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Vaccine for Covid19


Hi just wanted to gauge how many people have received their vaccine and any adverse problems. I am pretty anxious about it at the moment as I have had a few dizzy spells and breathless. Just seeing the consultant and waiting results from heart monitor. Bp up and down. So know of a few people who have been quite unwell from the vaccine in particular the Oxford one. So want to feel better and get results then will trot off and hope for the best . Thank you so much.

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MichaelJHHeart Star

There has been a lot of discussion about this. The most comprehensive one is:

Where around 80 people discuss their reaction. Most had no or minimal (dealt with using Paracetamol) reaction. I had the Pfizer and had nothing more than a slightly sore arm.

CHRISAF18 in reply to MichaelJH

Thank you Michael so much for replying I would like the pfizer too.

080311 in reply to CHRISAF18

The same as Michael Pfizer and just a sore arm for 24 hours. Husband was the same.

CHRISAF18 in reply to 080311


you can't choose its what is available - we both had the Oxford my husband had no reaction whatsoever my arm was mildly uncomfortable

Judym in reply to CHRISAF18

There's no choice involved both are effective ! I think we must all be grateful whatever we have,I had the Oxford jab,slight attack of the shivers but no sore arm and perfectly fine after a good nights sleep.

TRST in reply to Judym

There is a choice if you live in certain areas and can book the jab you want, or if you have severe allergies and are recommended a certain vaccine.

Catatvet05 in reply to MichaelJH

I had Pfizer. I admit wasn’t well, but only for a day. Same symptoms as any other vaccine. Nothing to worry about x

Goldfish7 in reply to MichaelJH

Same here very sore 1st night, minimally sore 2nd night a bit more sore 3rd night and a bit of borderline Tachycardia/short arythmias (previous 2 days less arythmias etc. - odd or coincidence?) nolonger sore 4th night. Felt a bit more tired than usual for 3-4 days. Rest of my family had the Oxford jab with symptoms ranging from nothing (male), 4 days fatigue, mild flu like, sore arm, (females) everyone has had no problems beyond 4 days.

I had the Pfizer one just over two weeks ago and only reaction was a sore arm, same as I get with normal flu jab.


CHRISAF18 in reply to Fredders

Thank you

For what it’s worth my reaction to the Pfizer jab was also the same. Slight soreness in my arm and tiredness. I took paracetamol and was fine afterwards.

Of course everyone is different and it seems the side effects are often more severe for people who have had Covid.

CHRISAF18 in reply to Bigheart58

Thank you

I not only had a sore arm, I was also feeling very fatigue, nauseous, with body aches and a headache. Also was on the loo a lot! I could not say if I had the Covid but had to isolate because my mum had suspected Covid.

Similar to others, had bypass 15 weeks ago, Pfizer jab just over 2 weeks ago and no adverse effect apart from usual slight sore arm post injection but not noticeable really.

CHRISAF18 in reply to FM68

Thank you hope you are recovering well.

bantam12 in reply to CHRISAF18

It has been reported that the Pfizer is easier with first dose but more side effects with the second one and other way round with Oxford, so worse with first and easier second.In my area only the Oxford is available now so there is no choice which is given. Everybody I know has been very unwell after first dose and some for more than a week which is not encouraging !

CHRISAF18 in reply to bantam12

Dreading it but dont want to end up in a and e 😕

bantam12 in reply to CHRISAF18

I have reluctantly booked mine for next week and have decided to take paracetamol and anti nausea tabs before side effects kick in so hopefully can prevent anything to bad 😉

don't haveit before as it might weaken the immune reaction

That theory has been dismissed.

JudiHalf in reply to CHRISAF18

I was dreading it too and nearly cancelled, I had it yesterday morning and feel fine, my arm is a bit sore, I went out shopping this morning and have just carried on as normal. I had the Oxford one, so please don’t worry too much, x

Slug_hater in reply to bantam12

I had the Oxford vaccination and was very unwell,complete loss of energy and took a week to get back to what is normal for me. However it would be much worse if I’d got Covid. Hope everyone is reporting side effects via yellow card.

I had the Astra one and boy did I react badly for 24 hours - then nothing. Migraine sickness and generally felt awful.

Yes I did too .Slept for 14 hours and was sick took about a week to feel better

Maybe that shows how ill you might have been with the full Covid 19 virus.

Most people where I work (NHS) have had 2 Pfizer jabs,

1st jab - most had a sore arm, ~10% had flu like symptoms & bad headaches lasting for a couple of days & time off work.

2nd jab - most had a sore arm, ~20% had worse flu like symptoms for a few days, severe headaches & time off work - I fell into this category, 1st jab a bit of a sore arm, 2nd I was off for 3 days, headaches, shivering etc.

Some of those that reacted to the 1st jab didn't really to the 2nd and vice versa.

Everyone agreed that they would rather have flu like symptoms for a few days than COVID.

I’m getting my 2nd Pfizer today - had chill like symptoms after the 1st but back to normal the following day. I think it is a must for everyone to get vaccinated - my fear of contracting the virus is greater than the vaccine (dad died last year after contracting the virus) so it’s a no-brainier for me.

Hi I had the Oxford one

Arm was fine but I hurt all over felt nauseous , and had the most awful presure in my head was fine the next day

I had the Oxford one. No reaction at all not even a bruise. Daughter had Pfizer. Sore arm and sleepy for 24 hrs.

Had AZ as did most of my family and a lot of friends, don't know anyone who had a problem or side effects ! I didn't even have a headache or a sore arm ! One tip , drink plenty of water !Good luck 🤞🏼

I had the AZ and felt poorly with a low grade constant headache and flu symptoms for over a week. It didn't put me in bed just made me feel unwell. Am I going for the second jab? Yes!! I would rather feel under the weather for a week than catch covid. You'll be fine. Take care and thinking of you.

Hi Chris, I had the astrazenica as my medical history meant Oxford was not advised. I had headache and sore muscles, bit of tiredness but all fine within 3 days. I hope all goes well for you

Ianp66 in reply to Alessa_

Astra Zenica is the "Oxford one" do you mean pfizer?

Alessa_ in reply to Ianp66

Oops yes I get the Oxford bit confused all the time. I couldn't have Pfizer so I had astrazenica

I had the Oxford vaccine on Sunday afternoon and started with flu like symptoms 24 hours later but feel fine this morning

My father in Law had the oxford jab, no reaction. He had a heart valve repair and triple bypass in January.My wife had the Pfizer jab and had flu like symptoms the following day which lasted for about 24 hours. Hope all goes well with yours when you have it.

I had the Astra Zeneca and had no reaction at all!! 2 wks after I should be 70-80% immune. Second dose 27 April-cant wait. So happy and grateful 🙏

Ooh you're lucky getting the second dose so early. I had Pfizer via my GP's arrangements and wasn't given a date for the second; just told I'd be called in 3 months which will be May. Friends in France, despite all the reports on the EU being so slow, have already had both of theirs- Pfizer while friends in Sweden can't even get a suggested date for the first.

The 2nd dose for me is 11 wks. The usual is 12 weeks. If I were you I'd phone in week 11 to try for an appointment. My GP failed to contact me so I booked my own online at a pharmacy.

I have to go to the same place because they are the ONLY one doing Pfizer.

I had AZ vaccine and had mild flu-like aches for 3 days but have felt fine since then

I had the Extra Zenical 7 weeks after Double Bypass. No symptoms afterwards but I did take a paracetamol before and 4hours after. Good look. Try not to worry x x

I had the Oxford vaccine last week and had no reaction to it at all

I had the oxford, just a sore arm 😊

Had AZ. Had pains about my body for a week. Took paracetamol which helped a lot.After which all cleared up snd I am very glad I had it . Rather that then Covid . Didn’t stop me doing my usual things !

I had the Astra Zeneca and had no reaction at all!! So relieved and grateful 🤞🙏

I had the Astra jab about 4 weeks ago. Arm was sore for the day after just like flu or pneumonia jabs. Also had mild flu symptoms for the following day. My wife was the same. I’ve been struggling with Unstable Angina since last April, the jab had no impact on that, I’d suggest much better to have the vaccine than to live with the risk of catching the virus.

Hi ChrisafI had the Pfizer vaccine on the 12/02 and like you i was very anxious about having it but i have to say the whole process was pain less, i did not ven feel the needle.

Sise affects were not too bad for me on the Saturday i had a pain in the arm at the point of the needle iswas uncomfotable but by Sunday evening it had gone and no other symptoms at all.

Go and get it done.

Qualipop in reply to Andy_c

BY heck, didn't even feel the needle? I shouted and almost shot off the chair it hurt so much. The nurse said people with chronic pain conditions do feel it far more than others. I'm inclined to think it was her technique

Had mine two weeks ago, no real issues, mild headache and tiredness

I had the Pfizer vaccine on Friday by Monday I was feeling awful spent last week in hospital and had a stent fitted on Thursday, Hospital called me on the Monday to say somebody on the ward was Covid positive so the likely hood is I have Covid now. I would definitely recommend the vaccine as if what I am suffering is anything to go by a few sideeffects are the least of you worries.

I hope you recover soon.

My old job as a dentist before I retired. All my old staff were done, 35 people in all, with a combination of both. No side effects reported. I had Astra Zeneca, my wife had Pfizer. No issues at all. I now know dozens more people who have been vaccinated and the only person I know of to have experienced a side effect was my niece in the USA when she had the second dose Pfizer 3 weeks after the first. Having the two doses so close together seems to give no extra benefit but can cause some problems.

My husband had the Pfizer vaccine and I had the Oxford. Neither of us had any reactions. I was worried about my husband as in the past he has reacted badly to the Flu vaccine but needed to have worried. However what is a mild reaction to hopefully avoid serious complications with COVID.

We had the Phizer vac. no reaction to speak of think sometimes depends on person who does it for you wish 2nd one was sooner than April.

Had the Oxford vaccine on 5th February 2021 - absolutely no problems

Had the Oxford with little side effects. Just felt slightly tired for a day

I had the Oxford vaccine two weeks ago and about 11 hours later I felt mildly flu-like, lasted a couple of hours and then fine.

Had AZ. Headache for couple of days which went away with paracetamol.

My husband and I had ours 3wk ago we had the he pfizer vaccine my husband has diabetes no side effects , I had a mild heart attack nearly a year ago and a stent put in an artery angina still a little breathless as my blood pressure was high so gave me another tablet to get it under control so apart from a bruised arm for a few days on the site of the vaccine im ok glad I've had it done x

I was accepted on to the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine trials last August. I had two injection3 weeks apart. I am 72. Had a quad CABG five years ago, 3 failed grafts, and now have a total of 9 stents. I am reasonably healthy these days, but occasionally breathless on steeper gradients. The researchers were looking for over 70’s and with some controlled health issues.

I had a slight reaction after the first jab. Apart from the normal post jab slightly stiff arm on the first day, on the afternoon of day two, I had a slightly higher temperature and for a few hours felt a wee bit nauseous and out of sorts. Those reactions disappeared in the evening. No further side effects.

After the second jab 3 weeks later in September, I had no reaction. We had to keep a diary of temperature etc for the researchers, and will be involved for the first year.

I do a self administered nasal and throat swab every week. Now up to 22 negative results. I also give regular blood samples to check on antibodies amongst other factors. The trials are blind with a 50/50 chance of being given a commonly used vaccine for meningitis and sepsis. After being given a date for a jab, I applied to be “unblinded”, and I did receive the new vaccine.

Very pleased to be one of the guinea pigs, and my personal experience is of one minimal side effect.

We are very fortunate to now have access to these game changing vaccines.

jerry12953 in reply to Butcharts

Thanks for your help in the trials......

Qualipop in reply to Butcharts

Wow, that was very good of you and brave, I don't think I would have dared so am really grateful to those who volunteered.

Pinky1985 in reply to Butcharts

Thanks for your help by being in a trial you are a huge part of how the scientists got to this stage so grateful I had my Oxford yesterday feel flu like today but truly grateful and realise far safer than Covid xx

Had AstraZeneca at the beginning of Feb - sore arm next day followed by a couple of days of tiredness. Definitely would go ahead & have it

I had the AZ vaccine on Sunday and didn't even get a sore arm. I was pleasantly surprised because I have autoimmune issues, so thought I might well react badly.

I had the Oxford vaccine and absolutely no problem. My sister and daughter have also had theirs and again no reaction. Good luck and positive thinking x

I had the AZ vaccine and only issue was a sore arm for around 3 days. In hindsight I should have had in my right arm as I sleep on my left arm. No sickness.

AstraZeneca 3 weeks post op AVR OHS. No reaction 💪💉Husband a week before me. No reaction. 💪💉

My husband 85 and myself 79 had no problems at all with the vaccine

Ps any reaction is much better than having COVID

I had Oxford one 3 weeks ago no side affects, my partner had Pfizer one also with no side affects.

Hi I had the Pfizer on Friday of last week. I have LVSD and a hole in my heart. I have not had any side effects so far apart from slightly sore arm where the jab was given

Guinevere82 in reply to 6899stk

May I ask was there was there a specific reason they gave you the Pfizer jab? I have a hole in the heart too among other health problems so was wondering if they give the Pfizer because of that?

6899stk in reply to Guinevere82

I’m 55 and had a stroke last April out of the blue. I’m pretty fit and healthy but the stroke led to further tests etc that found the hole and LVSD. I think I’ve been given the jab because we live in a small area and the GP had been allocated a number they could use for vulnerable but not high risk patients. I think it was the Pfizer just because it’s the one they had at the Center I had to go to.

Hi,I had the Oxford vaccine and experienced a headache the day after and tenderness at the injection site for a couple of days.

The headache could have been unrelated but who knows??

I hope that helps.

My husband and I both had the Oxford jabs with no problems whatsoever ever despite our ages, 78 and 79, and heart failure and open heart surgery.

Hi my husband had the AZ vaccine and he had no side effects I had Pfizer and was fine I think it depends on the person. I'd speak to your GP if you're worried

Had the AstraZeneca jab last week resulting in chills and a slight headache in the afternoon and next day but no heart problems. Best to read trusted verified sources regarding any reported heart based (or other) side effects. Anything said here is based on individual experience and we’re all different. I does seem though that having the vaccine significantly reduced chance of hospitalisation if one does get COVID. Good luck.

I had the Oxford vaccine two weeks ago and had no side effects whatsoever. I think everyone is different and maybe some people will have some minor effects. I understand your concerns as I was the same at first but try not to worry.

Hi, I felt a little low for 24 hours a few aches but then next day back to normal no issues. This was with the Astra one.

I have CHD and wouldn’t have known I’d had the vaccine had I not had a needle in my arm!!! Whereas my husband who is as fit as a fiddle was unwell for 24 hours. So pot luck.

Hi both mu husband and myself had the Oxford jab, both of us had a slight headache about an hour after but went quite quickly, I know lots of people who have had the Oxford and none of them had any bad reactions so far. Take care Keep safe. Ruth

Had the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine on Sunday evening. Was fine for a few hours afterwards, but early hours of Monday morning I developed severe flu symptoms: chills, but with the feeling like my skin was on fire at the same time, every bone and joint in my body was aching, and major fatigue. Had to take the day off work and stay in bed. Much better today, but just a bit stiff and tired. Still, infinitely better than what catching COVID would do to my body, so it's a small price to pay.

Peony4575 in reply to The_Voice

I was similar after first Pfizer

My husband I both had COVID over Christmas and I ended up in the ICU on Christmas day near death so we are definitely planning to get the vaccine once our 90 days is over due to the antibodies.

I had mine about 3 weeks ago, I had the Astra Zeneca, had a sore arm for a few days and felt yukky for 24 hrs but other than that I was fine.

Hi Chrisaf18 I recently had the Oxford vaccine with no real worrying problems felt slightly off color the next day and a mild headache but no worse or different from the flue vaccine good luck

I have heart issues + bronchiectasis, had Pfizer with absolutely no ill effects, despite sometimes being unwell after flu jab. Husband (asthmatic) had AstraZeneca - again, no ill effects whatsoever.

No idea why it affects some people differently, but staff at vaccination point were being very careful with questioning and monitoring afterwards, and I saw no one looking unwell. Please try not to allow your anxiety to make you unwell? Good luck!


I have now had both doses (Pfizer) - 2nd dose last Friday.

No side effects just a very sore arm.

As most have said - just like flu jab.


Had the 1st Pfizer jab a month ago. Zero problems. Everything pleasant and professional.

Hi I got mine on the 10th, the Oxford one, it seemed fine but the side effects on the leaflet just mimicked the ones I have from my meds, I would say I was fine char

Hi Chris, I had the Oxford one and had achey legs for 2 hours on day after , didn’t take any paracetamol and just put hot water bottle on my legs and was fine. No sore arm either. I am sure you will be fine.

I've had my first dose of AZN and felt tired and achy for 24 hours. I have also had COVID, which made me feel completely s*** for 10 days, destroyed Christmas and made me very miserable and unhappy worrying when and if my O2 sats were going to get bad. It was the most scared I've been since my heart attack in 2019, and worse for my wife. If the choice is between that and a sore arm, a few aches and pains for 24 hours and a bit of paracetamol, it's a total no-brainer.

I had the Oxford jab ten days ago. The only side effects were that I couldn't stop quoting Chaucer and had an overwhelming desire to join the local rowing club.

That was so funny made me laugh, cheered me up no end.Definitely have the jab. My husband had the Oxford one and I had the phizer. Good to hear that other people felt the needle go in. Everyone I have spoken to didn't even feel the needle. I did and gave a squeak which made the person giving the injection jump.

My husband did have a reaction for 3/4 days and we did a home Covid test as advised by Zoe C19. Please go to this website to report reactions.

Stay safe everyone.


I was also worried. I have a lot of drug allergies. My GP said he thought the Oxford one would be better for me because it has fewer side effects but as it happened I got the Pfizer. I was asked about any concerns/ allergies when I went in and it was checked with a GP. Absolutely no problems worth speaking of. I felt very tired that evening but was fine next day although I could have happily stayed in bed. My arm was really painful about 2 inches around the vaccination site and I couldn't lift it to get dressed but on my way back from a hospital appointment the next day I suddenly realised the pain had completely gone. Friends who also had Pfizer have mentioned the tiredness for a day, one husband felt icy cold and cuddled a hot water bottle; another had a bad headache and one had nightmares. I found the very mild side effects far less than what I get from the flu jab. The scientists say that if you get mild side effects it shows your immune system is working well and producing antibodies. I would much rather feel tired for a day than get Covid.

NO one I know who had the Oxford one has reported any side effects at all

What you get depends on where you go. The places listed online or by phone generally have the Oxford one; those arranged by your GP round here have Pfizer because they've been able to use health centres with deep freeze facilities for the Pfizer .

HappyJo in reply to Qualipop

My mums was booked on line and went to a large vaccine centre and got the Pfizer.

Qualipop in reply to HappyJo

Must vary from area to area depending on facilities

Purpled in reply to Qualipop

It’s opposite around here, centres doing Pfizer and gps and pharmacies doing OAZ

Cannot comment for the Oxford jab, we had the Phizer and as someone else commented only reaction was sore arm for a couple of hours.

I'm having my vaccine tomorrow and will insist on having the Pfizer one as I suffer from a lot of drug related allergies (anaphylaxis) including some vaccines. So needless to say I will be pretty nervous. However, I have heard that it is less likely to get an adverse reaction from the Pfizer vaccine as they are using a synthetic mRNA. Fingers crossed!

Purpled in reply to Felixia

Hi. My brother suffers from allergic reactions and they wouldn’t give him Pfizer only AZ one safe for people who have severe allergies

I had Pfizer only a little sore no other side effects

Hi - I had the Pfizer jab and had only a slightly sore arm for less than 24 hours. Personally, I don’t know anyone who’s had a worse reaction than that. Also rest assured that wherever your vaccination centre is, they’ll look after you really well.

Hi ChrisAF18. My hubby and I both had the AstraZeneka one a couple of weeks ago.No problems except a sore arm and a bit of tiredness for 12 hours.

My dad (98years old) had the Pfizer last December and was very poorly afterwards.

Everyone is different but like so many people are saying here, I'd rather mild side effects than full blown Covid!!

All the very best to you xxx

I had the AstraZeneca vaccine on Sunday - woke up in the early hours of Monday aching all over, headache and fever. Got up on Monday, felt really rough so went back to bed. Feel OK today apart from a few aches. Wasn't expecting that as I never have adverse reactions to anything!

Hi I have heart failure and as my medication gives me some side effects I thought the vaccine might but I'm happy to say I've had no problems. In fact I didn't even get a sore arm. I had the Pfizer but being Oxford born and having worked for the NHS (next door to where the vaccine was discovered) I was hoping to get the AstraZenica. Not to worry they will all do the same job.

My wife and I have had our second dose of pfizer and no problems.

I had the Pfizer. Sore arm and very slight nausea a few times a day for about 3 days. Even if you're unwell for a few days it's better than ending up in ICU with Covid

Have Heart Failure and all usual meds AZ with no side affects at all . OH no problem as well !!!

Vaccinated Hands Face Space to Stay Safe

I had the Pfizer jab (I have lots of allergies and can’t have the flu vaccine as a result of allergies, so was nervous.) I had a sore arm for a few days, a small lump at injection site and a swollen lymph node in my armpit for a week. Apart from being extra tired for a day or two I felt fine.

My fiancé (CABG x3 a year ago) had the AZ and had a slightly sore arm and felt a little “off” for a day or two.

I had the Pfizer vaccine with no side effects just a achey arm for a few days.

I had the Pfizer one beginning of January at work (work in GP surgery) and went straight back to my desk to answer the phone. Sore arm for a day that was it.

I had the Oxford jab, and just felt a bit tired the next morning. Better to risk a few side-effects than end up in hospital, as happened to a friend's parents after they refused the jab!

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