feel it's necessary they can keep an eye on you afterwards and probably make you sit for a bit longer.

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GWP1952 in reply to Gaz_chops

Looking on the bright side, the AZ vaccine does seem to have fewer side effects the second time around. I had tingling sensations both times, but they didn't last for long. I think it may be something to do with the immune system kicking in as it happened within 15 minutes of my second vaccination. Perhaps "the troops" recognised "the enemy" more quickly the second time around. 😀

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Lisell in reply to GWP1952

Hi, it's been two weeks now and it is getting on my nerves, hopefully it won't last much longer.

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Lisell in reply to Gaz_chops

Think I will mention it, especially since it seems to be a relatively rare side effect.

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GWP1952 in reply to Lisell

I'd definitely get in touch with your GP. My symptoms took a few days to go away, but no longer than that.

Wish my GP had informed us about the yellow card system. I’ve never been told and only noticed on my records few days ago.

The Patient Leaflet that accompanies all drugs, contains the following, so most people should hopefully be aware of it.

Reporting of side effects

If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. This includes any possible side effect not listed in this leaflet. You can also report side effects directly via the national reporting system (see contact details below). By reporting side effects you can help provide more information on the safety of this medicine.

United Kingdom

Yellow Card Scheme


Hi Lisell.That’s the one thing I noticed also .Across the top of my back I had tingling ,definitely after the vaccine for a few weeks at least .I also had a rash at back of my neck around the same area .All cleared up now .

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Gaz_chops in reply to Tootsy100

And I hope you reported it 😀

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Lisell in reply to Tootsy100

Hi, at least I am not alone, did you get any of the flu like symptoms because I did not have any of those.

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Tootsy100 in reply to Lisell

No I didn’t .only painful arm for a week or so .nothing else of note .just tingling over upper area /back of neck area with small pinprick rash which subsided after a few weeks .

Hi Lisell, I've had both my AZ vaccines, with just the usual side effects. I'm interested in your post because I tested positive for COVID twice in 2 months.

1st time one of the side effects was no taste or smell.

The 2nd time I could taste and smell but had a weird sensation on my tongue.

Numbness/tingling, spoke to my GP who suggested a COVID test.

No surprise came back positive, that was in Dec.

I still have it to this day, definitely a side effect of COVID, thought it was just me, imagining It!!!

I have IBD so that would make sense if this was caused by Inflammation.

Good luck and definitely mention it to your GP 👍

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Lisell in reply to Elaine101

Hi, oh wow, twice in two months what are the chances of that happening! I have emailed my GP surgery to add it to my record so will wait and see what they say. Hopefully it will go away soon.

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Dingledaw in reply to Lisell

Not uncommon. One teacher I know has had it 3 times since testing became available, so possibly more?

Hi. I too had awful side effects from my AZ vaccine. Within 15 mins I felt strange as if something was flowing up my neck and around my shoulder. I thought I was imagining it but then felt a bit strange all round like I was going to faint. Someone called the nurse over to check and she whisked me over to the dr. My bp had gone right up and I felt strange with numbness but things calmed down and after 30 mins and bp stable I was ok to go home. By that time my face was numb and gradually my lips and tongue. Incidentally this was all on my left side only. My throat started to feel it and I was worried I wouldnt be able to swallow but it dodnt close right up. I just felt like Id had a jab at the dentist. It eased off next day, just slight tingling left for another few days and only slight numbness 2 months on. That night I had the dreaded chills all night then fever next day, it was just like sepsis. Day after I was ok, just a week long headache and then gone. At the time I was more scared of my defibrillator firing but no effects on my heart, I think, but have had more angina since, probably with the worry! I never reported any symptoms though to my Dr or yellow card. Im thinking now maybe I should do. I think the vaccine companies shouldve had feedback from any side effects otherwise how will they know for sure what effects their vaccines are having on people.

Oh my that doesn't sound very pleasant. You should certainly yellow card it because they need to know these odd side effects as well as the usual flu like ones. I hope you continue to feel better.

Thank you. I will now, and will mention it to my doctor next time Im in touch. Ive heard of several people getting more side effects from the AZ vaccine but no one else with numbness. As it was rather like a mild version of the side effects I got on Sotalol before, and it came in so quickly, I just put it down to an allergic reaction to the vaccine. I am dreading the next one, heard mixed stories about whether to expect side effects again but Im of the opinion that its not as bad as getting covid. Seeing how my niece and a few friends have ended up v poorly in hospital and 2 deaths from it I was fully isolating until my vaccine. My ICD likes to give shocks following flu or sepsis, so I wasn't keen to risk covid at all! Its unpleasant but a few days rather than getting really ill or worse has to be worth it.

Hi Frequentshocker, it is definitely something that you should mention to your GP and to the Covid vaccine team as if it was an allergic reaction they may suggest either not having the second jab or having it at a hospital just in case you have an anaphylactic reaction.

I had a strange reaction that I had to notify by yellow card. Around 30mins after the jab and on my way home my watch alarm was triggered by abnormal heart beat. My normal resting rate of 54-56bpm had suddenly dropped to 40-42. It left me feeling a bit strange. Lasted a few hours. I just enjoyed a few extra cups of caffeine

Wife gets this all over her body since having her 1st jab and now due 2nd one. She says it’s more like a bubbling feeling she gets in legs thou.

I hope this demystifies your current experience and suggests some pointers:

Surely vaccines would trigger "covid" like symptoms (rather than flu like) among which neurological damage is fairly common?

In my case similar effects on my body from actual covid were like being stabbed all over the body, (eyes, feet, torso, arms, hands, neck, head) by long shards of glass or spears. (Some describe something similar as "6 inch nails.") After 2 months my symptoms then morphed into random and persistent electric shock sensations in the same places for about 3-6 months, then becoming more like pins and needles with skin burning sensations into later months. At month 14 now these have almost gone and occur rarely.

My young adult son has had a very similar covid experience in terms of both Initial Infection and in Long Covid. His hands and chest are affected more than the rest of his body.

Many with Long Covid describe annoying "tingling" and "bubbling" as well as versions of neurological symptoms like ours. If you search and read some of the articles in the Guardian you'll get an idea of what people are saying. (Rest of the UK press is maintaining silence). The Scientist, BMJ and various Jama prints are best sources, I've found for the science which is slowly catching up with patient-led research.

So, I would imagine the tingling means the vaccine is working well and you are getting a hint of a tint of what covid would do to your body. My son is only just recovered back to his 'long covid pre vaccine 1 baseline' and we are scheduled to get No 2 in a fortnight. (Pfizer.)

I've learned GPs might be useful for reporting symptoms but in terms of actually accessing medical care, or investigations, it is best to keep your hopes low as the predominant outcomes in relation to anything to do with covid are: neglect, gaslighting, denial of and claiming physiological effects like the one you describe, as 'anxiety' or 'depression. ' In UK expect to be prescribed antidepressants or CBT to help you to deal with nerve pain, chest pain or any other covid sequelae.

My own learning (as a non medic, 14 month Long Hauler determined to regain pre-infection health) is that symptoms like yours are most likely damage to the myelin sheath which covers the nerves (a bit like the plastic insulation coating on electric cables) which normally heals at 1-2mm per month. From what you've described I'd guess you're experiencing only the mildest among possibilities and probably looking at only a matter of months till it goes.

Maybe, assuming you've no adverse interactions, it's worth trying an antihistamine in case it's the MAST cell activation that many people are experiencing? Different people are finding different versions better. I was best on Benadryl, others on Loratadine or Cetrizine. And you may need to take a dose in the morning and evening, ie double. Just watch it's not for more than 4 months if it's one which has effects on brain (alzheimer linked) in the longer term. GP is unlikely to care one way or the other, so you'll need to do your own checks. They cite "X drug is not licenced for use with covid related illness" and generally decline to do anything. If I were you I'd avoid mentioning anything to do with covid / vaccine and just stick to dates and symptoms. You're more likely to be able to actually access care.

I've learned too that surviving 'mild' Covid is a huge lesson in patience towards the ignorant, and generating unwarranted civility towards the dismissive, rude, and abusive. In terms of our bodies, and minds, gentleness, acceptance, self-compassion and trusting and knowing oneself keeps us sane and giving our bodies the best chance of dealing with whatever covid and the vaccines throw at us.

Activities which soothe and calm the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and move us from sympathetic to parasympathetic can make a difference over time too. So you could add in some of those.

NB I am not a medically trained (I just couldn't act in such abusive ways as meted out by my GP practice nor behave towards people like many others I've learned about. I'm still raging at knowledge of people committed under the mental health act for Long Covid. This upsets me, and yes, despite being well aware Cluster Bs are attracted to roles acting as GPs and mental health practitioners. ) So I am learning from months and hours each day online among people, including many front line medics all now with Long Covid. The group comprises a few only a thousand given there are an estimated 1,100,000 in UK alone disabled by Long Covid according to the Office of National Statistics. There are over 8000 people who are specifically interested in neurological symptoms in one of the groups in in. By comparison there are over 6000 interested in GI symptoms which is listed as a Covid symptom almost worldwide, so I think it's fairly prevalent based on one sample. The positive thing is that those in USA are able to access much better care and varied treatments, so as patients we are gathering information ahead of the published science. eg We know there's endothelial damage for many which is only just being recognised. Haha, 1 year ago I didn't even know endothelial cells or myelin existed, and I didn't know my symptoms from my sequelae, and frankly I wish I could have remained in ignorance!

If you are in London and fall in the catchment area for UCLH Long Covid clinic, they might be willing to prescribe or investigate if it continues? Otherwise the UK Long Covid clinics are generally fake political follies, mainly relabelled physios who tell people to go to their GP as there is nothing else to offer. And so we end up like dogs chasing our tails were it not for groups like this and the Long Covid patient support / research groups.

With what I've learned this year, if I were encountering your situation, and wanted to put my body in a healing state, I'd rest a lot, allow my body to direct its energy towards healing. Seek to optimise nutrition by adding in nutrient dense foods. Aim to reduce inflammation by eliminating anything triggering which might mean a low histamine diet, or low salicylate, or gluten free, or milk free or grain free or any combination of these. I'd cut out sugar, sweeteners, alcohol and all foods I could not find in nature 10,000 years ago. And consider doing castor oil packing maybe watching TV with cotton gloves to pack?

My mistake was to go on my bike and cycle hours when I thought I was completely recovered from covid. It's unfortunately even true for people who were asymptomatic and didn't even know they had contracted covid who then get hit later by Long Covid/by the vaccines. And it might also be relevant to solely post vaccine experiences? It's too early to know. Personally I choose risk of vaccine side effects over risk of full blown Covid every day.

My other mistake was to initially rely on UK gov and news and NHS websites alone, when World Health Organisation's list of symptoms was and still is more comprehensive. ( Had I known earlier that I had contracted covid, then I'd have isolated immediately and we might have avoided my son becoming disabled by Long Covid as well as myself. He wouldn't be facing heart surgery with Long Covid too.

I did an analysis looking at different countries and what they list as symptoms of covid on their government and official healthcare websites in my bid to get the 8-10 key identifying symptoms of Covid 19 listed on NHS website. That failed. Apparently the British public need simple messages, evidently much simpler than the rest of the world. I recommend doing it for personal awareness rather than as a fascinating insight into political information handling. Google translate offered both understanding and some howlers. You'll find neurological symptoms mentioned in some countries.

Sars Cov 2 is not remotely like any flu I have ever experienced. It might spread like flu but that's where the similarity stops. So I would fully expect side effects from vaccines to be Covid - like rather than flu - like.

I hope the day comes soon when you wake up realising you weren't tingling the previous day.


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