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Double vision after angiogram/ OHS

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I had an angiogram almost a year ago prior to having OHS to replace my aortic valve. Within a few hours of the angiogram I developed double vision which lasted for perhaps 15 minutes. At A&E they put it down to low blood sugars ( I’m diabetic). Since OHS in June , the episodes of double vision have continued , albeit intermittently . Since returning to work on a full-time basis in January, the episodes of double vision have become more frequent. My work involves online teaching via Zoom and I spend lots of time looking at a screen. My partner also noticed that my right eye ‘drops’ during an episode.

My question is this: has anyone had a similar experience with recurring double vision following angiogram/ OHS? What advice were you given?

Initially the cardiac rehab team told me it was a side effect of being hooked up to a bypass machine. However they now say it’s probably caused by migraines. I’m fairly sure that’s not the case and am feeling frustrated at being passed from pillar to post , from the hospital to my GP to the optician - none of whom will refer me for further investigations.

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Yep, I had vision problems after an angiogram/ angioplasty, which included a unblocking a chronic total occlusion ( CTO). Afterwards I had periods of double vision, impaired vision. And like yourself I reported it, and had further tests from both neurology (MRI to check for a stroke) and the eye hospital. The eye hospital actually gave me some drops which at the time did nothing to stop the periods of impaired vision, however I’m now 2 years post procedure and I’m pleased to say things have gone back to normal.

You may have to put your hand in your pocket and find an eye surgeon/specialist privately if you want an answer before Xmas. If you are near London you can go to Moorfields and seek an expert there.

Yes, but I have no idea why! It happened first 21 months after a huge operation to repair an aortic dissection, and has been coming and going since, for the last year and a half, so not even sure if it has anything to do with my surgery or recuperation. I've found that it's the right eye only which is not following the left, and clears in about 3 minutes of closed eyes and eye relaxation. Happens most when I am swinging my eyes around a lot looking at different things. They've found nothing at the normal suite of eye tests and hope to get a post-Covid appt with a Consultant in June-ish. Hoping it will just go away again.

I personally would pay to see a private ophthalmologist. The 3rd cranial nerve controls several ocular muscles responsible for lid function and eye movement, This nerve can be affected by diabetes or ischemia.

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Cliff_G in reply to Hatchjd

Interesting. Could probably also be affected by major surgery involving bypass and artificial cerebral perfusion. I shall keep that in mind for my appt.

I had a very bad migraine about 7 days post op and lost the vision in my left eye. I was still in hospital (spent 30 days inpatient post op) and I was told to rest. I am still having similar episodes 10 months later. I wondered whether it was the bypass and it makes sense to me given how invasive it is and the drugs that are used. I am just hoping that as time passes it will become less frequent. I’m about to start an academic course with a heavy reading load and have made sure that I have a lot of the texts as audio.

Edit- Boo_boo’s post has given me hope!

Hi CMI,m 5 years down the line from AVR and i still get this bright light brings mine on fairly sure it was the bypass procedure just something you get used to.

I had an episode of a very strangle visual event including darkness and flashing in the week after my angiogram. It was brief - just a few seconds - and never happened again. I have to say that my angiogram really knocked me out (I was mid forties, but felt much older and frail for a time) and took at least 10 days to recover my normal strength and energy.

Hi I didn't have double vision after angiogram with stent following HA but did have this very strange thing where it was like my vision would freeze and then start again. It happened as soon as I came out of theatre but was dismissed by the coronary care team. It lasted several weeks. I feel sure it was the angiogram that did it hope you get sorted soon.

I’ve had 3 angiogram procedures over 2 years and each time the migraine/loss of vision gets worse. The last one lasted 2 days.

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