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Chest pain Cardiologist couldnt find anything wrong

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Hi i am new here, i have been having chest pain and tightness for the past few months, 10 years ago i had an ablation to correct an irregular rhythm in my heart. I recently had an echo and a 48 hour trace, the same cardiologist who did my procedure said my heart function was fine and there was no heart valve problems either. But that my heart rate was up to 140 at times so to go on Bisoprolol. I have been on a course of lansoprozole in case it was gut related these have not helped, i also have asthma and was put on a steroid inhaler a few weeks ago this has also not helped, i am wondering if anyone has similar experiences and what i should ask when i go for an appointment with my gp next week, i am only 30 so its very worrying to me, thanks in advance for any advice or help.

11 Replies

I’m so sorry you are going through this, I hope you feel better soon. Maybe get a second opinion? But don’t let the other dr know. Do research on ratings of drs in your area. I hope you feel better soon.

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thanks for your reply i will do this

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thanks for your reply, one doctor i saw because my usual one was on annual leave did mention it can interfere with asthma, however when my usual doctor was back she suggested i go on the bisoprolol, i just accepted as i am willing to try anything at this point

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How interesting mokeyboy6. I had afib and various arrhythmia for well over 30 years. I also had 2 ablations in recent year. I mention this as prior to my ablations, i had never experienced any chest pain whatsoever. It is only since the last ablation (which was successful) that I have had discomfort and short pains. Now diagnosed with artery spasms / variant angina. I have recently wondered whether the 2nd ablation, which was extensive, could have triggered the now routine episodes of coronary vasospasms. I note you are only 30, yet your 1st ablation was when you were 20. I would have thought at such a young age, you would have taken medicine akin to Amiodarone with Apixiban / Dabigitran ? Or maybe you did and you were intolerant to it. Thank you for your post and I wish you all the very best in receiving a positive diagnosis.

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Having asthma and a high heart rate are a real pain. Asthma is usually treated with a combination of bronchodilators and steroids, the bronchodilators being in a class of drugs called beta 2 agonists which can also increase your heart rate. Bisoprolol is a beta blocker, so will have the opposite effect to a bronchodilator. Thus, one may cancel the effects of the other. If you are not taking a bronchodilator, a beta blocker may constrict your bronchioles, giving the same symptoms as asthma (chest tightness).

In my own experience, the inhaled steroids generally prescribed for asthma do very little, and I have to take a long acting bronchodilator to keep my asthma under control. I am due my 1 year pacemaker check in a couple of weeks, and I'm pretty sure they'll spot my high heart rate. I just hope I don't need a beta blocker.

May I suggest you see your GP and ask to have a look at your asthma treatment.

Are you sure the chest pain is not due to gastric reflux (which feels like really bad heartburn)?

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hi thank you for the information, i plan to discuss the asthma/bisoprolol with my doctor at my next appointment (monday), i have had a course of lanzoprosole after a stool sample test came back negative as the gp wanted to be sure and this did not help, a doctor recommended i see a gastroenterologist so im also going to discuss this with my gp.

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I would be asking for a second opinion. Either GP can refer you to another centre or you ask the cardiologist to refer you to a colleague as you need to know answers. You had an ablation at 20 for an arrhythmia and episodes of HR of 140 on the 48 hour tape recently but no answers just put on bisoprolol.

I asked for a second opinion, not because I was doubting my diagnosis but because initial cardiologist refused to accept my symptoms were related to my diagnosis. Second cardiologist didn’t change much but listened and told me what I knew, symptoms were related to diagnosis.

Is the asthma a new diagnosis if put on a steroid inhaler recently?

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hi i have had asthma for many years but not had an attack for over 10 years and only needed to use my sabutamol inhaler every so often, the gp put me on a steroid after my echo and trace came back negative, i plan to ask for a second opinion at my next gp appointment (monday)

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I would ask, what evidence is there that following a way of eating getting the vast majority of energy from fat (3:2 monounsaturated to saturated) halving the RDA of carbohydrate with just RI of protein wouldn’t be of benefit?

God bless us all.

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Hi mikeyboy6 I to have similar symptoms as yourself. I've been having chest pain since end of feb. And my watch says my heart rate goes up to 140 some days ( I know they're not entirely accurate) My dr tried lanzoprazol incase it was gastric but they didnt work and he gave me propranolol to see if it was anxiety related but these havnt worked eitha. I've had a few tests during the last few weeks only because I asked for a second opinion from a different cardiologist as the 1st 1 didnt seem bothered because of my age but nothings been picked up as of yet. Always ask for second opinions if you get nowhere the 1st time..I to am only 31 an it feels like cuz of my age they're really not interested, Keep on at your gp for any other tests you can have that you havnt already done so and Good luck

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thanks for your reply, its comforting to know im not the only one so young experiencing these symptoms and getting no results on tests, yes i plan to chase this up to the max, i have a mega list of questions to ask my gp on monday, which i have written down cause of my bad memory, its pretty scary not knowing and yes cause of our young age i feel like we are less likely to get more tests done, i hope you can get some answers, keep in touch and let me know how you get on.

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