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Fed up and not a little anxious

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I just learnt that my AVR operation, (by TAVI) designated urgent last November and finally due this month, has now been rescheduled to next month due beds being needed for Covid. I know that many people will be in an even worse situation, but I can't help but feel very down and don't feel any confidence that it will take place next month as Covid numbers will certainly be far higher by then. I'm also anxious because I'm getting less and less fit. I get breathless and tired doing simple tasks, eg making a bed, going up stairs. Additionally, over the past 10 years my ability to walk has gradually decreased. I'm now down to less than 100 yards slow, level walking before pain sets in my legs which is thought to be due to a narrowing of my decending aortic artery detected last November, but which won't even be investigated by the vascular surgeons until the work on my heart is complete. They couldn't get a detailed enough view with the Doppler and a CT scan is needed. Not knowing how severe or how treatable this condition is adds to my worries. As a result of Familial Hypercholesterolemia, I also have coronary, carotid and cerebro-vascular disease and feel the ability to excerise is crucial. I do some Tai Chi which definitely helps my circulation. Normally I'm very upbeat about my condition and so very grateful that all the interventions by the NHS has given me at least 20 years of additional productive life allowing me to see my daughter grow into a young woman, but now I'm feeling very down and in need of some support.

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I am so sorry your op as been pushed back to next month, the waiting is so difficult, you have yourself all sort out ready to go and then your told not now.

I had my Aortic valve replaced through open heart so can’t help with the key hole, but just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you, and wishing you well, that you get your new valve soon and you can start living a better life.

Very best wishes Pauline

Thankyou so much for your kind thoughts and support. It really means a lot being able to share instead of having to outwardly appear composed and resigned. Fingers crossed for next month.

I’m so sorry about everything and trust me I know how you feel. Waiting for any procedure is stressful never mind with the added pandemic going on. We are here for you so keep your chin up, it will happen eventually until then keep safe

Elaine ❤️

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Thank you for your words of encouragement. It is amazing how affirming the words of people who share similar experiences are. I had a good cry and now feel much better, guess I just needed some empathy.


Thanks that means a lot especially in these times.


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Thanks, peoples responses have really helped

Completely understand your frustration and worry, however covid numbers have already started to go down so here's hoping it goes ahead soon. Despite the delay I would continue to ring them and explain how you a re feeling an how worried you are. Tell them you will take any cancellation no matter how short notice

Thank you for your understanding response and advice. Feeling better today after everyone's kind thoughts. I have been given a new date of 12th Nov, and the rules are that I, (and my family), have to isolate for 2 weeks prior and also stop all my blood thinners 10 days before the op so I don't think I'd get a cancellation, but if the op gets postponed again, I certainly will immediately ring up and follow your advice.

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