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Before I start this isn’t a vaccine bashing just want some answers, I recently had a heart attack and following that 3 stents inserted for 2 blocked arteries, there is a family history of Angina but I have never had high blood pressure and my cholesterol at its highest was just over 6.

I have made changes to health and lifestyle etc and thought I was fairly fit so this has come out of the blue, my main concern is I had my heart attack 3 weeks to the day after I had my first vaccine (AstraZeneca) I asked could this have contributed to the heart attack / blocks but it was dismissed stating you have family history of Angina.

But if it is the vaccine are you still vulnerable to clots ( I am on all the standard meds post heart attack / stents)?

I don’t really want to have the second AZ vaccine if this could happen again, so should I request an alternate vaccine

Or could it simply be 3 years of clean living can’t undo years when you wasn’t looking after yourself and Angina has always been there

Thanks All.

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I’m with you in this , I’m 53 and got the Astra Zeneca vaccine , I had a massive hot lump where I got the vaccine and felt a little flu like for a few days afterwards. Five weeks later , same as you rushed to hospital with a heart attack, two viens total blockage and one partial . Ended up with two stents and a balloon . My family history and genetics aren’t great as both parents died of ha early as did my brother . I however have never had a problem before and this is all out of the blue . I wonder if it’s the vaccine as well

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Kristin1812Heart Star in reply to Notdead

Our GP had a good (but unfortunate) story. He was about to vaccinate a baby (not Covid) , when the phone went. He waivered.....?phone or injection....he took the phone, but as he did so, the baby unfortunately had a fit. That would certainly have caused lots of questions about the vaccine, if it had happened the other way round.

I can understand why you might think there's a connection, but if you step back and consider the broader statistics then you see the overwhelming probability was this was no more than an unfortunate co-incidence.

There are nearly 8 million people in the UK living with heart disease, and well over 100,000 of them end up in hospital each year with a heart attack, another 100,000 plus suffer strokes.

Now if you consider that most of those are the middle aged or older people that are first in line for Covid vaccination, then it's only common sense that there will be many, many heart attacks and strokes occurring close to the date of vaccination.

The reality is the risk of NOT being vaccinated far outweighs any risks from the vaccination itself...and that's risks to you, there's also the fact that by being vaccinated you also reduce the risk to all the people around you, including family and close friends.

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Gaz_chops in reply to Chappychap

Very eloquently answered, i may borrow your words when/if i get asked the same question 👏👏👏

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Littlepom in reply to Gaz_chops

Me too

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Chappychap

Thank you for an excellent reply @Chappychap . The problem with many of these stories is that many people do not understand basic statistics, odds, etc. An overweight friend of mine in his forties developed a DVT last year. Part of the clot broke off and hit his lung (pulmonary embolism). Of course it could have travelled to his heart or brain. He survived and despite this has had his first AZ jab. His brother has long CovID and we both know people who have died of it.

Anybody with serious concerns should discuss them with their GP but I am not aware of anybody being advised not to have it.

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Nannysue1 in reply to Chappychap

Couldnt agree more and you've said exactly what I was going to.

Well you say that!! I had a serious blood clotting heart attack, (no risk factors), a fit cyclist and mountain walker age 56. Cholesteral never been high and latest was 3.7 all my life and no family history ten days after a covid astrazeneca vaccine. So if this was you or a family member or friend you might not be so casual about it.

I had a heart check up a year earlier and a 24 hour ecg etc. The cardiologist stated all was great, healthy heart. I had check up due to palpitations but was just anxiety.

I doubt I am recorded in any statistic despite health authorities raising yellow card. I still have a blocked RCA with no stents possible despite two angiograms. No vaccine people contacted me for research. So they would not know the detail.

You say the risk outweighs the benefits, certainly not in my case as I have not had covid (thankfully), but got the blood clotting. Nobody checked the rest of my body or checked for blood clots. So how accurate are these statistics? What are the true figures? Yes I know its for the common good of the majority as in a war, but it should not be covered up and those effected should be supported.

I asked if I should have the second shot. No one will tell me if it is safe for me to have a second shot and they just say "I have to sit on the fence on this". GP reception said get advice first.

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MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to thunderstorm2

I am sorry to read about your experience.

6 % of all heart attacks happen when a person doesn't have any permanent narrowing of the coronary arteries known as myocardial infarction non obstructive coronary arteries MINOCA.

The common causes Microvascular dysfunction, vasospastic angina and Spontaneous coronary artery dissection SCAD.

Clots can form following the break down of even the smallest amount of plaque in these conditions.

These causes of heart attack are often overlooked.

Have you discussed with your Cardiology team the cause of your heart attack?

The sister of a person who had sadly died following a vaccination of the Aztra Zenica vaccine whilst saying how angry she was would still encourage everyone to continue to be vaccinated using AZ vaccine.


The risks of Covid far out weigh the very small risk of serious side effects from the vaccine.

No medical treatment is risk free.

The angiogram you had performed exposed you to many risks including being exposed to radiation, bleeding, damage to the blood vessels, heart attack, cardiac arrest and death.

I wish you speedy recovery and I hope you are able to make the best decision for you.

Yes and I would not discourage anyone from having a vaccine. I am fully aware of the pros and cons and that is why I still want the second shot but no one will provide an answer. I had MRI scan yesterday, so will see what that shows. Currently on 9 drugs to treat it.. The response I get is that they are still researching and do not currently have any answers. So on a personal level , it's my life and a very hard decision to make. I would not be able to say much if I died a few days after a second shot.

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MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to thunderstorm2

It's a difficult decision for you.

I had my first AZ vaccine in February. It made my angina much worse, I nearly went into hospital.

I did later due to a combination of factors.

I discussed this with my Cardiologist who advised me to have the second dose.

I had no problems after the second dose.

My Cardiologist didn't sit on the fence. The hospital has had some of the highest numbers of patients dying from Covid in the country.

Good luck with getting some sensible advice from your Cardiology team.

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bee2 in reply to thunderstorm2

Dont be rushed into a 2nd shot. As you say it's your life, of course nobody can give you answers as it's still in experimental stages. If you are wary, defer until you get test results and medications settled.

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mike2002 in reply to Milkfairy

It is all a question of individual risk assessment but unfortunately that fact is 'drowned out' by the official Government line that everyone MUST be vaccinated. In another time the vaccine campaign would be described as 'bullying'.

As others have said, the risk of a side effect from the vaccine is very, very, very low. And so, in reality, is the risk of (a) getting Covid, and (b) getting it seriously. You wouldn't believe that if you ever bought into the Government advertising campaigns over the past 6 months.

So everyone should make their own choice. And there is room for more than one choice.

Personally I have had one dose of the Astra Zeneca vaccine - but only because I want to be on the first plane, train, or boat out of the UK at the earliest opportunity. I have, in the past two years, had a heart attack, a pulmonary embolism, and am now diagnosed with chronic thrombi emboli. Being investigated at 'snail's pace' through the NHS system (worse of course because of Covid as they like to tell me frequently.)

No side effects after the first vaccine but will I go for the second after the adverse AZ publicity? Yes, but not because I am concerned about Covid. Statistically there is a minute risk from both. In 'normal' times I would dismiss both risks as inconsequential.

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MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to mike2002

I am not sure about Covid being of minimal risk.Brazil and India are being devastated by Covid at the moment.

A huge amount of human suffering due to complancy about the impact of Covid infections.

I know of a former colleague, 2 neighbours and several friends relatives who have died from Covid.

Long Covid symptoms are not without consequence either.

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mike2002 in reply to Milkfairy

We all have different definitions of risk. Yours and mine are not the same.

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TRST in reply to mike2002

I was surprised to hear you've decided to have the vaccine Mike, and even a second dose, given you declined it a couple of months ago.

We are all entitled to change our minds, of course!

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mike2002 in reply to TRST

As stated above - because I could see the writing on the wall in relation to international travel. I think you call it pragmatism.

I had a heart attack two years ago. I gave a strong family history of heart attacks. Twenty years ago I had an allergic reaction to the flu vaccine. After listening to my daughter coming home every night after caring for Covid patients I spoke to my GP about flu and Covid vaccines. I’m pleased to say that after a lot of discussion I had the flu vaccine and have now had my second Astra Zeneca vaccine. My daughter is no longer worrying about my husband and I and we feel great. We’re looking forward to getting back to normal.

I suspect that the family history is a much greater risk factor than previously thought and that GPs don't pay enough attention to it.I have a similar story to you, I never smoked, ate reasonably well, did not drink excessively, was reasonably fit, my cholesterol level was 6.2 when I had a heart attack 3 years ago. I had all three main arteries stented. I wrestled with the why me? question. My elder brother (10 years older than me) had a HA and triple bypass 10 years earlier. My other older brother has high BP. Both of them smoked like chimneys for many years. Mother and father both had heart attacks in their seventies. I thought it would not happen to me as I looked after my health. Clearly I was wrong.

I had a heart attack the day after my first AZ jab in February. I had flu-like symptoms that deteriorated and I felt so unwell I called the doctors. Upshot was I got taken into A&E and the troponin level in my blood showed I’d had a heart attack. An angiogram couldn’t determine the cause although they could see muscle damage. I’m currently waiting for an appointment for a cardio MRI to see if that can show what has happened. I am seeing a heart failure nurse. My doctors advised me not to have the second jab for the time being. I know this must be a coincidence but the yellow card report for this shows a high number of cardiology reactions too.

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IrisCarter in reply to LMD1986

I suspect that the reason your Dr has suggested delaying your second vaccination is because you need to be as well as possible when having it. The extra work that the immune system has to do would be easier if you are not recovering from your cardiac event.

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LMD1986 in reply to IrisCarter

I agree 🙂

The clotting issues that MAY be related to the vaccine are not the normal issues around clotting and involve very low platelets. This is rare in the general population anyway. HA rarely come out of the blue, even if it seems like that. Usually been brewing for a while due to other related issues inc smoking, weight, poor diet, diabetes, and, of course, genetics. I have a very high lp(a) which is a clotting factor amongst other things but I’ve had both jabs and had a pretty rough few days with the first and a bit of fatigue with the second. But I feel more protected. I work front line pharmacy and need to feel I’m protecting myself and my patients.

Hi i have had both jabs and both astra zen i have had quadruple bypass 12 stents in total i was fine off both heart failure runs deep in my family as does angina i lost my mum when i was 25 (she was 48) you will be fine but you could ask about the different one

I suffer from Micro Vascular Disease and took a while for me to get the medication balance right (6 months ), in the end I was having an angina attack once in about 24 days. Better than the daily ones I was having. After my first Covid injection AZ on a Saturday, I started to feel weird on the Saturday night. Sunday I ended up having 2 Angina attack then 1 a day for 5 days. Managed to talk to my Cardiac Nurse who spoke to my consultant and changed my medication after a couple of calls we doubled 2 of my tablets it's started to help but I'm still extremely worried about the second injection. I spent 8 hours in hospital after having a very bizarre episode Angina Plus some strange chest feelings. The Cardiac Nurse and Consultant were very diplomatic when I asked about the AZ being the cause, but I have to say I had Covid last August which scared me shit less as we lost my father in law to it and I've not felt right since, they just said they were still learning about Covid and it's after effects and were unable to say either way regarding the injection. Now I'm on the fence regarding the 2nd one, my wife is a district nurse and had both her injections Phizer and is pushing me but I'm due to talk to my Cardiac Nurse 2 days before my 2nd and really don't know what to do....

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MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to McFox68

Hi I live with vasospastic angina mine is unfortunately very poorly controlled despite being on top doses of many different medications.

I had the first AZ vaccine in February ( I was put in the high risk group). It made my vasospasms much worse and unstable too.

I fell a few times, hurt my foot and cracked my ribs.

I ended up in hospital for 9 days for an IV GTN infusion to stabilise my coronary vasospasms.

All the medical staff my Cardiologist included advised me to have the second dose of the AZ vaccine. No hesitation at all.

I had my second AZ vaccine last week. No problems this time.

I was mentally prepared for another hospital admission which though not pleasant beats catching Covid in my book which as my Cardiologist said would not be good for me.

Good luck, I hope you are able to make the best decision for you.

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McFox68 in reply to Milkfairy

Thanks Milkfairy for your reply, hope your all ok now. Yeah Covid ain't fun on medication.I'll take on board what you've said and listen to my Cardiac Nurse and Cardiologist as well.

But I'm sure my wife will march me down there and make sure I have it. She's a bully 🤣🤣 but I know she wants what's best for me.

My personal opinion is that with the amount of vacations taking place someone somewhere is going to have or get something after the jab and then question if the jab was the cause.

It’s good and understandable to ask the questions though. But at the end of the day, like any medical trials, it all comes down to numbers and data.

And so far all the data proves that it’s safer to get the jab than not.

That’s good enough for me and 50 minutes ago I just got the second AZ jab and I feel like I’ve won the Pools (oooppss that’s showing my age, it’s the lottery now 😳).

I trusted the NHS to stop my heart and let a machine breath for me when I had my quintuple bypass, I’m sure as hell going to trust them to keep me safe with a little jab in my arm.


-007- Licensed to Pill 💊

Thanks all, some great feedback like I said I am very supportive of the jab however I would like some reassurances around the 2nd jab, ideally having a different vaccine next time round if that reduces any potential risk to me, which is key as no matter the science and stats that are thrown around i don’t want to feel like I am playing Russian roulette with my life. Appreciate that does sound dramatic.

Regarding statistics I agree with what people are saying, you do need protection from COVID and the risk still outweighs the side effects however I also feel numbers of people who have experienced adverse reactions to the vaccine are not reported correctly.

And let’s be honest it probably never will as this would be jumped on and used negatively to smear the vaccine deployment I would just like some guidance from the NHS to say if you experienced adverse reaction to the first jab we recommend you don’t have the same vaccine second time round

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MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to Alec1969

You can report your reaction to the vaccine yourself.

I reported my reaction to the AZ vaccine.

"Official MHRA side effect and adverse incident reporting site for coronavirus treatments and vaccines | Coronavirus (COVID-19)" coronavirus-yellowcard.mhra...

Firstly you can't mix the vaccines. Your second has to be the same as the first. However you could ask for a different one next year, Secondly the type of clotting reported for the Az shot is very different from that which occurs in a heart attack. Have you found out just what caused your heart attack? I know you had stents for blockages but what kind of blockages? The chance of your HA being caused by the vaccine is minute. What does your GP say? I have many allergies or severe reactions to drugs so I was very worried first time round. NO one could or would give me advice . I've now had both shots; painful arm for 12 hours with the first caused more by the way the nurse did the injection. Absolutely nothing with the second The risk of dying from covid while you are recovering from a HA is far far greater. I would be concerned but not enough to stop me having the vaccine. In the end it's your decision. There is always a GP present at the vaccination clinics so you could ask to discuss it with them.

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Gaz_chops in reply to Qualipop

There are currently trials of mixing the 2 vaccines, I believe a couple of people on here volunteered for it.

I have not heard any feedback as of yet.

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Qualipop in reply to Gaz_chops

I had a vague memory of something but I thought it was France being terrified of AZ and not wanting to back down.

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Lilypocket in reply to Qualipop

HiIn fact here in France they are recommending that people under 55 who had AZ jab first time around have the Pfizer for the second one. The medical profession ( some of them) believe it gives wider and better immunity. I had the AZ jab but want the second to be the same. Don't like the idea of mixing and matching 😱 so it is possible it seems.

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Qualipop in reply to Lilypocket

Me neither; they work in completely different ways. I'd want the same. Well I did have- they insisted here.

My French sister in law was told by her brother who lives in Paris, that they are being advised over there to have a different second jab if their first one was the Astra Zeneca . We've heard noting about that here have we?

Yes Jean that is correct. Here in France there are totally empty vaccination centres where the AZ is offered. Because of the bad publicity they are recommending people under 55 to have the Pfizer or Moderna as their second jab so people don't give up! But I'm sticking with AZ! ( Anyway I'm 65 😂) xx

Hi Alec1969. I can understand your concerns, it must be very difficult for you to come to a final decision as to whether to have the second shot.

If you are still unsure as to the risks to yourself by having the second jab you can go onto the NHS website which will inform you of some of the mild side affects, however, for a more detailed report of reported adverse affects you will have to go to the MHRA Yellow Card Reporting System. Some of those adverse affects are recorded as being, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Blood Clots and the list goes on, in all, between both the Pfizer and the Oxford Vaccines nearly 700,000 adverse affects have been recorded and nearly 1,000 deaths so far, they are not my figures they are the governments own recorded figures.

So my advise do you is do your own research and ask questions if you have concerns, I can't tell you what to do, that is up to you to decide.

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MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to the-glassman

Could you please give the source of the information you have given below?

'Vaccines nearly 700,000 adverse affects have been recorded and nearly 1,000 deaths so far, they are not my figures they are the governments own recorded figures.'

Milkfairy: Google,

Just look up the page on the list then click on to it, then page down until you come to the Pfizer and then AZ reports, hope that helps you.

Got a ‘page not found’ message.

Milkfairy: google

You will have to search for the page with the displaying the details I have given you, then click on the screen government/publication/coronavirus-covid-19 then page down and find adverse reports for the Pfizer vaccine, the page below Pfizer is for adverse affects for the Oxford AZ vaccine. There is about 80 pages to each report detailing all of the reported adverse affects. The government even states that the numbers reported are only a small percentage of the actual affects people have experience so far due a lot of medical staff and members of the public not knowing about how to report adverse affects. Like everything with government reports it sometimes takes time in finding the details one is looking for.

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MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to the-glassman

Me too ' page not found '

This is what I have been looking at.

"Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine adverse reactions - GOV.UK"

I agree with Chappychap, the risk of not having the second vaccine far outweighs those in having the vaccine.There really isn't a choice. We have the conditions we have and these vaccines are there t help protect us from an infection which otherwise do for us for sure.

Very simple.

We should not prevaricate and be armchair experts. The experts say have the jab. I suggest you have the jab. Not an expert but I have great faith in modern medicine. It has kept me alive after 6 heart operations.

Omg I also had the Astra Zeneca first dose and had a mild heart attack about 3 weeks after. I have refused the second dose and think I will wait a year and have the phizer. 🧐

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MilkfairyHeart Star

Just out of interest how old are you?

Do you live with any risk factors for heart disease such as raised blood pressure, cholesterol, high BMI, diabetic, smoke, don't exercise, family history of heart disease?

See the links below re Vaccine Adverse Effects... of which only about 1% are usually reported (according to, I think, Harvard i.e. adverse effects of pharmaceutical products are mostly unreported. Therefore, the following figures are about 1% of the real figures).

In the UK...





In the USA...


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COVID 19 - Media Buying Services

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1 April 2021

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