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Plodding on all be it slowly

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Hi all just thought I would pop on and let u all know I’m going ok I’m in AFIB more than I’m out of it now but that’s to be expected. One thing I’m very excited about is getting my hair done tomorrow. It’s just getting cut and blowdried but will be so good when it’s done. I’m still waiting for the cardiac nurse to email me back

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Good to hear from you. I really need my hair cutting too, it's been too long since I had it done. You'll feel great afterwards xxxxx

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buddy2blue in reply to Cat04

It’s going to feel so good lol xxxx

Afternoon Tori,Great to see your post, you have been in my thoughts these last few weeks. Isn’t it funny that the small things like getting our hair cut and blow dried by someone else feels wonderful 😂 you enjoy every minute of your pampering.


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Rosiemycat in reply to 080311

Good to hear from you I was anxious about you and sent a text asking if you were ok and thankfully you are, good your getting your hair done it will make you feel better

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080311 in reply to Rosiemycat

Sorry sent to me instead of buddy2blue,

Enjoy your pampering! x

Hi🙂, enjoy your bit of pampering tomorrow, I need to go and get some colour on mine, my natural highlights are getting out of control 😁, glad you’re ok as can be xx

Hi Tori, You sound a bit more positive today, it could be that you are going to be made all beautiful again getting your hair done, it will be a real boost after we all have been looking a bit disheveled for the last few months. Enjoy your pampering. Take care and keep safe, sending lots of love and hugs. Ruth xx

Hi Tori. You'll feel good when you've had a cut and blow dry. I went to the hair dressers last Friday although the novelty wore off when it rained as I walked back to the car and the whole lot frizzed!!!Hope the cardio nurse has got back to you.

Sending love and hugs your way. Jan xxxx

Good hearing from you,You are so right getting haircut makes us feel that bit better.I got mines cut an coloured last week.Take care x

Great to hear from you and that you're doing okay. I'm sure the haircut will be a big boost. You'll have to send us a pic xxx

Hi Tori,good to hear from you,you`re such a brave,positive girl.I`m sure you`ll look gorgeous with your cut and blowdry.My hair is long and straight and I look like a witch.Must make an appointment soon!xxx

Thank you everyone is so lovely on this forum. I can’t wait to get my hair cut xxxx

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Cat04 in reply to cowparsley

You and me both 🤣 that's what a lot are like in Cornwall

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cowparsley in reply to Cat04

Doesn`t matter if you`re not going anywhere.I`ve stopped caring even if I do have to go somewhere.My social calendar sounds like this: Drs Monday,optician Tuesday,audiologist Wednesday,dentist Thursday.Yippee,it`s Friday,swimming!

I know that felling lol

Don`t forget the photo after cut and blowdry.xx

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Cat04 in reply to cowparsley

Yep mine is dentist Tuesday, cardiologist telephone appt Friday then echo following Monday, 2nd covid vaccine Weds and I need to make appt for bloods 🤣🤣🤣

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cowparsley in reply to Cat04

Exciting lives we lead🤣🤣

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Cat04 in reply to cowparsley

Buddy's posted a pic on a new post - looks lovely

Hi buddy, it's nice to hear from you, you was on my mind. Its great you having your hair done bit of pampering why not hey❤️ my hair also need to be sorted to and hopefully will get it done soon as possible. Get well soon hun

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