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Oxford Vaccine


Hi ya all, I had my Oxford Vaccine yesterday afternoon and I’m feeling so tired and no energy today. Is this Normal if so how long does it last?

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I was in bed with a fever, high temperature, aches, couldn't walk or eat for three days.

I hope that reassures you 😉

Peony4575 in reply to TRST


My husband had it, he was very tired and had headaches, only lasted a couple of days. Hope you soon feel well again.

GuitarAngel in reply to anke123

Thanks for your kind response.

Handel in reply to GuitarAngel

We were a bit tired with arms that felt like they'd been in a stampede!! Wore off after a day or so xxxx

Tempo57 in reply to anke123

Hi Anke123, My husband had the same symptoms as yours lasting for two days only. Tired and a headache.

All good now though so it must be a normal reaction.

We’re so lucky to have a vaccine though so we can’t complain.

Hi I think we all have different reactions

I was dizzy ,nauseous and had a splitting headache on the Monday I had it and all following morning .

I had Oxford AZ and had no reaction at all. Didn’t feel the injection going in either. Lucky!

Pfizer very flu like and tired, no energy. Gradually lifted feeling brighter day 5

Goldfish7 in reply to Peony4575

Ive just had the pfizer vaccination yesterday. I felt nothing other than being a bit tired until after an early night. Arm became sore during the night and I think I was probably running a slightly high temperature which disrupted my sleep. Im very fatigued today with a bit of a thick head (possibly my normal state!!) and no motivation to do anything so will probably read and doze most of the day. Temperature is a little up and down but not too high. Im guessing side effects are variable between people.

Peony4575 in reply to Goldfish7

Yes they are . I was fine after Pfizer jab 1pm . Walked dog etc. 330am woke up shivery achy slight temp etc thick/foggy head no energy . It’s taken me the week to be functioning again and still feel washed out . Be as kind to yourself as your circumstances allow. It did occur to me that maybe the people who didn’t react to the vaccine might have been asymptomatic if they caught Covid, and those of us who have been symptomatic might have been the ones who ended up in hospital or worse . That is just my musing nothing to support that , but a very good thing we ve had the vaccine . You take it easy and give your body a chance to recover

Goldfish7 in reply to Peony4575

Hope your feeling better now. My arm is nolonger sore and my only symptom now is feeling a bit washed out and unmotivated so hopefully onwards and upwards!! Strangely I seemed to have less ectopics or short runs of arythmia for the last couple of days, but now Im marginally worse than normal - all very odd!!!

Peony4575 in reply to Goldfish7

Glad you have improved . My arm isn’t sore either but have the washed out feeling . Like when you start to recover from flu. Started to do a bit yesterday . Doing a bit of housework this morning then will sit and watch an episode of something as feel whacked!!

anke123 in reply to Peony4575

I had the pfizer one as well, a few says after my husband had the Oxford one and apart from a sore arm, no problems. We have heard from a few couples who have had different ones that one was ok and the other unwell, perhaps just how our bodies are. Just pleased we have had it.

MichaelJHHeart Star

Had Pfizer and nothing apart from slightly sore arm. Three friends had AZ and absolutely OK bar one who said they felt like thay had had a heavy session the night before.

Hi same here was fine on Pfizer husband had AZ and was fine too luck of the draw I suppose

As I understand it, a slight adverse reaction is a good sign your immune system is taking it on board .. I had Pfizer but felt nothing :) so now I’m thinking I should feel worse !!!! Can’t win can we ::))) stay safe

Had the Oxford vaccine Thursday afternoon, woke on Friday morning feeling a bit light headed, by lunchtime I was in bed, sore all over, so tired and unable to get a good sleep. Still in bed as I write this ,this morning feel as I have a bit more energy but still feel like I've had a kicking, or a really bad hangover (forgot what a hangover feels like, thank goodness 😂🤣). Hopefully another day's rest up will clear it. Paracetamol does help for short periods.

Had the AZ on Tuesday. Slight headache on Wednesday, very slight pain in the arm on Thursday, now fine.Fatigue is listed as a ‘common’ side effect so as long as it disappears within a week I would not be overly concerned. The advice is to contact your GP if it persists beyond that.

I had mine on Thursday and slept through the day and night and the following day now OK. My son had his on Wednesday and had fever and terrible headaches. Both vaccines were from the same surgery and 8both Oxford.

I had headache for about 3 days after mine - paracetamol helped. Also nausea for about 5 days so I ate less!!

Tiredness was the major side effect. Also stiff neck- glad I had some side effect because I felt it must be working

Had my AZ Saturday morning. Saturday evening hot shower, 2 paracetamol and slept for 14 hours. Felt a little out of sorts for a couple of days then fine.

I go in and out of AF and a few hours after having the vaccine I went back into AF and I am still in AF now 2 weeks later.

TRST in reply to quickenthetempo

Does your doctor or cardio know this?

I had mine (Astrazeneca) on Tuesday. Wednesday felt really out of sorts and nausea. Next day I was back to normal! Arm a little tender in bed when I turn over. You will be fine!

Whatever the symptoms you get I’m sure it’s nothing like getting COVID for real! I had the Oxford jab and had fever for two days 38deg + shivers and aches. The leaflet blurb says it is quite common to get a fever but not a high temp ? I did google the difference but just managed to confuse myself, maybe someone on this site can explain. Had to take paracetamol to keep fever in check as compatible with heart meds. All said really happy I got the jab, and now I know symptoms I’ll book two days in bed for when I get the booster !

Peony4575 in reply to Bellipan

Yup after similar experience with Pfizer one one I’ll be doing the same

I had my vaccine at 2pm yesterday, I was fine all day. I took my heart medication at bedtime. 2AM this morning I was shivering then had a fever, I feel absolutely terrible. I'm currently lying in bed with a fan on me as I'm burning up. Hope you feel better soon.

Peony4575 in reply to Si1972

I had similar but not very high temp it eased off over five days leaving me feeling a bit washed out. Some of us seem to react as though we had caught the darned thing . Rest

Lilypocket in reply to Si1972

Which vaccine did you have?

Si1972 in reply to Lilypocket

I had the Oxford vaccine

Lilypocket in reply to Si1972

Thanks for replying. It seems the AZ vaccine has generally more side effects than the Pfizer.

Normal reaction i think. I had the Pfizer jab, sore arm for a few days and very tired for one day but otherwise OK.

Hi my Husband and Daughter both had the Oxford vaccine. Hubby's arm ached, not for long and Daughter had a headache for a couple of days. I get mine this Friday 26th.Regards Dee.

Thank you to everyone who has posted. I’m having mine next week and now I’m prepared for all eventualities. I won’t be worried by these side effects. Great help, thanks.

I had mine 2 weeks ago today. No side affects for me apart from being tired.

Two to three days according to my Doc. Had mine Tuesday and had horrid side effects! I feel fine now so hang on in there. It will pass. Take a well deserved rest for a few days.

Had AZ vaccine. 11 hours afterwards started shivering, arms ached, slight headache and felt nauseous. Took Paracetamol, slept for two hours and apart from mild headache next day felt fine. Interesting how it affects some and not others. Just pleased I’ve had it done!

Hi I had the Oxford Zeneca vaccine as well. I spent a very uncomfortable night with a temperature, chills, headache and disturbed sleep. The vaccination site on my arm was also painful. The next day I was very tired but the day after I was fine so they do say 24/48 hours for any symptoms of the vaccine.

I had the AZ vaccine on Wednesday - didn’t hurt going in and felt fine apart from arm feeling a bit heavy by the evening. Sleep on my left side and had the jab on RH - have to no lymph nodes on LH post breast cancer 15yrs ago.

Woke up next morning with arm feeling as if it was on fire and felt really heavy. Took paracetamol which didn’t do much. Slept a lot of the day and didn’t eat much but drank fluids. Next day still uncomfortable and sore but felt better if tired and same this morning. Can still feel a hard lump where the injection went in - about 3” circle. I have a bad reaction to insect bites / stings.

Will take an antihistamine before I have the follow up jab and see if that helps.


Try and massage your arm gently where the fluid went. I do this everytime I have a Jab and in a short time the ache goes. I also had an uncomfortable night feeking hot, and following day spent in bed as very tired, All well after that. Waiting for my 2nd now (??)

My second appointment was made at the same time as my first. 6 May at the same location.

I have mine prebooked on the same day !!

My legs felt achey and I felt cold for a couple of hours on the following day . Hot water bottle and hot drink soon sorted it.

Had the same plus the high temp and headache. Felt lousy for two days then back to normal. It was a drag but I knew it would pass. I'm happy to be vaccinated however (hopefully won't get the same reaction with the second dose) Nothing to worry about at all.

Hi there guitar angelI had the Astrazeneca vaccination last Sunday, valentine's day and today is the first day I've not felt yuk...

I know several folk who have not been affected the same so I reckon it's how sensitive you are to it... I've got several allergies which hasn't helped.

Hoping you're soon feeling better.

Enjoy your weekend

Hi I had mine (Oxford) in the evening , slept well, but had to spend half day in bed aching and shivering all over and feeling pretty bad BUT by late afternoon I was up and about and have been fine since. This was 2 days after cancer treatment and I’m an old codger so obviously affects everyone very differently.

Hope you feel better soon, I have mine a week today to look forward to. My sis was in bed very ill for 36hrs. Her GP told her they are finding more side effects with Oxford AZ & more so with women. But lotsof people are lucky and just get a sore arm 🤞🏽

Hi there. I volunteer in a (currently Pfizer) Vaccination Hub. I gather that your AZ reaction is very common and will wear off after 2 or 3 days. The 2nd jab is generally far less likely to give you a bad reaction.

With Pfizer it's the other way round - if you're going to have a reaction, it will be to the 2nd jab rather than the first. When I went to bed after my 2nd jab, I spent the first 2 hours panting for breath, and the next 2 hours shivering with chills. I felt rotten the next day but got a good night's sleep on the 2nd night and was fine after that.

Hope you feel better soon xx

TRST in reply to Alison_L

Thank you Alison, good to know 👍

Lilypocket in reply to Alison_L

Hi AlisonDo you think the panting for breath might have been a heart- related side effect ?


Alison_L in reply to Lilypocket

Hi Lily. Obviously it crossed my mind, but I've been fine since then, and my ICD doesn't appear to have caught any unusual rhythms. I'd had an echo the week before, so won't have another until next year!!

I had a funny sort of head on the day and they felt really sleepy for about 5 days. Means your immune system is working.

I felt exhausted for 2 days and had a very painful arm for a day and a half. They reckon if you feel these side effects it means that your immune system is working and doing what it should.

I was fine arm was a bit sore on day three that was all

Had mine done yesterday no side effects no pain no problems remember this drug is going to save your life’s one day so embrace it and think off all the people who didn’t make it.


My husband received the Oxford vaccine yesterday afternoon- he is on a variety of heart meds following his mitral valve repair last summer and has an ICD fitted. The District nurse advised him he might get. Temperature, arm might ache, might feel fatigued but symptoms if he had no would normally disperse within 2-3 days. He feels ok, arm is fine, some extra fatigue on top of his usual heart fatigue and we have been monitoring his heart rate closely , so far all good. His heart raced to 200 bpm and was erratic after his flu vaccine which is why we were advised to monitor his heart rate. He is very happy to have received it and start his road in building immunity to covid. Hope you are feeling a wee bit better now.

Yes I think I’m beginning to get over my symptoms. But I’m so glad to have been offered my vaccine to protect me from COVID.

hi, yep I had the Oxford vaccine on 15th Feb. Exactly 11hrs afterwards I had various symptoms, from being very sweaty (enough to have to change the bed linen), headache from hell, very high temperature and slightly confused. What threw me, as I am on my own, I had forgotten I'd had the vaccine! See what I mean? Slightly confused LOL. All of my symptoms were gone in less than 8 hours. I now feel absolutely fine. I am participating in a research trial called VAC4COVID. There is no medication taken on this research trial, just simple and straightforward questions about my health before and after the vaccine. Also logging the date of the vaccines and if you have it, the batch number of the medication. I forgot to ask that one, but will get it next time I go for the 2nd jag. The research will continue for possibly 2yrs. It is Dundee University research, they are still looking for participants of all ages. The one thing to be aware of, you have to agree to them accessing your health notes via your Doctor. Not a problem for me, but some people might not want to share. I am also doing the ZOE daily reporting on an App. All of this research is essential if we are to progress out of this horrible mess of virus ill health. Do consider joining the research please and good luck and love to every one who reads this. We ARE all in it together after all.

Alison_L in reply to Harrisquine

Batch number is written on the vaccine card you were given when you had the jab.

Harrisquine in reply to Alison_L

Thankyou, none of us were given a card though. I’ll have to investigate that when I get the 2nd jab.

Alison_L in reply to Harrisquine

Sounds as though something went wrong there. It's a credit card sized bit of card with room for your name and date, type, and batch number of each of the 2 jabs. In fact, here's a pic of it!

Harrisquine in reply to Alison_L

Spoken to three others today, none of us got a card .... Scotland though so maybe it’s different here? Not to worry. I used to be a nurse and thought it was strange no paperwork given, but just wanted out of the centre 😊

Alison_L in reply to Harrisquine

Ah, may be different in Scotland. Never mind, you'll get confirmation next time :)

TRST in reply to Alison_L

Yes I got a card. I thought it might be important 'proof' of vaccination, but if they aren't being given in Scotland then maybe that's not their purpose?

Petercat1 in reply to TRST

Hi.The cards given to us were to ensure we get the same vaccine for our second jab, as not allowed to mix them, not as a confirmation of having had the jab.


Hi.They give the cards to show which vaccine you had as they aren't allowed to mix them, it's so you get the same for your 2nd jab.

I had my first jab 3pm Friday 5th February, by 10pm that evening I felt really cold and shivering badly, with a headache too. The next day I slept loads and by that evening felt a lot better. By the Sunday morning I was fine. I had the AZ jab.

Yes, normal, by all accounts, may last for a couple of days...

Hi GuitarAngel - after 20 hours, both myself & my hubby were quite poorly after the Oxford. Shivers, bad headache, nausea, lasted overnight, next day, fine - only a painful arm. It states it shows good responses apparently, but not nice.

Got mine yesterday.

Absolutely fine with no reaction whatsoever. Not even a pain in the arm!

I’m only just 3 weeks post op OHS so was a bit nervous. No need 💪

I am worried it’s not working as I have not had many side effects ha ha

Peony4575 in reply to Picass

No pleasing some people ! Lol

I had a reaction 12 hrs after the AZvaccination, which lasted 12 hours. Paracetemol for raised temperature and aching limbs, plenty of fluids and I was OK 24 hours after time of vaccination. Arm a bit sore for a few days.

Reading all the comments has me a bit worried about getting my Oxford shot tomorrow. But, I guess it's better having it and not needing it, than needing it and not having it. May just have to take Monday off in case...

Don’t worry you may not have any side effects. I’m feeling good again now. A few paracetamol is all that was needed. I’m so glad I had my vaccine.

TRST in reply to The_Voice

A friend of mine had a reaction, not as serious as mine, but he said he wasn't going to have the second jab and wished he hadn't had the first. I think that's such a shame, as it's not necessarily going to affect everyone the same way and the second time may well not be as serious anyway.

I had the Oxford vaccine a week ago and the only side effects I've had are I can't stop quoting Chaucer and I have an overwhelming desire to join the local rowing club.

Very funny !

I had the Pfizer one 12 hours ago and all OK up to now. Just a sore arm.

Hi, I had mine on Friday afternoon and Saturday felt achey and had headache and chills . Taking paracetamol which takes it off. I have just woke up and still have headache and feel a bit nauseous. I hope it goes away soon. My husband had his last week and was fine. We both had the A.Z

My mum had the oxford vaccine and was exhausted for 2 days and a bit achey so she slept and relaxed a lot and felt a lot better by day 3. My sister had a very simmilar experience but was also a bit feverish. Hopefully you will be feeling fine within a couple of days.

I am glad someone asked this. 12 hours after the vaccine 2am I woke up shivering, aching and was off work fir 3 weeks with flu symptoms. 3 negative covid tests so must’ve been the vac

I had Astra Zenacca, didn't feel anything, no sign of where the needle went in and no blood. Side effects are as varied as our British weather. I did watch it going in and I watched it coming out, got the card. I wish everyone the same positive result.

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