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1st anniversary


Well one year today since my triple bypass surgery. What can I say ? A few ups and downs but mainly up and feeling good. The NHS is indeed our national treasure. With all that’s going on with the current pandemic my local Healthcentre has been incredible. Had a phone consultation followed be a full check by my GP and will have bloods taken next week. I inquired if it was required to see cardio? Was assured that as long as nothing of concerns then no need. So a drug review, no more ticagrelor reduced statin to 20 from 80g. So hopefully blood test will be ok and carry on enjoying my new found health.

And of course found this forum which has been a real source of encouragement and reassurance.

So thanks fellow hearties and god bless our NHS


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Happy anniversary! May it be the first of many :)

I really hope so

I bet it seems odd looking back to this time last year and how you were, so pleased you’re feeling do much better, there’s bound to be worries along the way but look where you are, well done you 🤗🤗 happy anniversary as well 🥳🥳

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Thanks fluffy and I hope you get a good diagnosis soon. Take care 🤗

Happy Anniversary........... great to hear you're feeling good 🍻🍻

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Great thanks 🍷

Happy anniversary 🎂

Happy anniversary!

It's my two year anniversary following a bypass operation. Let's hope we're both celebrating this October milestone for many happy and healthy years to come!

Hi 'm new to the site, just a few days into it, so impressed by the feeling of comradeship and information sharing, so glad it was recommended. However, what I wanted to say is that I'm so happy for you guys who have had your waiting and tests and prodding, and have come through the other side of what is for everyone, a bit scary and worrying. It's good to know we have so much success in our NHS and I for one can't wait (approx five months away) to be on here saying the comforting things that you are saying now. I'm really happy for you and it gives me confidence to start making plans for 'after' the recovery period - I wonder if Covid will still be the huge changer of lives then that it is now, mu guess is yes but we're a nation of survivors so hey ho, away we go.

Well done and good luck from one of the newbies!

Happy anniversary

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Thanks 😊

Happy Anniversary, agree with everything you said. I am 4 years post surgery. Decided that I would do all I could to keep my mended heart as healthy as I could, so many people had worked really hard to give me my life back.

So for us lucky ones that have come through we have to try and keep well.

As for the forum it’s such a great place to find reassurance and quite a few smiles.

Stay well best wishes Pauline

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"Decided that I would do all I could to keep my mended heart as healthy as I could, so many people had worked really hard to give me my life back."

Very well said!

Happy anniversary and wishes for many more.

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Thanks so much 👌

Happy anniversary. A recent newbie to this site and awaiting a double by pass in the next few weeks. Very reassuring to hear you've done so well.

Wishing you good health and much happiness for the future

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Thanks and good luck you will be in safe hands 🙌

Gil- Happy anniversary! I had my one-year anniversary three months ago and feeling fine too. I'm interested to hear you say that your statin has been reduced from 80mg to 20mg. My GP is trying to do the opposite. I've been on 20mg for 5 years because of a TIA and she tells me that 80mg is the 'standard' dose following a heart 'event'. I'm now on 40mg with a plan to go to 60mg and then 80mg. Have you been advised differently? I'm thinking of going back to 20mg as the muscle aches have definitely increased on 40mg. Thanks and best wishes. David

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Beith my cholesterol down to 2.9 and also complained about joint pain so GP reduced. I was never on a statin prior to my HA so not sure about yourself. As always consult with your GP

Stay safe

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Thanks Gil. Cholesterol wasn't an issue; the statin was for general heart and brain health following the TIA. I'll talk to the GP about the dose. In the end, it's up to me to make the decision once I've listened to their advice. Cheers.

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coming up to 6 weeks of quadruple bypass. in June angiogram showed blocked arteries, had stent put in one , straight to 80mg of atorvastatin. They did blood test prior to surgery, showed that statin was playing games with my liver. Had to stop taking for a week for liver to get normal, so surgery can take place. After bypass put on a 10mg of Rosuvastatin and again this resulted in liver abnormal reading. Now going on 5mg of Rosuvastatin.

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Hi Beith, I am two and a half years post triple bypass. The cardio nurse wanted to increase my statin to 80mg from 20 shortly after the surgery but I resisted and she said let’s do a cholesterol check to see if the 20 was doing it’s job. She said again it was standard practice. Fortunately the 20 was keeping my level around 4 so it’s been kept the same. Best of luck x

Huge congratulations to you, so happy to read your message. We are indeed indepted to our fabulous NHS. Here's to you keeping well and most importantly looking after yourself and following a healthy lifestyle.

Happy Heartaversary, Gil, we're glad you're here!

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Thanks 😊

Many happy years to come. Just look after yourself, and don't think that you're a Superman/ woman running Marathons etc. I'm approaching my 20th anniversary, had a few probs on the way, but still here thanks to the NHS.

God bless.👍

Happy Anniversary Gil. I well remember my first one, then I completely forgot the date this year! 😁 I am now heading for two and a half years post triple bypass and only think about the op when I get nerve pain from the vein harvest site in my leg, when my chest muscles ache (they have never fully recovered) or I see documentaries about surgery. Keeping positive mentally has helped enormously.

My best wishes for many more anniversaries to come!

I think we are really lucky with our nhs when you consider what other countries have to put up with when dangerously ill