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Signs You Are Maybe Past It

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MichaelJHHeart Star

I originally posted this on another forum and got quite a few responses so thought I would share if with you. Enjoy!

Apparently the 25 signs you are 'past it', according to Gen Z Britons are:

You order a Cappuccino – 52 per cent

Your underwear is from M&S – 36 per cent

You watch Countryfile for the weather forecast at the end – 30 per cent

You ask for 'milk and two sugars' in your tea - 30 per cent

You still have a DVD collection – 29 per cent

You ask for a 'Rachel Cut' at the hairdressers – 26 per cent

You say 'funky' - 26 per cent

You still send cheques for people's birthdays - 24 per cent

You call trainers 'sneakers' - 22 per cent

You make noises when you sit down - 22 per cent

You wear comfortable shoes - 22 per cent

You do not recognise any Love Island contestants - 21 per cent

You struggle to work your TV remote - 20 per cent

You plan a second route on a car journey just in case - 19 per cent

You become obsessed with bin day - 19 per cent

You move from BBC Radio 1 to Radio 2 - 19 per cent

You still use a gas BBQ - 18 per cent

You turn the music down when you park the car - 15 per cent

You have never posted a video to social media - 15 per cent

You do not know what a Youtuber is - 15 per cent

You use hashtags incorrectly - 13 per cent

You are still on Facebook - 13 per cent

You worry about not being able to find a parking space - 12 per cent

You ask for your steak well done - 12 per cent

You add salt to your food before tasting it - 11 per cent

I am super happy as I scored 6! 😁 Much of it actually seems nonsense to me such as well done steaks and adding salt before tasting! What's your score?

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Oh dear, I got 15, giving myself one point for each sign I recognise as something I do.

Who doesn't creak or groan sitting-standing-kneeling?!

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Sunnie2day

I will pass on kneeling! 🤣 or ☹️

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LBCdance in reply to Sunnie2day

I got 13 and I still have my LPs, cassettes and DVDs but life is complicated enough just keeping going these days so why not admit defeat and agree that I'm past it, no surprise there! But thanks to Michael for a wry smile or two!

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Sunnie2day in reply to LBCdance

I have my DVDs but the LPs and cassettes were grabbed up by the grown children and grandchildren - even the 8-tracks!

I keep trying to 'like' your comment but it's not working - consider yourself 'liked':)

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LBCdance in reply to Sunnie2day

Thank you - much appreciated!

I got 6 too! Still have a DVD collection - umm, yes and a CD collection, and LP collection and 45 collection and a cassette collection!

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to SpiritoftheFloyd

Ditto! 🤣🤣🤣

Vinyl sounds way better!!

Totally agree.

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Notdead in reply to Curlyman83


Two decks to play vinyls on here - living room and study. Does that make me a hopeless case? 😁

Only 1 deck in study, and I'm still using the Wharfdale E30 speakers that I bought in 1982 - amazed they've lasted nearly 40 years

I use Wharfedale Glendale 3 speakers of similar vintage. Mention Hi-Fi to youngsters nowadays and they think you've mispronounced Hi-Five. 😀

Scored a 6 for this, but regarding better sound from vinyl that may be the case but with tinnitus it makes no difference anyway. 😢😢

I’m feeling so not past it with a score of 3! I’ve tried telling my legs but they’re convinced I’m at least 10 years older than I actually am😄

Hi Michael, 6ish 🙂, don’t make noises sitting down, but getting back up 😩, haha, wishing you well x


Just 2 for me! Hurrah 😄

I am an eight and proud to be past it. Surprised some of the percentages are that low especially radio 1 to radio 2


8 for me, I always wonder what day it was I put radio 2 on! I also worry about parking spaces so much I just take the train 🙄

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Thanksnhs

Pre lockdown I went to our local town centre, gave up and went back home! And yet infill building continues!

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Thanksnhs in reply to MichaelJH

I take the bus, if I can, to hospital appointments, even having a blue badge I have trouble getting parked, I find it so stressful I get really anxious and worked up before I have even left the house char

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laura_dropstitchHeart Star in reply to Thanksnhs

I'm exactly the same! I worry so much about finding a parking space that I thought I should give myself five points for that one alone 😂 Not doing too badly on the rest though.

I honestly thought I was the only one that worried about it, I have an appointment at the dental hospital at the end of the month, I am getting the train even though its a good walk as I have no idea if I would find a space, I am the same if I have to go to the rah it's dreadful, thankfully the jubilee is fine, I hope you are keeping well at the moment char x

6 for me! Not sure if that’s good or bad! 😄😱

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Snowflake20 in reply to Gladwyn

No I don't either lol. Just did it twice and got 6 each time!! 🙉🙉🙉

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Gladwyn in reply to Snowflake20


Is "groovy" also a no-no 😂. And who knows how to do a flippin' hashtag - more to the point, who cares?! Well... I'm a "4" - or a "5" if "groovy" is equal to "funky". But I say it as a joke... obvs! And say "obvs" - so that might count for something ;). So am a "4". I am 58 and still well groovy........................... Cheers Michael!

Only 14, would be 15 if i had ever started to go on faceache.

9. Do I have to add an extra one for moving to Radio 3?

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to RufusScamp

I skipped Radio 2 as the music seemed too old and some of the presenters too full of themselves!

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GWP1952 in reply to MichaelJH

Who wants someone else dictating the music being played? And you have to suffer the inane prattling on of the presenter AND his/her co-host. I rarely listen to the radio nowadays, preferring to determine my own music programme.

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MilkfairyHeart Star


I scored 4.

It helps having one Generation X and 2 Generation Zs offspring to keep me in the correct century. .....just.

What is generation Z??

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Flummoxedlou

Generation Z are people born from 1997 onwards, Generation Y from 1980 onwards and Generation X from 1965 onwards. Generation X are now early middle aged.

I got 7, and know I am past it, don’t understand the short hand my granddaughters use in messages, seems gibberish to me. Hope your ok.

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to 080311

Sometimes they make up abbreviations as they go along and can't remember what they mean later!

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080311 in reply to MichaelJH


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LBCdance in reply to 080311

I think one of we past-its functions in life is to make the young ones feel good about themselves and I'm not above exploiting this to get their help on technIcal things - most of them are so kind and love to know - and its genuine - that they've been helpful. I do appreciate inter-generational interaction.

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080311 in reply to LBCdance

Have 5 granddaughters, all are very helpful though son is in IT so normally my first port of call! It’s a two way street Nana is their first stop 2 are into dress making one as just started knitting! Just love it.


I got 6. What's a hashtag?.....just kidding 🤔 🤣

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Lezzers

A small portion of corn beef hash?? 🤣

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Gladwyn in reply to MichaelJH


I got 7! Great post Michael xxx

12 for me! Happy to be halfway past it!! 🤣

Hello Michael I scored 5 maybe 5.5 not obsessed with Bin Day but know when it is !

Vaccinated Hands Face Space to Stay Safe

What’s ‘Love Island’?!

You are better off not knowing. 😁

I scored 4. Phew. Not past it. Yet 😂

I scored 3..yeah I'm a young 67yr old chick🤣 but in my defence, I've always worn M&S underwear, it's the best , I've never been good with the remote control and I keep in touch with friends and family around the world on FB. Having 4 children and 9 grandchildren probably helps as they keep dragging me into each decade 🤣

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LBCdance in reply to Nannysue1

I thought everyone wore M&S underwear! Well this has certainly provoked a lot of lively interest! Must stop combing through this post, not doing anything, thank goodness people are still not visiting as I'm getting ashamed of leaving things, but the cats don't mind a bit of squalor. as long as food is available.

6 for me. I'm quite proud of the fact that I can't recognise any Love Island contestants. I've struggled a bit with the noise sitting down. Pre CABG, my partner and I picked each other up when we made a noise, and we had to sit down again silently. Post CABG, that's gone out of the window 🤣

I got 9, a lot of those I suffered from even in my twenties.

Cappuccino.... Nooooo, ruin Gods gift to mankind with Milk???? Ahhhhh never. lol

I scored 3. I don’t know whether to be pleased or disappointed that I know what a YouTuber is

5.... Not bad, I mean Steak well done, why ruin a lovely thing by turning it in to shoe leather lol.

I scored 7 😂

I scored 1 the joys of having kids later in life

4 😃 unless you count, counting your score as 1 🤣🤣🤣

A reasonable 6 here, but does it count if you've always worn M & S underwear? 😁

6 for me too!!

i scored 5 but does ordering a latte count for 2!

I'm so past it, I'm almost on the stairway to heaven! Still above ground though, and thankful, even if I do groan when I kneel while listening to Sade CD's. I'm so past it I'm tuned to Radio 4 having given up 1, 2 and 3!

I scored 8. I don't understand. Where can you get your underwear from if not M&S?🙄

Oh dear . 5 !!

Only scored 5. I'm well past it though! 😀

11 but my excuse is that on the scale of things I'm generation V.😊

I feel quite proud that I have never even looked at Love Island. Apart from making noises when I sit down or get up, only one or two apply although I Think they all apply to my husband who still expects a meter reader to come to he house and won't pay any bills unless in cash.

I actually read this right after an email from a friend who works full time (often 10 or 12 hour days)as a carer of old people as well as looking after her husband who has early signs of dementia plus 6 dogs and is President of a National Club. This friend will be 80 in 10 days.

7 here. . M&S, noises, shoes, Love Island, hashtags, well done steak and FB ( for a specific reason)

I think most apply to me, instead of BBQ I just forget and burn everything, only drink black coffee with sugar, moved to Radio 4 & World Service, never worn trainers or sneakers, don't go far enough for a second route, only drive 700 miles a year, car knows way to shops, make noises sat down, laid down or with any movement, if I managed to kneel down I would need fire brigade to get me up, music on tapes, never use car radio/CD as prefer noise of diesel engine in my hearing aids, never used any social media, as for steak I can't remember what it is, don't recognise birthdays so no cheques. I've been well past it in more ways than I can mention but doctor refuses to refer me to vet for my final jab as it would reduce her income, rather we all left suffering and in a care home so they can steal our homes to subsidise the entitled young who demand everything but have contributed to none of it, they just use what we worked and paid for but that's not enough for them.

Mine score was 44 lol 😆

6 here as well. What on earth does one use to bbq other than gas?? Coal??

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