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As promised my new haircut

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Well that feels much better

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Wow, looking good Tori. I bet you really enjoyed having that done - it looks great!

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Shoshov in reply to Cat04

woot woo. looking fabulous sweetheart❤️shiona

Looks lovely 😊 xx

Thank you xxxx

Looks very nice

Looks very nice

Looks great! x

Looks lovely xx

You look amazing Tori xxxx

😍Looking good xxx

Really lovely, you do look amazing💖Much love to you💖xxx

Thank you all for your lovely comments xxxx 🥰😘

Hi Tori "WOW" even more beautiful now, I hope it's given you a bit of a lift. Take care amazing girl and keep safe. Ruth xx

HI. Your Hair looks great. If you're feeling poorly there's nothing that will cheer you up more other than laughter. I went last Week and can't wait to go again in a fortnight!!👩

Wow,love it xxx

Thank you so much xxxx

That looks very nice, Tori. I was wondering if you would post a photo. I like it. Mine isn’t until the 21st May...

Looks lovely xx

Looking good Buddy. I had mine done this week. It feels great.

Beautiful hair,

Wow - Your hair looks fabulous!!

WOW is that a great cut, you look fabulous!

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