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W8R2, prescriptions day :D

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Decided to combine today's run with prescription collection again, this time remembering bigger backpack.

Only trouble is, I now have 5.5k to walk home again!

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Taxi for Anglesey anyone 🤣

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Thatwasunexpected in reply to


Decided walking would take too long so set my watch for 5min run / 1 min walk intervals and just went for it :P

The worrying thing is, did it 2 1/2 minutes quicker than the way out, even with an extra 3kg on my back!!!

Clearly not trying hard enough!

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SpiritoftheFloyd in reply to Thatwasunexpected

Extra 3kg! Is that your prescription? I thought I was on a ton of meds, but 3kg beats my monthly haul!

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Thatwasunexpected in reply to SpiritoftheFloyd

Mine and Sian's combined. Most is hers for assorted long term problems.

Made the mistake last month if going with my small camera backpack (happily holds 2 cameras with 4 lenses + extras) and they didn't fit.

So emptied the 18kg of sand out of my walking pack today and used that :D

Mine would fit in the pockets of my tracksuit!

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Healthyheart1 in reply to SpiritoftheFloyd

He had to buy a bag of sugar 🤣

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Thatwasunexpected in reply to Healthyheart1

And that was just to replace the energy I burned getting it, which made the whole thing kinda pointless really :D :D :D

They basically filled a 40 litre backpack :D

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Hi TRST, I agree about packets of air, so much waste and not very environmentally friendly.

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Well done you!! maybe you could start running 1k of the journey back and then up it until you get the whole 11k there and back :)

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Thatwasunexpected in reply to SuziSteinhofel

That was kind of the plan yesterday but, once I got there, couldn't face a steady plod back (because running is, essentially, really really boring!!!)

The intervals gave me a chance to push my pace up a bit for the running bits just to break it up. Must've worked because I was 2.5 minutes quicker on the way home :D

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Wow,🤪well done you. Don't think I could have covered the distance on a scooter lol.

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Thatwasunexpected in reply to Pussacat

Thanks :)

I know I was really lucky with the negligible damage from my heart attack and seems a shame to squander that!

It's not so much about what you do as making the most of what you CAN do :)

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Impressive. Well done.

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Thatwasunexpected in reply to QuadroVEINia

Thanks :)

I'd forgotten how enjoyable intervals can be - a bit like going back to W3 or 4, but quicker!

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BlackEnfield in reply to Thatwasunexpected

I've just done W8 R3, and actually carried on a bit to actually run 5K! Well chuffed. You have just given me some ideas for what to do after I 'finish' C25K. Thank you👍

:D :D :D

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