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Husband had a heart attack 6 weeks ago joined for moral support and advice

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Hi sorry to hear, how is he now and what procedure if any has he had and is he having support from the Cardiac rehab team :)

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7476 in reply to Harrison4

Hi many thanks he had a stent fitted an just had an hours consultation on the phone with cardiac rehab all services have been fantastic.He is now slowly recovering

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Harrison4 in reply to 7476

Hi I had the same thing done in march 2019 it can take a lot out of you but slowly and surely he will get his strength and energy back.I think many of us would say Rome wasn't built in a day there will be some days where his energy will improve, and others where he won't understand why he is so tired. This is normal, and as long as he remembers to rest and not over do it, all will get better over time, the Cardiac Rehab team were fantastic too :)

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7476 in reply to Harrison4

Thanks for that good to know we are not alone I tell him one day at a time .Hope all goes well for you

Hi hope your husband is getting on ok.

I had my HA April 2020 and like your hubby 1 stent .

It’s early days but with cadiac rehab on board he’ll absolutely get there .

Sending lots of positive vibes to him xx

After a year from HA I feel great I’m sure your hubby will start to pick up in a few months .

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7476 in reply to EmmyLaury12

Many thanks for kind words a big shock when it happened but we will get there

Lots of us here in a similar position. He is lucky to have your support. If you can join in with whatever he is doing, like recommended exercise or diet changes, will help him. It is important to get a balance between letting him do too much - men hate to feel helpless - and being over-protective. Glad he has a good rehab team. Mine have been fantastic.

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7476 in reply to RufusScamp

Thanks for the kind words yes getting the balance right is important I keep saying don’t lift that I’ll do it it’s hard to stand back and watch but we will get there

Hi there, nice to meet you and you are definitely in among friends here . I had my heart attack on the 15th April so not even two weeks ago yet . The support on this forum is unmeasurable.

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7476 in reply to Notdead

It is good to have support and know your not the only one experiencing this thanks for your kind words and I hope you continue to improve

I am sorry to hear that. It is a difficult and a scary time and as the partner of someone who has been through this, you will be feeling all sorts of things too. So definitely you are there and able to be a support to him, but make sure that you yourself are supported. And go gently on both him and you. It sounds as though all is going well, so that is really good. Over time things should gradually get better and you should get your lives back to some kind of normality. Hang in. And come back on here if there are specific questions or just want someone to listen.

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7476 in reply to Chaika

Thanks for that yes it does take time but we are getting there and hopefully we will be able to lead a normal life in the future all best wished to you

Hi 7476, 007 here. 😁

I'm 67 and 11 months ago had a "widow maker" out of the blue. Felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. The ambulance people pulled the "elephant" off, much to my relief, 2 stents later, all OK.

Tell hubby to go easy for 6 weeks. It takes time to adjust to the meds, let alone the HA. Sometimes the meds need changing or stopping if not being tolerated. (eg they took me off statins because of adverse affects).

Remember, you are in charge of your own health. All the best.

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7476 in reply to Bradee12

Many thanks for the words of encouragement yes was quite a shock when it happened but the NHS were marvellous and people on here are great with there support hope you get on ok

I'm approaching the first anniversary of mine ( 2 stents ). Just take it easy, get used to the meds and expect a little bit of reaction to 1 or 2 of them, but talk through and side effects with the cardiac rehab team - I had diarrhea from one of them but it settled down. For me the hard bit was coming to terms with having a h/a but realised that over the many years ( 65 year old) that too many fats/carbs/whatever have caused the issues that I had. I'm now fit, active and in a solid routine with taking meds and enjoying life. I suggest you get a weekly tablet dispenser(Amazon) to help with his routine. I rotate 2 so always have a full week's meds ready.

Mentally, I say to myself that my heart was under performing pre heart attack, the stents fixed it, so reality is that I'm now in a better condition that I was pre-heart attack.

Good luck to you both.

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7476 in reply to YorkshireBlue

Many thanks we are coming to terms with it all now the meds seem to be ok at the minute.Thanks for the advice people on here are lovely and supportive stay well

Hi. Sorry to hear this but sounds like your husband is in good hands. I suffered a heart attack in October 2019 so I know what a worrying time it can be. I needed to have CABG x3 but the care and support I received from the NHS and from my local cardiac rehabilitation team was fantastic. Wishing your husband all the best. I'm sure you will be taking good care of him, take care yourself too. 🙂

Many thanks for your kind words yes it was a worrying time but we are coming through it now and we will get there hope you are keeping well

Had similar in 2019. Personally I like to push myself and that worked for me but you do have to listen to your own body and respect limits.It can be frustrating and worrying being the 'other half'. My wife was against me pushing myself through recovery but in the end she accepted that the person that knew how I felt best, was me.

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7476 in reply to mike2002

Hi thanks for commenting he is trying to do do more but I make him rest when he gets out of breath nice to hear you are doing well

Hi there,I know this is going to sound strange but “WELL DONE" to your husband, like the rest of us on here, he’s a survivor!

I had a heart attack whilst out walking my dogs in the New Forest one cold and frosty Decembers day in 2016.

A few months later i had five stents.

For most people that would have solved the problem but in my case heart disease runs in the family.

Two years after the stents I had a quintuple bypass (CABG x 5) (March 2019).

12 weeks after the bypass I was out riding my Triumph Bonneville motorbike and in the last two years I’ve put a new bathroom suit in our bungalow. Painted the rendering outside and many more jobs around our house.

Currently, looking to buy a motorhome to tour the U.K. and Europe. I’m 67 years of age and I’ve been half way around the world but I’ve never been to Scotland! So that’s our first trip 😀

Learn to read the labels on food for sat fats. Rice bran oil for cooking. Benecole butter, yogurts and milk drinks all lower cholesterol due to plant stanols.

Most of us follow the Mediterranean diet.

This is a great chart on the bhf site

Life will change for you both now. There will always be that worry and at times it will get you down but the fact is "you’ve survived" so Well Done!


My name is Bond, James Bond and I take my aspirin shaken not stirred 🍸

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7476 in reply to -007-

Encouraging words you have been through the mill and come out the other side so well done you .Will take on board all you have said wise words indeed enjoy your motor home trips you have earned them

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-007- in reply to 7476

Thanks 👍There is life after a heart attack.

I just noticed something that I wrote and I wanted to correct it.

When I said Benecole butter. I also meant Benecole yogurts and Benecole milk drinks. Phew had to make sure that was put right.


-007- Licensed to Pill 💊

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7476 in reply to -007-

Like it

Hi I had two heart attacks in 2004 luckily the second one was when I was still in icu! I then had two stents fitted and when I got home I remember thinking that’s it my life’s ruined and I felt so useless but I kept telling myself I was one of the lucky ones, anyway long story short, with the love and care of my wife I’m now 65 and fitter than many men my age and still do all the things I used to do, I continued working up till I retired last year in a quite physical job, I guess what I’m saying really is that there is light at the end of the tunnel and your husband will get through this and return to better than normal, my advice would be for him to listen to his body and take it one step at a time, the meds can take time to get used to so he shouldn’t be afraid to talk to his gp about any concerns that he has with them, this is also a stressful time for you too of course so make sure you take care of yourself too, sending big hugs🤗 x

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7476 in reply to deekmac

Many thanks for your lovely message we are just taking it one day at a time but we will get there hope you continue to do well big hugs back

Same issue same procedure in February. Welcome to the most supportive forum ever in history of forums.😊 I am not making light if your worries or hubbies recovery but he can recover and thrive. I am back at work full time and feeling good about the future. Tell him to take his time and though he may feel okay in himself, it is a journey that teaches us all a few lessons in patience, obedience and adherence to the guidance of medical professionals. I have found there are folks on here most hours of the day and night to turn to for advice and support. Make sure you take care of you too. Sending positive thoughts. X

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7476 in reply to Pussacat

Many thanks it’s good you are feeling well enough to return to work .My husband is improving every day still gets tired and a bit breathless but he has survived so onwards and upwards stay well

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